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Tales of the Wizarding World (part 2) by Rogan WillowBlood

The desert wind whipped around Adrian Mistyhorn as he trailed behind the girl. Capricorn, his pet bloodhound, dragged behind slowly. His red fur glinting in the late afternoon light. The precession of the ten tired people trudged on through the Krokotopian sand. Some of the warriors sported bandages and slung arms from the recently fought battle, but they all knew it was worth it. Adrian was one of the last remaining free wizards in the Wizarding World. Ever since Sebastian Darkflame had taken over Krokotopia, murdered Merle Ambrose, destroyed Wizard City, and put the remaining wizard population in concentration camps, a man named Kyral had been gathering the remaining free people into a rebellion.

“When are we going to get there?” Adrian moaned. The group had been trudging through the hot sand. As he said that, a small makeshift camp came into view. Several people dotted the camp, cleaning weapons, stocking supplies, and quietly chatting.

The girl led Adrian to a large building in the center of the camp. An old man waited by the building. As they approached the man, he smiled” And who might this be Sarah? Could it be Adrian?" the old man's eyes light up. “Yes of course it is. Good work Sarah, can you tell Brenda to come to me please." Sarah left the two to go get whoever this Brenda is. "Now, where were we? Oh yes! My name is Kyral, and I lead this resistance. I know who you are Adrian; I know what you are, where you came from, and where you would've gone if I hadn't stepped in. You are a wizard, just like me, one of the last remaining alive!"

"Alive? I thought the others were just put into concentration camps." Adrian replied. This man made him slightly uneasy.

"Oh no," the man looked grim. "They've been killing them, not just holding them, but killing them to! Sebastian tries to hide the fact, but my spies see all, hear all, and unfortunately, smell all!" Kyral laughed at his own joke. The man's smile wrinkles made Adrian feel a little steadier about him. As they talked, a short woman approached. He wizards hat slumped over sideways on her round, pudgy head. She smiled as she approached. Adrian could sense a warm, magical glow resonating from her heart, a spell no doubt. Another surviving wizard no doubt.

"Hello little one!" Adrian smiled at the irony. “My name is Brenda, and I am the camps tailor, I'll be outfitting you for some new wizard’s cloths!" the woman giggled.

"Wizards cloths? Why do I need them?"

"Because I'll be training you!" said Kyral. "Another wizard is always good, but without the proper training, you're not much use!"

About a half hour later.

Adrian shifted uncomfortably in the overheated room that was the Wizardry Class. Kyral had started the class awhile ago and was now explaining a Blood Bat Spell in unnecessarily high detail. Brenda stood in the corner watching Adrian. The room was empty except for the three of them, no other wizards apparently. Adrian started to drift off when Kyral's statement broke through to him.

"Okay, with the movement of your wand in the Dominic Von Tralio Hand Flick, please cast the spell.

“Blugarious Mythicos!” yelled Adrian. A blood bat shimmered into the air and immediately proceeded to destroy the room.

The Blood Bat instantly disintegrated as Kyral cast a Disintagralus Mythicos spell.

"Well, Myth obviously isn't the school for you, let's try storm," Kyral shrugged. A boy ran into the room yelling "Attack! We are under attack!"

Kyral looked up from his massive spell book with a look of terror on his face. "Gemni?"

The boy shook his head "A whole legion! They somehow arrived at the eastern gate undetected!" the boy, of about twelve, was also a wizard. Adrian could see the wand tucked into his belt. Brenda had left the classroom and with her, the warm, friendly presence that emanated from her. Adrian started to zone out when Kyral grabbed him and lead him out the room.

"It must be Jiloo!" Kyral was explaining to the other wizard boy on the way out. "He is the only Gemni to ever possess any magical powers."

The three of them swiftly walked to a defense tower where Sarah was waiting with a group of about fifty other non-magical folk. Her hair was tied up in the back and she was gripping two electrified katanas.

"The Gemni have overwhelmed our Eastern front, my battalion will head in to intercept them." Sarah looked quite afraid as she gave the report.

"Take Timothy with you, any life wizard as good as him can help a lot," Kyral ordered. Sarah nodded, and she along with the fifty warriors and the boy, whose name was apparently Timothy left. Kyral and Adrian stood by the tower watching them depart as Brenda approached them.

"I have your battle armor, Kyral." the Brenda stated. She was holding the most elegant wizard's robe Adrian had ever seen. It was green and black with a purple trim. Kyral noticed Adrian admiring it.

"It's an original battle cloak from Grizzleheim, one of the last in fact. Ever since Grizzleheim cut of their connection with the other worlds, there have only been a few here and there." Kyral took pride in his armor as he put it on. "The cloak amplifies life and death spells. Quite a match if you ask me."

Kyral, Benda, and Adrian ascended the ladder to the top of the defense tower. A magical ballista was perched on the western side. Adrian could see the whole camp from up there. In the west, there was a battle raging. He could hear the clink of metal against metal and the buzz of electricity running through the air. A massive green light flashed as a green sphere of energy enveloped the battlefield.

“I better go help Sarah with Jiloo, no offense to Timothy, but a life wizard is the most useful in one of these situations.” laughed Kyral.

With that, Kyral jumped out of the defense tower and flew of towards the battlefield.

“You better go help dear, I’m sure they’ll need it.” ordered Brenda. As Adrian slid down the ladder, Brenda took over the ballista and fired away.

Adrian ran, hard. The first Gemni he saw, he quickly plowed down with an Andrius Belicarus spell. Eventually, he saw more people on his side. They fought along side him, defending their freedom. Then he saw it, a massive mechanical bull. On top of it was a single Gemni, he held a wand that glinted against his blood red, glass eye. The Gemni wore battle armor, and also besides the wand, held a mace. Adrian knew who this was, it was Jiloo.

Jiloo trampled a whole squad of warriors, and with the flick of his wand, sent masses of warriors flying through the air. He noticed Adrian and smirked, his laugh bringing pain to Adrian's ears.

"Icicon Blizario!" Jiloo shouted and out of nowhere, massive icy rocks started hurtling through the air towards Adrian. He easily dodged one and blasted another. And as the third came rushing towards him, Adrian saw Kyral with Sarah and Timothy running toward Jiloo.

Timothy casted a life shield on Adrian and the ice rock blew up as it came into contact with him. Jiloo hopped off his bull and ran towards Kyral. The two enemy wizards clashed into battle and all Adrian could do was watch as they cast magnificent spells of all sorts that he had never seen before. It looked like Sarah and Timothy were having the same problem. The helped out when they could but for the most part, they were just watching in awe.

When it looked like Kyral was finally getting the upper hand, Jiloo would get creative and strike with a weird move. The fight went on until Brenda noticed the sparks flying in the distance. From her watchtower, she new what to do. She aimed the ballista and fired.

Adrian saw the electricity coming. A bolt of lightning blasting through the air until it collided with its target. The shock wave sent Kyral flying, but the bolt had done its job. Jiloo crumpled to the ground.

"I will kill you all!" laughed Jiloo as he started to get up. But before he could get to his full height, a look of shock spread on his face. He groaned and as a sword dug its way out of his chest. Adrian pulled his sword out as the Gemni dissolved into nothing...

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