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Average Life of a Son of Malistaire (part 2) by Devin Drake

I, Devin Drake, and my brother, Sean Drake had explored the world Icar.
It was a new, unexplored world, that we’d gotten medals for exploring.
Sean and I were both sons of Malistaire, and now we faced the hardest dilemma in our lives, killing our Father for the good of the Spiral, or joining him and being part of the darkness that now filled the Spiral.
We headed into Malistaire’s Lair, defeated all of the monsters, and finally got to where Malistaire was.
Malisatire raised his hands and chanted things I couldn’t understand.
It looked as if he was performing some ritual, for he floated over a strange green essence coming from a narrow chasm.
“Father!” I shouted.
He didn’t seem to hear me, so I ran forward, Sean running alongside me, but before I knew it, four black-cloaked ghost men had engaged us in battle.
We defeated them, then advanced toward Malistaire.
“Father!” Sean yelled.
Malistaire turned his head toward us and stopped his ritual.
“Sons, I am completing my ritual, I am glad you found me.” Malistaire said, studying us.
“Join me, my sons, and we shall complete the ritual.
We can bring back your mother, we shall rule the Spiral, and we can be the most powerful wizards in the Spiral!”
I suddenly noticed a girl standing next to Malistaire; she had black hair, a pale face, and black and white clothes.
Why did she look familiar?
I know I’d seen her somewhere…
Of course! It was Destiny Drake, our sister!
Destiny, how could she?
In the short time I’d known her, I’d recognized her as a nice, cheerful girl that would never join someone like Malistaire, even if he was our father.
Sean seemed to notice her too, for his eyes were fixed on her.
“How-how could you, Father, how could you fill the Spiral with such darkness?” I yelled.
Malistaire did not answer; he only started chanting the words he had before over the green essence that hung above the chasm.
I had a feeling something bad, something really bad was going to happen if he completed this ritual, so, instinctively, I cast a wraith at Malistaire.
My wraith shot a silvery light at Malisatire, knocking him off the platform on which he floated, and onto the floor.
But right before the silver light had reached him, he’d completed his ritual.
The whole room started to rumble.
Cracks formed in the walls.
Soot and small pieces of stone fell from the walls and the ceiling.
Chunks of stone fell from the eyelids of a HUGE eye that I could see through a gigantic hole in the wall.
The chunks of stone crashed to the floor, and the eyelids flipped open, revealing a gigantic eyeball that stared at us with a piercing gaze.
“The Dragon Titan has risen, muahahahaha!” Malistaire laughed.
“Father, you did this!” Sean yelled, charging toward Malistaire with his sword drawn.
Sean stabbed our Father in the arm, and our father yelled, but he fought back, shooting a fireball at Sean, who blasted backward into the rubble.
I too drew my sword and stabbed Malisatire in the leg, and he cried out once more.
From his staff, came a group of wraiths, all of which slashed at me with their scythes.
Only one managed to hit me, and I was thrown back with a bad cut on my calf.
Then, the group of wraiths shot silvery essences at me from their hands and I was thrown at least twenty feet up in the air, smacking back down against the floor.
I groaned and rubbed my head, which was covered with new bruises.
Sean was getting out of the rubble, and I got up, and we charged Malisatire at the same time.
He shot a black essence at us from his staff, but we managed to jump over it, and came down on top of Malisatire.
Just as my sword was about to stab through his heart, Malistaire vanished in a shower of black essence and death symbols, and my sword and Sean’s scraped against the floor.
Then I saw Destiny and I glimpsed her eyes for a second, and noticed they were black, pure black.
Then, she said in a dark, evil voice which would not have come from the Destiny Drake I knew, “Goodbye, my brothers, may the seas await you.”
With that, she disappeared in a shower of death symbols.
May the seas await you? I thought.
What does she mean?

I then remembered her black eyes, her evil voice, and thought, she must be poisoned, she’d never do this.
Poisoned by Malistaire, that would explain the black eyes, the evil voice so unlike Destiny’s.
The real, unpoisened Destiny must be trying to get through the poison and tell us something.
The seas, the seas, may the seas await you.

I told my suspicions to Sean and he agreed, deciding we should consult the Headmaster about it.
So we went to Ambrose’s office and told him about Malistaire disappearing, Destiny poisoned, and what she’d told us.
“Hmmm, the seas await you,” the Headmaster pondered.
“So far, there are no seas in any world of the Spiral that we know of, so…I am not sure what Destiny meant; has Malisatire teleported to an unknown world?”
He was deep in thought, apparently no answers coming to him, but then noticed that we were still there, waiting for his answer, and he dismissed us, and we headed to the door.
When we opened the door, the sky was black and stars glinted here and there.
The leaves on the trees rustled from the breeze, some detaching from their trees and floating away.
We headed to our dorm rooms and flopped down on our beds, tired from the day’s adventure.
I fell asleep quickly, and had some weird dreams.
Destiny kept saying “The seas await you, the seas await you, the seas await you…”
The scene changed, but Destiny was still chanting “The seas await you”
I flashed back to when I’d been in Firecat Alley, when I’d found a ring on one of the haunted minions and returned it to Shelus Gruffheart.
With Destiny still chanting in the background, Shelus said, “Ah, this belonged to a young lady in Celestia; I shall return it to her immediately.”
While Shelus Gruffheart said “a young lady in Celestia”, Destiny chanted “The seas await you”
Finally, I flashed back to when I’d found a golden watch In Marylebone for Mr. Rowley, and he said it’d came from Celestia
I remembered when Headmaster Ambrose had told us the World Celestia had come in third place for something.
I remembered getting the news of that on paper in front of the door to my Dorm room, and seeing Celestia being represented by a crab.
One word was in common for most of the chanting that now filled my head:
Celestia, crabs, seas…
It suddenly all fit together
Celestia was represented by a crab, that lived in the sea, and Destiny had said the “seas await you.”
It all made sense, Malistaire must be hiding in Celestia.
But how would we get there?
Suddenly a new voice filled my head, “Storm Essence, and the gold circle that tells time, water in the lake by Merle.”

I woke up, expecting it to be midnight or something, but it was daytime, light shining through the window.
I quickly slipped on a T-shirt and some jeans, and then hurried out into the hall of the Dorm rooms, thinking about my dreams.
I was in room 119, and Sean was at 123.
I ran down the hall and knocked on Sean’s door.
He opened the door, and I told him about Celestia.
“Oh, yeah,” Sean said, recalling the events I’d just described, “I remembered those people mentioning Celestia…”
“So how do we get there?” he asked.
“Someone in my dream told me,” I said.
So first, I went to Torrence, for some Storm Essence, which he let me have, and then I went to Mr. Rowley to get that golden watch of his, the golden circle that tells time, and he happily traded it in exchange for 2,000 gold pieces.
I then went to the lake in the commons. Obviously it must be the lake by Merle.
We stood waist deep in the lake, the cold water on our legs.
“Hold this,” I told Sean, thrusting the golden watch at him.
I held the bucket of Storm essence, but before I could dip it in the water, and tell Sean to do the same, something wondrous happened.
The gold watch shot out of Sean’s hand, and the bucket of Storm Essence shot out of my hands, and immediately they slammed against each other, and they stuck together like two magnets attracted to each other.
They then started spinning around us, fast as a cheetah, lightning shooting from them as it spun around us.
Some force pushed Sean and I into the deeper water, and we were forced to hold our breath as he were pushed under the water.
The Storm Essence and the watch whirled around us underwater, and we were thrust deeper into the water, and into a small dark opening, where we started to fall into.
It was a narrow, long, vertical tunnel.
My eyes filled with amazing colors, purple, yellow, blue, green, swirling everywhere, and Sean falling alongside me.
Lightning flashed, and suddenly, I felt my body hit solid ground.
I looked up, and found myself staring at a blue sky.
Was I back in Wizard City?
No, I thought, as I took in the unfamiliar surroundings.
I was in Celestia.

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