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Wizardly Misadventures (part 2) by Victoria DarkTalon

September 4, 2004

4:25 PM

“Dang it!”

Within the spacious, deserted, and extremely red Mooshu arena, Alexandra Soulsinger was quietly growling in annoyance. Her yellow cat-like eyes were furiously glaring at the golden cobra head of her wand, while her hand was gripping the handle of it to the point that her knuckles were turning white.

“Come on, Sunbird! You were really nice to me yesterday. What is wrong with you,” she yelled.

Alexandra breathed, loosened her grip on the handle, and roughly combed her purple hair with her fingers in frustration. After stroking her hair to put down any loose strands, she took another deep breath, raised her arm, and concentrated some of her Magical Energy to the golden wand. Some of the energy left the tip of it, and a Fire symbol was being traced in front of her, a few sparks flying out of it. When the symbol was completed, it glowed a bright, fiery red. The girl could feel the heat of the symbol on her bare hand.


She quickly flicked her wand and pointed it towards the ground.


The Fire symbol turned black and disintegrated into small flakes of ash in front of Alexandra’s feet. Her eye twitched as she glared at her wand again. From the glint of rage in her eyes, it seemed as if she was trying to melt it with her stare.

“What. Is. Wrong with you!?”

Immediately, Alexandra began to smack the cobra-headed wand with her left hand. She kept doing that until she accidently hit the sleeve of her white and purple school robes, which got singed by the wand’s contact, and hissed again.

“Do you hate me or something,” Alexandra growled.

The cobra head stayed motionless.

“Don’t mess with me! I know you got a mind of your own, so answer!”

“Talking to your wands again?”

Alexandra tore her eyes away from the wand in her hand. Slightly shocked and confused, she looked around herself, but didn’t see anyone.

“Alex, I’m up here.”

Following the sound of the voice, Alexandra slowly looked up to the stands, where people occasionally came to witness any battle that was going on. Up there, leaning on the red wooden railings that separated the arena and the stands above, she saw a boy who seemed to be a few years younger than her. He had short, sky blue hair, pale skin, and innocent-looking dark blue eyes. His uniform was bright blue with a small amount of black on the sleeves and pointed hat.

“Ah! Hey Nicolas,” she said, waving at him.

“Hi,” he answered cheerfully with a big smile. “So what’s the problem for you now?”

Alexandra sighed.

“My Sunbird spell. It keeps fizzling.”

“Ah,” he said.

A glint of annoyance appeared in her eyes. She snorted at him.

“Ah? Is that all you can say? Ah!? You have any idea how long I’ve been here, trying to summon it!?”

Nicolas blinked, but his expression stayed the same.

“Okay, let’s just calm down,” he said serenely.

Nicolas raised his right hand and his fingers began to sparkle with emerald green light. As this happened, a sparkling, bright green circle began to form around Alexandra’s feet. The green light began to swiftly travel up and around her body, and her feet began to float in mid air. As the spell traveled higher and higher, taking her body with it, her feelings of frustration began to slowly melt away, being replaced by pure calmness, the kind she only felt when she was peacefully asleep.

The spell only lasted for two seconds, but it felt much longer for Alexandra. When it slowly faded, she landed softly on the ground and sighed.

“You couldn’t make it last a little longer?” she asked hopefully, looking up at him.

Nicolas shrugged his shoulders.

“Sorry Alex. Minor Blessing isn’t supposed to do much to begin with, especially with someone your level. For someone like you, it’s usually only enough to relieve stress and heal tiny scratches,” he responded.

Alexandra pinched her lips together, as though she had just tasted something sour.

“Oh… Right.”

Nicolas laughed softly. Blushing slightly, she began to turn away from him.

Wait a sec, she thought to herself as she stopped in her tracks.

“Hold on!”

Alexandra spun around and pointed an accusing finger at the boy.

“I thought you were only ten years old! You’re not supposed to be at the school!” she suddenly yelled at him.

The blue-haired boy jumped out of surprise. When he blinked, his body became less tense.

“Um, yeah,” he said calmly. “But Professor Sylvia Drake gives me private Life lessons to help control my abilities.”

Her mouth began to hang open as her eyes showed the surprised feeling that she had inside her mind. Nicolas seemed to notice the small change in her expression, since his blue eyes began to show worry.

“Um… Is there a problem..?”

When he asked her, his face showed her how bothered he was. Instantly noticing why he said that, Alexandra immediately snapped her mouth shut.

“Sorry,” she responded.

“You seemed worried for a moment? What’s wrong?”

Feeling her face turn red again, Alexandra glanced at the ground in front of her.

How do I explain this?, she thought.

“It’s just… I mean…

“Do you know of any wizard who’s had to take early Life lessons?”

As she gave her attention to Nicolas again, his expression showed nervousness.

“Why? Is private lessons a bad thing to happen,” he asked her timidly.

Alexandra squeaked.

“That’s not what I mean! I’m sorry,” she blurted out.

She was sure that right now her face was as red as a tomato. To try to calm down, she cleared her throat for a moment.

“Well, you know who Dmitri Jenson is, right,” Alexandra asked Nicolas.

Immediately after she asked him, his eyes lit up with joy.

“Who doesn’t?” Nicolas said confidently. “Famous pop singer, generous Earth humanitarian, and a pretty powerful Theurgist.”

Alexandra chuckled.

“I guess you’re a fan,” she jokingly said.

Nicolas only nodded happily.

“But I think saying powerful is a major understatement. In fact, I think many actually consider him to be one of the greatest healers of our time. Some of my Life friends even think that he is more powerful than Sylvia Drake.”

Nicolas nodded again in agreement.

“I think that if Professor Drake wanted to quit, they’d ask Dmitri to take over as head of the Theurgist Department at school,” he stated.

Then Nicolas paused and gave Alexandra a look of confusion again.

“But what does this have to do with my lessons?” he finally asked her.

For a moment, Alexandra stayed silent.

“Don’t you think that someone as powerful as Dmitri would be a weakling as a child?”

Nicolas place a hand on his chin as he thought. Slowly, he shook his head.

“I would think that he’d have a lot of Mana when he was younger, or he could’ve been lucky and just happened to become what he is today.”

“Well, do you think that he would be able to control that power without learning how to manage it?”

At first, it didn’t seem as though Nicolas comprehended what she said. But after a few short moments, his dark sapphire eyes grew wide as it showed his realization.

“A-are you trying to say that I might—?”


A cloud of light blue and white light popped out of nowhere next to Nicolas. When it quickly faded, a girl appeared and took its place. The new girl seemed to be older and slightly taller than Nicolas. Her white hair and outfit seemed a little messy and had some black smudges, and her stunning emerald-green eyes were the only signs that showed how exhausted she was. But Alexandra felt scared, even though the girl was not looking at her. They felt too... Menacing.

“Phew,” she exclaimed as she leaned against the wooden railings.

“Hey Victoria,” Nicolas said, smiling.

Alexandra placed a hand softly on her mouth to suppress a gasp.

W-w-what? Victoria..? Surely not Victoria Darktalon… Or is it? Because she's definitely scary enough.

Victoria looked at Nicolas. The look of exhaustion left her face and she became blank as she ruffled his blue hair.

“Hey little bro,” she said affectionately.

An awkward silence filled the arena. (At least, that's what Alexandra felt it was). But after what felt like an eternity, their mouths began to twitch slowly into smiles. Then they both laughed. The chilling look in Victoria's eyes instantly went away, and they suddenly sparkled with happiness. The look completely allured Alexandra as her fear subsided.

She should look happy all the time. It makes her even more beautiful.

“What are you doing here though? I thought you were studying for the finals. You usually take longer.”

Victoria stopped laughing as her smile slowly fell, until a small frown formed on her lips.

“Well,” she told Nicolas, visibly uncomfortable, “Um... Let’s just say that Tyler is probably gonna hate me for a while.”

Nicolas started to frown like Victoria, as if what she said had put him on edge. But unlike Victoria, he seemed to be scared of something unknown.

“Um, you don’t mean like… Before..? Do you?” he whispered.

Alexandra could see Victoria’s eyes blink and her body stiffen out of surprise.

“Oh no, definitely not,” she answered exasperatedly while waving her hands in front of herself, as though to emphasize her answer.

Nicolas sighed and they both began to relax.

“Yeah, if that was the case, he would’ve been dead by now,” she continued to say.

She playfully nudged his arm with her elbow as her smile appeared again, although it now looked as though it was forced.

“That’s good," Nicolas sighed. "I mean, you remember how upset Stephen was back then, though? He looked as though he wanted to blow Tyler up to—”

Stephen? Stephen Darktalon? Then that means…

“You are Victoria Darktalon!”

Both Victoria and Nicolas jumped and turned their heads towards Alexandra.

“Um, yes? And you’re Alexandra Soulsinger, my brother’s Fire friend,” Victoria stated, looking back and forth between Alexandra and Nicolas.

The purple-haired girl gasped.

“You know my name?”

Victoria nodded cautiously. Alexandra didn’t seem to notice it, but Nicolas’ expression hinted at the panic that was starting to build up inside of him.

“Uh, Alex—”

“Oh my gosh! She knows my name! Yay!”

As she said that, Alexandra began to move her feet. She then started to skip around the arena, yelling out of joy. It didn’t take her a long time before she started to dance and sing wildly. But as she was celebrating, Victoria and Nicolas were looking at each other, mystified.

“Um, I guess she’s a fan of yours,” Nicolas stated.

“Uh, yeah,” Victoria nodded, raising an eyebrow to show how strange the thought was to her. “But I have to admit that you’ve made a strange friend.”

Nicolas didn’t reply. After a few minutes of giving each other confused looks, they turned their attention back to Alexandra, who happened to still be reveling in the arena. After a few seconds of observing the Fire girl, Victoria pointed her head towards her brother.

“Seriously though, what’s with her? It’s kinda weird to see a Pyromancer get so excited to see an Ice—”

But Victoria was unable to finish her thought before Nicolas abruptly placed his hands on top of her shoulders and shoved her below the wooden railings next to them. Less than a second later, she felt an unbearable heat wave fly above her head, barely missing her white hair. When it disappeared, she noticed that a few of the seats behind the railing had caught in fire. She then looked down to the arena to see that the tip of Alexandra’s golden wand was in flames.


“What’s happening,” Nicolas asked as Alexandra’s wand began to fire flames towards every direction.

Victoria sighed.

“Well, from what I can tell, she isn’t really paying too much attention to her emotions right now,” she explained in a monotonous tone, as though this was a boring lecture she was reciting. “Extreme emotions—you know, ones like rage, agony, or even excitement—can cause an inexperienced wizard to lose control of their powers. This usually only happens when magic is showing signs of its presence in young kids. It’s how nearly everyone finds out if they could have the possibility of becoming a wizard. But right now, it’s just a nuisance.”

“First of all, why did you recite that like it was a speech? And second, 'just a nuisance?' She’s burning a quarter of the Mooshu arena!”

“It’s a habit, and it could be worse, kid.”


"See? It just got a little worse."

They both looked up to see that part of the red railing above them had caught on fire. When Nicolas saw how nonchalant Victoria was about the situation, he got a little upset.

“How can you act so calm if we might die from an out of control Pyromancer? Don't you want to stop this before she kills us,” he said, with fear perceptible in his voice.

Out of the blue, Victoria swiftly turned her head to her brother. Her eyes seemed to glow with a very clear, threatening message that only he could see.

“You think I’m just gonna let us die from this..? What is wrong with that head of yours!? Has Life messed up your mind? Have you forgotten our past also? Because here's some news: Unlike you, I haven't gotten that weak, Nicolas!" she yelled as hostility was dripping from every word.

Nicolas gulped. Victoria was usually much kinder to him than to others, including Stephen. She rarely snapped at him like that, if at all. But he couldn’t deny the fact that he had probably crossed the line with what he said.

“…No. Sorry.”

Nicolas sniffed to try to keep his tears from even forming. Victoria seemed to notice his attempts because her hostile expression melted away as she realized what she had done.

“No Nick. I should be apologizing,” she said. “Sorry I snapped at you like that. I’ve just been a little stressful lately.”

Before she could say more, she looked away from him as a jet of fire came flying in between them. She seemed unfazed by it, but Nicolas moved his arms in front of him and jumped away.

“Seriously though! I just got away from a Cyclops a few minutes ago! Now I gotta deal with a Fire girl that doesn’t realize that she’s gonna burn down the arena,” Victoria yelled to herself.

They both stood up from their hiding spot when Alexandra had her back towards them. Her wand was still shooting fire in random directions while she was completely oblivious to what was happening. As she was doing this, Victoria held her right hand out in front of her while her fingers began to sparkle with light blue and white light, aiming them in Alexandra’s direction. She then swiftly made a flicking motion with her fingers and the sparkles vanished.


An invisible force mysteriously hit Alexandra from behind and she immediately toppled to the ground. The fire from the wand’s tip immediately died when the wand fell from her hand. But after a moment, Alexandra didn’t get up. Instead, her body stayed eerily limp, showing no signs of life.

“Victoria!! Did you just kill her!?” Nicolas screamed.

Victoria didn’t look at him as she sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Gosh, kid, it’s only a Freeze spell. She’s just Stunned. The spell will wear off on its own—”


Victoria glanced towards her brother. She tried not to roll her eyes again when she saw that half of one of his blue sleeves had caught on fire, probably from the jet of fire that had nearly hit them earlier. He was crying while violently shaking the burning sleeve in a feeble attempt to put the fire out.

“Get it off! Get it off!” he sobbed, tears falling from his closed eyes.

As he kept weeping, Victoria just stared at him, feeling completely awkward about the moment. Not upset or concerned, just—awkward.

This is officially the weirdest day I’ve ever had.

With another soft clink, a silver wand appeared in Victoria’s hand. She then walked up Nicolas with a bored countenance and sighed irritably.

“Okay kid; hold still if you don’t want to lose a finger from frostbite.”

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