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The Worlds End by Hunter ThunderRiver

It was a beautiful day in Wizard City. Triton Avenue was stormy, Unicorn way was blossoming, and everyone was cheerful. That is when disaster struck: a huge black hole swallowed the headmaster’s tower, with Gamma and Merle Ambrose still inside!

I looked at where the tower had been in shock and disbelief; for there, as plain as day, was Mallistaire!

“There goes your fearless fool of a leader”, He cackled. “Down in that black hole forever!”

“Hey, Mallistaire!” I called “if it’s death that you want, then death you shall receive!” I pointed my wand at him as he turned to look at me and summed a Cyclops to crush him.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” he laughed. “You honestly think that can kill me? Nothing can hurt the great mallistaire!” and he vanished in a puff of smoke. I walked to the edge of the growing vortex.

“Game on.” I muttered my catchphrase under my breath, shut my eyes and fell into the Black Hole. The black hole was brighter than I thought, a pathway to a death created secret realm. I saw a huge black tower, the headmaster’s tower-which was upside down- and Mallistaire himself through the towers highest window. I landed and checked my pet dragon Lord Diesel to see if he was all right. Then I ran to Ambrose’s tower. He was okay, as was Gamma. I then went to the tower and opened the door to the tower. Inside was a crystal ball. I looked in the ball and saw Wizard City under attack from huge monsters like Stormzillas, Cyclopes, and Sunbirds. Then the image changed into a wasteland of dark sand and bones.

“Isn’t that a wonderful paradise?” I heard from the direction of the stairs. I turned to see Mallistiare descending them.

“This time, you will die for what you have done.”

“Don’t you get it yet hunter? You are too late! It is The Worlds End!”

“The duel was huge, full of pixies and Cyclopes and a lot of spells. Nevertheless, in the end, with less than 100 hp left, I won. “Gahhhhhh! I have lost to a mere boy! I will be back hunter!” and again he disappeared in a puff of smoke. I left the tower, and emerged in the word tree. Entering the commons, I had to cover my ears from the “HOORAY!” that was screamed. I was a hero, a defender of wizard city.

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