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The Amber Heart by Rebecca Stormcaster

Chapter 1: My Report Got Eaten By A Hydra
"Blaze?" My professor said, loud and clear. "Here." Blaze muttered as he dootled in his notebook. I sighed and drew a quick sketch of a fire cat with a bunch of hearts next to it. "Sahirah?" Professor Falmea said. "Yes?" I commented back as i finshed my drawing. She made her way over to me and glanced over my shoulder. "This is no time to make petty drawings Sahirah." She swiped the paper from my hands and slapped it on her desk then turned around and continued her lesson about the History of Majyk. When she turned around, i gave her dirty looks and stcuk my tongue out like a child(But hey, doesn't everyone do that?). Ravenwood wasn't as cracked up as i thought it would be, i mean, the majyk and stuff was awesome, but other then that, imma total nerd magnet. It's not that i'm not good looking(Cause, trust me, i am!), it's just that i attract NERDS. Ugh. I'm only a level 3, and i already suck at this school. Ambrose said i should go to the school of Fire because he said it would be 'good for me' and i 'had talent'. As if he hadn't said that to every other kid in this school! He just sweeps 'em away and plac es them into whichever class thats not full. Lazy bum! Professor Falmea cut off my inner chatter-box, "Class dismissed. I expect all of you to finish your report on the Titans by Wendsday." She swept across the room with her intense beauty. Her straberry blond hair went all the way to her hips in delicate and unique swirls and curves. She had high cheekbones and soft, brown eyes. Her body was like a perfect hourglass and her sleek dress stuck to her side like a koala to a tree. Kids started exiting and i flowed ith the crowd, out the door, and into Ravenwood. Bartleby's leaves shaded us from the hot summer sun. I looked up at the glittering leaves and admired how the sunshine came through the leaves. "Hey! Watch it noob." A shrill and girly voice shriked. I relized that she was yelling at me, and not to her imaginary friend(I'm not pointing fingers, but...) "I didn't touch you." I murmured. She grimaced at me and pulled her black hair behind her ear. Her face was pretty, but not like Falmea's. She was glaring at me with hard, cold, scarlet eyes. "You did too. Watch where your going next time. You little brat." Then she bookchecked me and pushed me down. I stumbled down with my books and sat there, staring up at her cruel face. A bunch of kids started laughing and i could feel my face and ears get awfully hot. The girl smirked and walked towards the dorms, taking the batch of followers with her. "Need a hand?" I heard a manly, yet gentle voice say as a hand popped outta no where. I looked up and saw a boy bout my age with black hair that was almost blue, and his eyes were a light shade of gray. He wore mostly black clothes, so i figured he was from the Death School. I took his hand and he helped me up effortlessly and HE started picking up MY books and papers. I felt my face get hot again, but not from embarrisment. He handed my stuff back to me then went over to the Professor's Desk. He picked up a slip of paper and handed it to me. It was my little firecat drawing. I beamed up at him and suddenly, like, outta no where, he said, "Whats your name, little miss?" I hesitated. I never really trust Death students, cause all they cause is trouble and chaos. "Sahirah Fierstien. You?" He also hesitated.(DE JA VU!) then said, "Blaze. Blaze Thunderblood at your service." He smiled lopsidedly and i smiled softly back. "Well, thanks for helping me." I said quickly and practically ran out the door. I ran through Ravenwood, through The Commons, and through Olde Town. I finally stopped at Firecat Alley and rested my back on a burned tree. I looked through my books for my report about the Titans and read through it so qucik i only caught a few words. I held it out in front of me like i just won the Nobel Peace Prize and suddenly, it wasn't in my hands. I looked up and saw the girl who bookchecked my earlier reading it. "Hey give it back you snake of a Grandmaster!" I practically yelled at her. She smiled and petted her pet Hydra, who was taller then her by a few feet. "Don't blow a gasket noob. And when is this due?" She asked. She gently fin gered it and answered her own question, "Oh yeah. Tomorrow! I'll just hold onto this for a while." Then she tossed my ten pages full of work into the air. "Hey!" i yelled, and tryed to get them from the air, but it was useless. Her Hydra gobbled them up as fast as a starved dog. I frowned as little pieces of paper floated to the ground like snow. The girl came over and smiled innocently when a passing teacher came by. "Hiya, My name's Carleigh Welsh, whats your name?" She said with such sickly sweetness it made me wanna gag myself with a spoon. (Or gag her with a spoon. or a knife.) When the teacher passed, her face hardened and she smirked at my neck. "Well well well. Look at what we have here!" Carleigh taunted as she grabbed my necklace. My mother gave it to me right before i left for school. She said it'd bring love and success to my life while i was there. (Well, look how THATS working!) It was an amber carved and chipped to look like a heart. i always wore it on summer days the the sun could make it gleam. I slapped Carleigh's hand away, but instead she took ahold of it tightly and kept beaming at the necklace. "Why thank you! I've always wanted an early Christmas." She said as she tried to tug it off(Unsuccessfully). I glared at her and, with my free hand, knocked her block off. She stumbled back a few paces, holding on to her bloodly nose and trying to keep it off her abnormaly pink clothes. I laughed and she turned her beady, scarlet eyes back to me. "You...You...(Enter a cuss word of your choice)! You, You just stay AWAY from Blaze. You got that!? Or i'll make sure Sierra will eat more then just paper!" She yelled and stumbled away from me, but her Hydra didn't follow. Or at least, not yet. I sighed and said, "What? What do you want?" Sierra growed with it's three heads. I knew from fact that a pet can't eat a Wizard, but i wasn't so sure bout that now. It lowered it's Storm head down to me and seemed as if it sniffed me. I could smell decay in it's breath, so yeppers, that fact was totally gone. She lowerd her ice head and bit my backpack and sung with around so hard that stuff started coming out and falling apart. The fire head was making this screaming type sound. It was horrible, but in a nice and seductive way. It sounded way to wrong. Might be a mating or attack scream. I instantly freaked and screamed then covered my ears(Cause i really thought about this). I continued screaming till i thought everything stopped. I opened my eyes and practically screamed at what i saw next(people gonna ask why my throat so sore). ALL of the Hyrdra's freaking heads were FIRE. All of them were red. Not blue! Not purple! RED! I freeaked out again and ran. I ran away from eveything, my backpack, my books, the Hydra, and other stuff. I heard it pounding after me and i took a sharp right, towards Olde Town. I heard it smash something and i looked over my shoulder or a glance. IT SMASHED A FREAKING BUILDING!!! I ran faster but i could feel myself running out of breath. Soon, i got to the saftey of the tunnel and jogged the rest of the way to Olde Town. I came at a stop by the Bazaar and sucked in huge breathes of air that i lost. Ok. Now i had a bigger problem then a rampaging, three fire headed, monster running amuck in Firecat Alley.
...What was i gonna tell professor Falmea about my essay!?...
Chapter 2:My Second School's My Oppisite

I quickly sat down in my desk and waited patiently for Professor Falmea to coming waltzing in with her unusual choice of clothes. Carleigh Welsh and her gang of followers were huddled together like a pack o penquins in a snowstorm. I heard snickering, giggles and snotty remarks, so instantly knew it was about me. I burried my head in my book(Marked; House of Night Series) and pretended like i was invisable. "Hey girl, what you doin' hi your pretty face in that book?" A guy said and pulled the book down. Black hair, grey eyes... Oh SHNANPS. It was Blaze. I heard everything go silent and i could feel Carleigh's lazer vison boring holes into my head. "Um. i was just...reading." I said, so Einstien-ish. He smiled and sat down right as Professor Falmea came in.

"Merry meet class!" She hollered as she draw a sketch on the chalkboard of a Fire Elf. (Lemme tell ya, Falmea ain't the artistic sort. It looked more like a deformed dog then an elf) "Merry meet" we echoed. She taught us about Elf Culture, Powers, and Majyk. After the 36 minute lesson, she announced, "Bring me an arrow from an Elf so we can start your Wakanda Potion, Before you head out the door, place your essays on the table next to it." She motioned to the small table with a tray placed on it for our papers. I held my breath. Carleigh's Hydra! Was it still running amuck in Firecat Alley?! If it was, a whole lotta kids where gonna be in some major trouble...

Carleigh went the extra mile or two to make sure she got right in front of me. (Ain't that just too sweet?) "Ladies first, noob." She retored and twitched on outta the room. "If she shakes her butt any harder, she'll break somethin." I muttered, then heard a deep voice behind me giggle. I looked over my shoulder and saw this girl who had brown hair, brown eyes, and was a head taller then 'moi'.

"Hey, good one!" she laughed and held out her hand formally, "I'm Alexia Rae, who are you?" she asked. I took her hand it shook it slightly, "I'm Sahirah." She waited me to say more but i didn't. (Uh, HELLLLOOOO! Stranger Danger, people!) She shrugged and let go, "If ya need anythin, just gimme a call, and i'll be there!" Then she left. I followed her out the door and went to the shopping district. 'Hmm. I haven't got any more clothes lately. i'll get some when i'm finished' i thought to myself as my eyes scanned the shoppes. I walked into Olde Town and everything seemed to fly by. I meandered all the way down to Firecat Alley and it pained me to have to walk up the hill when i was done. I stepped carefully into the hot 'n' humid Firecat Alley. I saw a hopping Elf jumping around like no body's buisness. I quickly ran after it and got into a battle. We circled off and i could feel it heating up(Literally). I casted a Firecat when he got into the middle and shot with with an arrow. Well that made me blow a gasket. I shot a few little fire explosions and hit him a couple of times. He hit me with a fire snake and a balance beetle. I could feel my health being sapped while i ever so slightly made a dent in him. I sucked in a deep breath and concentrated on a speel that would surely kill him. I Drew up my wand and focused. Soon, something white and blue swirled out from my wand.

I couldn't see it, but i would tell it wasn't fire. I suddenly felt freezing in the hot air and it felt like snow was falling. I noticed big chunks of ice were in front of me and soon after that, i heard a shreiking noise. i covered my ears and closed my eyes till it was over. Then i opened them and eveything was gone. But the Elf's lifeless body was still there. One thing i learned from Falmean, was that things don't actually DIE, they kinda faint. and wak up later and are back in biz. I quickly ran over to him, avoiding all the other Fire Elf's i could feel crowding around and snatched his arrow. It was a pretty little thing. Red arrow tip, golden body, and sharp points. I hurried over to the sidewalk so no other Elves could massacare me. I heard clapping behind me and i turned around. "Hi Ambrose" i mummbled as he came closer.

"You did well, Sahirah, i think you found your new school!"

I blinked in confusion. You could have more then one school? That was news to me. "What is it then?" I asked in utter confusion. "Ice" He laughed. i paused and waited for him to say "Hahah, sorry. Just kidding. One school per person. Get used to it." But he didn't. He kept that good-natured grin plastered on his face. "ICE!" I practically shriked at him. But i'm FIRE! I can't be Ice too!" I waved my hands in the air like a crazy person.(Don't do that around teachers, they think it's annoying. I do not consider Merle a teacher. Just an old man who found the school. Duh.) "Oh, but you can Miss Fierstien." He remarked and he poofed away, leaving a few clouds of black smoke behind. I sighed and stalked out of Firecat Alley, squezzing the arrow so hard i could almost hear it crack. i COULDN'T be Ice! Impossible! Not likely! Never! Utte-. i ran into someone and stopped my inner chatter. "Oh! Goddess, sorry!" i said as he turned around. "Fancy meeting you here." Blaze said. Ugh! How many times could you see a person? Was there a limit? "Hi." i commented back like the smartest person in the world. "I see you leveled up quite a bit." He murmured and pointed to my book that NOW said: Sahirah R. Fierstien-Journeyman Pyromancer-Level 16. I WAS JUST A LEVEL 4 TWO SECONDS AGO! Oh geezums. I felt myself blush. "Oh. wow." i murmured. He gave me that happy-go-lucky smile and laughed. "You just need to level up a wee bit more to match me!" He taunted in a funny and cute fashion. His showed me his book and it said: Blaze A. Thunderblood-Master Pyromancer-Level 36. THIS time i felt myself blush from embarrestment and something else. "And you should go to the Ice School, Ambrose enrolled you there, huh? Looks like your second is your oppisite." He laughed and walked off with his friends, talking about whatever boys tend to talk about. I grimaced and marched all the way to the Ice School. Great. As if my fire homework wasn't enough?!

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