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Wizard101 by Edward Mistbreaker

On June 20, 2009, I was just minding my own business and talking to Blossom outside the life school when all of a sudden Marle Ambrose rushed through the tunnel leading to the commons. “Everyone, get out now,” he was shouting. I didn’t fully understand why he was shouting for us to leave until I realized that there was a giant shadow covering up the sun.

Even as I was contemplating what could be large enough to be blotting out the sun at this distance, but then I understood. Malistair. I then realized that the time was here for me to once and for all defeat the lord of darkness.

I grabbed up my wand and my mummified deck and went to confront this evil being. As I pulled out my sanctuary card, I realized that there were some other students gathering around me. Ryan BattleFlame, Ashley, Trevor NightWind. They were all going to help me defeat this monster. But I decided that it was to dangerous.

I cast the sanctuary card and manipulated the spell so that it would become a solid wall separating the others from Malistair and I. Before I finished the spell, Ryan BattleFlame realized what I was doing and stepped in the boundaries so he could help.

When I finished the spell I realized he was already casting a spell of his own. When he finished tracing the Fire symbol in the air, I suddenly felt a wave of hot air come at me. When I looked up, a sunbird was slashing at what looked like one of the monsters from the fairy tales my mother to my as a child. It was the infamous Draken, half kraken, half Dragon.

It took me a few minutes to remember what could destroy on of these beings, when I realized I was holding the only card that could do such a feat I almost dropped my whole deck. I hadn’t even realized that someone had put a centaur card in my deck. I only had two pips at the time, so I cast Life Ire for two turns and gained a power pip on the third.

As I was tracing the life symbol in front of me, the Draken was building up energy to attack me. When it released its power, Ryan jumped in front of me and took the hit for me. His feat of pure bravery distracted me so badly that my spell fizzled. I through my hat at the creature in straight disgust. I then saw that the next card in my hand was another centaur.

I traced the symbol for life in the air and suddenly the scent of Fall, and Summer filled the air. Out of nowhere, this being that had the body of a stallion and the torso of a muscular man jumped over my head and in front of the Draken. Seemingly out of thin air, he pulled out a large maple longbow and an arrow that so much power stored in it that it was almost flaming when he notched it on the string.

He pulled the string tight and loosed the arrow towards the Draken. It sizzled and popped in the air ass it flew. When it hit the Draken’s chest, it exploded with enough force to break of one of Bartlebee’s branches.

As the Draken fell towards the ground I saw that the creature was not yet defeated.

I heard a whisper from near by and saw that Ryan was stirring.

He said, “Please, heal me.” I fumbled through my deck until I found the Fairy card. I cast it and it only slightly healed Ryan. He reached up and I realized that he was holding in his hand a Life Blade treasure card.

I took it from him without a question and cast it. It wasn’t until I finished casting the blade that I noticed that I once again had five pips and a centaur card. Only this one was different. It was slightly yellow in the trimming, a treasure card.

I cast it and the creature loosed its arrow with enough force to behead the creature.

When it fell, I saw what looked like an exact copy of Cyrus Drake jump from the beast and disappear in the throng of people that had gathered around me to see what I had done. After that day, I have been watching every shadow, flicker, and slightest movement with great fear that Malistair was still following me. I confronted Professor Wu about it and she assured me that Malistair would not be following me for a while, or at least until the news died down that I had killed his most powerful creation.

To this day I still doubt that my Professor was right. I can feel the darkness closing in around me. I can sense Malistair’s forces at work and growing stronger each day.

But for now, all I can do is train and help other students with their work with the hope that they will be able to help me next time Malistair shows his face.

He just better hope that he has more monsters with him next time. Because if he does show, our forces will be more powerful than anything he has ever seen.

Keep training and keep fighting young wizards, for you never know who will be fighting with you, and who will be fighting against you in the battles to come.

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