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The Adventures of the Four Wizards by Hannah DragonSword

"Be quiet!" Hannah called out to Brittany, who was using her new Meteor Strike spell. "I am TRYING to study for Professor Falmea's test!"

"Sorry..." Brittany said, looking awkward. Just at that moment, her sisters, Melissa and Alexis ran in. "GUESS WHAT?!" They both chorused, loud enough for Tu Luk Kwo to hear.


"Oh, what made you so grumpy?" Alexis asked.

"She's studying." Brittany said, red in the face.

"Oh. Well, anyway, me and Melissa found a map to Dragonspyre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hannah right away fell under the spell of excitement. She might get a chance to go to Dragonspyre!

"Lemme see!" Brittany said.

"No, me first!" Hannah said, ripping her wand out of her muddy robe. She quickly cast a Phoenix. Oh, darn! She thought right after casting it. Brittany was fire, so she was immune to that spell!

"Ha ha!" Lucky for Alexis, she was ice so she cast a Ice Wyvern on both us. I fell back, and Brittany flew across the room, into a desk which split in half. "Brittany!" we all called.

"Oh, she is knocked out! Hannah, use your Satyr!" Alexis begged.

Hannah quickly cast a satyr, and slowly Brittany woke up.

"Sorry!" Alexis said, helping Brittany to her feet. "Ok, look at the map with me, now. I think we need to fight a lot of Bosses to get to the final portal, then we can fight Malistare!"

Just then, Paige, Alexis, Brittany and Melissa's mom walked in. "Hannah, your dad is here!" Hannah walked down the maroon steps. She thought about the map, how great it would be to go to Dragonspyre! "Hannah, you aren't going to that Krok-o-whatty not, are you?"

"No, dad."

"Is your homework done?"

"Uh, yeah." She looked around. "Dad, you forgot Molly AGAIN?" Molly was Hannah's horse.

"Well, um, yes. Sorry."

"It's ok!" Hannah and dad walked home, then.

"Sup." Melissa said casually as Hannah walked into her house.

"Nothing much. Why'd you call me?" Alexis walked in, looking really scared.

"Um, Merle Ambrose wants to see us right away."

"What DID you do?"


"Now, you four wizards are in big trouble. I thought I had gotten rid of that map years ago, but you have it, now. I am mad at you, because I trusted you four!!"

"We're sorry. To make it up to you...we'll....we'll-"

"Give 4,000 gold to the community?" Brittany said, quickly.

"Fine. That is you punishment.

Gold, please." Merle said. Hannah, Melissa, Alexis and Brittany handed over 1,000 gold.

"Hey, why not fight the first boss! No school today, so why not?" Hannah asked everyone.

"Ok!" Everyone agreed. They stepped outside, ran through the Shopping District, into Olde Town, to Firecat Alley, and into the Dark Cave. "We need to find a place called... Redhorn's Tower." The girls looked around. "There!" Alexis said, pointing to a very creepy tower. Then ran up to the sigil, and felt a gush of wind, and were in the tower.

"Ha ha ha! You think you can stop me, puny wizards?! Prepare for DEFEAT!!!!!!!!!" Melissa, being the confident one, stepped right up to Redhorn. So, then Alexis, Brittany and Hannah joined. For being here, he had 2,000 health. Redhorn was up first. He cast a death blade on himself. Melissa passed, so did the rest of the team. Redhorn then put up a life shield, which was pointless because even though Hanna was life, she had not actually life ATTACK spells in her deck. Melissa put storm boost upon herself, and Alexis, Brittany, and Hannah passed.

A while later in the battle, (Redhorn had 1,264 health left) he had cast Wraith upon Melissa. She was probably 3rd most powerful, for she was storm. The Wraith drained all of the color from Melissa's face, and given Redhorn more power. Melissa, not able to keep conscious, fell to the floor, defeated. But even though one of the wizards was down, they had a chance of healing her. Hannah, when it was her turn, cast a satyr on Melissa, and she got up, her face rich in color, instead of a pale face. While later, when Redhorn had many blades, traps, and much other things, cast a wraith on Hannah. It did 1,242 damage, and Hannah had 980 health. She lost her sight, fell down, and knew no more.

Later on, Hannah woke up in front of Moolinda Wu, the life professor. She rubbed her head. "What just happened?" She asked, weakly.

"Thanks, Professor Wu, but we can take it from here. They took Hannah back to Alexis, Brittany and Melissa's house, up to Alexis's room, and put her on the bed.

"We got the key to the portal!"

"Awesome! Where does it go to?"

"Krokotopia." Brittany answered, grinning.

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