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The World Wand by Valerian CrowWraith

"What HAPPENED here!?"

I had just gone into haunted cave to explore a little more throughly when I saw Malistaire's wife Sylvia heading out of Stormdrain Tower a little suspiciously. She hurried past me and out the cave mouth. I had decided I should check things and entered into the tower.. The whole place was ransacked! Parts of the walls, paper, and equipment were EVERYWHERE. I found the nearest player and quickly told him what I had seen. He hurried off to find Merle that is where I left off.

"Well, I saw Sylvia coming out of the tower. I went in and this is how I found it."

"This can not be good. I must find Sylvia at once!" and Merle promptly dissapeared.

I decided I should do some investigating of my own, and I also hurried off towards the life tower. When I got there, I saw Sylvia in the back with her head down. I knew something was wrong. I hurried in there and found her crying. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's Malistaire," she said, still crying. "He's recently found a new really powerful wand somewhere in the depths of Dark Cave and he's been obsessed with it lately. He won't let anyone touch it and insists it needs to be used to capture undead and make them work like slaves for Wizard City. I told him it was wrong and he went into a temper and we had a fight."

"And then what happened?" I asked. At least she had stopped crying by now.

"Well, he decided to put it to use and hurried off to Stormdrain tower. I couldn't stop him so I hurried there after him hoping I could stop him.. I didn't have time to tell Merle so I decided to do what I could with my life magic. When I got there, he had already started using the wand for his sinister purpose. I cast a Centaur to counter the dark force produced by the wand. He knew we were evenly matched so he poofed away leaving the tower in ruins, and that's when I left."

"Something has to be done about this!" I decided. "We could try to take the wand and let Merle protect it or something," I said.

"You're right. We have to do something, and I have a feeling that might just work," she said. "And knowing Malistaire, he is probably heading for Sergeant Skullsplitter's tower. We must get there first." And off we went.

"I think we beat him," Sylvia said. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary when we arrived so we went in and hid behind the desk in wait. A few minutes went by and all went dark outside. Malistaire had arrived. The door was blown open and Malistaire entered followed by two Draconians. He advanced to the center of the room and began drawing wide circles on the floor with some glowing chalk. Then, having finished that, he brought out the wand. It shone in the darkness of the room. Power was pulsing through it and all of a sudden I knew what it was called. The World Wand. Sylvia shouted, "Now," and we rushed out from behind the desk. Sylvia cast an Earth Stalker while I cast a Skeletal Pirate to keep the Draconians busy...

"Give up the wand, Malistaire!" shouted Sylvia.

"Never," sneered Malistaire.

He raised the wand and tossed it up. It hung suspended in the air for a second while pulses of power emnated from it. Undead were gathering around the tower. "No!" shouted Sylvia. She got her Centaur to change it's aim towards the wand. The Centaur shot but nothing happened. Sylvia instead threw herself towards the wand and broke it in two. The power of the wand began drawing back into it drawing Sylvia towards it. Suddenly, a rift appeared in the air and she was sucked into it along with books and other furniture in the tower... Merle Ambrose suddenly appeared, having seen the last part of what happened, and zapped Malistaire out of Wizard City. Before he left, he had time to utter, "You all will PAY!" Then, it was over. I told Merle everything that had happened and he knew what had happened was right. A funeral was held for Sylvia, and Malistaire has only just now been seen again...

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