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War of the Wizards - Chapter 1: Wizard City by Jacob DrakeHeart

I stood in Ravenwood, staring at the Death school. Malistaire rose from the roof, and traced the Death symbol. Then I noticed a swarm of hearts flying around Cyrus Drake.

"No, Beguile!" I screamed. Cyrus traced the Myth sign, and a blinding light shot from his staff.

"UGHHH....So...bright!" While I couldn't see, I did hear a Myth spell. And a crashing sound. When the light vanished, I saw that there was a huge hole instead of the Death school. Malistaire got Cyrus to use Earthquake, and sink the Death school.

I saw Malistaire running off through the Commons, casting a HUGE death symbol over Unicorn Way. He cursed the fairies! I called my friend Anthony NightSong. We're best friends, and he HAD to see this. While running through the shopping District, I noticed a Death symbol over Colossus Boulevard as well. I turned to Anthony and said "I dont even want to KNOW what happened in there." But me being a Master of Ice, I couldn't help but think he made Evil Snowmen. When we reached Olde Town, Malistaire was through the gate to Triton avenue. The weird thing was, Cyrus Drake was standing at the gate to Cyclops Lane. Anthony noticed Cyrus's eyes and screamed to me when I went to talk to Cyrus. He screamed "No, Jake! He's cursed! Beguiled!" But it was too late. Cyrus traced the Myth symbol, and surrounded me with golems, which tied me up. "No! Anthony, DO something!" He heard my pleas and took a card out of his deck. A Humungofrog rose from the street, and knocked out all the golems. But Cyrus did his damage. A giant Myth symbol opened up above Cyclops lane, and Trolls and Cyclopes materialized from it, including the Head of Cyclopes, General Akilles. The Warhorns that normally act as security guards now acted like war creatures.

As Anthony and I went through the gate to Triton avenue, we found Malistaire standing outside the gate. He cast a Death symbol, and a Wraith rose from the ground. Malistaire screamed in a voice that made a chill go down my spine, "Nightshade! INTO THE CAVE!" The Wraith floated over the town and through a door emblazened with a Death sign. I chased after Malistaire, when he summoned up two Banshees. They screamed so loud, and threw me backwards. "Ugh, that is STRONG sound" I said to Anthony as he fought off Ghouls. Their faces turned red when they screamed, so I named them Scarlet Screamers. Anthony finished up and said "Ugh, those darn Rotting Fodder." I found that funny, so we decided to call them Rotting Fodder. Malistaire summoned up a Kraken, The Harvest Lord, Sgt Skullsplitter, and Lord Nightshade to defend him.

I left Anthony to the Kraken, as he was Myth, and the fight was over quick. I took the Harvest Lord, As I was Ice, and that fight ended quick too. Sgt Skullsplitter was easy, when Malistaire's staff glowed a bright purple. "Soulsinger! This is your time!" A wizard dressed in Dragonspyre Armor and a glowing sword appeared. He bowed to Malistaire. "I live to serve you, Necromaster." Malistaire smirked at me. "This is my best student. Good luck, puny wizard!" And he spun around very fast, and a Wraith's robe engulfed him. "I am the Lord Nightshade!" I turned to Anthony and said "Ironic. Let's do this!" Ivan Soulsinger smirked and stabbed me with his sword. I took out a card that was frozen by Ice. "Go!" When I said that, a Frost Giant arose from the ground. He swung his hammer three times, and sent a blast of Ice energy into both of them. Nightshade went over to Anthony, and attempted to suck out his soul. He nearly succeeded, but ended up failing. Anthony finally had enough pips. He took out a glowing Myth card and summoned a Minotaur. It walked through the crumpled pillars of the Mythworld, and pierced Ivan with a stab of his axe, and a blast of myth-charged wind.

Ivan crumpled to the ground. He was dead. Nightshade gave off a frightening roar, and transported us into the Spirit World.

"You will not be finished. You will be honored in your proper place!" screamed nightshade as he trapped Soulsinger's Spirit in a Crystal.

"NO!" I screamed as I attempted to break the crystal with my sword.
"Foolish Wizard! You will not survive! You will forever be imprisoned beneath the Necropolis!"
"Not at all." Said Anthony, as he smiled and summoned an Orthrus.
He wasn't the Master of Monsters yet, but I got him an Orthrus for his birthday, and he decided to use it.
I smiled and said "What he said." And I summoned a Colossus.
Lord Nightshade faded away, and Malistaire Drake stood panting.
"This. Is not over!"
And he disappeared with a flash.
However, he left a key with a Spiral on the back, and a picture of a Pyrimad on the front.

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