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Verge of Victory by Hannah EarthMancer

Since the day I returned, I’ve gain the trust back from all of me comrades. It’s been about 3 weeks since my last encounter with my father. But here goes another day, another quest, another battle and so on and so forth. My current quest is to go and investigate a explosion in the shopping area of Dragon Spyre with Joseph and Joe. In 7 weeks, I will be Christmas, so why have there been so many incidents across the spiral? Anyways, when we got to the sight of the event, the whole place was deserted and in ruins(more that usual). “What is the spiral happened here? It looks like a war broke out.” I said. I told Joe and Joseph to spread out and see if we could find anything that could lead us to the mastermind of this. But before the could even take a step, the mastermind found us. “You shouldn’t have come, you might have lived longer.” the mastermind said. “Who said that?!” Joseph said while taking a step back and shaking like a dog(he’s a strong fire wizard but sometimes he is such a chicken). “Wait a minute, I know that voice… Guys! Prepare your self! It‘s Malistare!” I said. Then Malistare fizzles into view. “And again, Amy is right. Ever since I put that spell on her she has had acute senses of hearing.” “What is he talking about Amy?” Joseph said in confusion. Of course Joe know, because he’s the only one who’s seen what Malistare’s talking about but I haven’t had the chance to tell the rest of my friends. “It’s nothing Joseph. But Malistare why have you attacked our home?” “I’ll tell you soon… when you’re in spirit form!” Then Malistare casted a super nova spell, that barely missed us. All three of us ran to the spiral door, and Joseph kept asking why are we running? Why don’t we fight? Once we got to the door, Malistare was right behind us. “You think you can just run away? There’s no place for you to hide or run. So why don’t you surrender now?” “We’ll never surrender to the likes of you Malistare!” I yelled and casted a smoke screen spell. “You little brats! Now it is time to meet your demised! Victoria! Get out here!” Before any thing could happen me and Joe pushes Joseph through the spiral door and break the knob off(me and Joe had plain this while we were running, just incase it had come to this and there was only time of one of us to escape). Then a girl that looks around the age of 16, with blue hair and green eyes appears in a GrizzleHelm outfit. “Yes Malistare?” said the girl. “You wanted to see you mother again, right Victoria? Well, here she is.” And Malistare points at me. “Why are pointing at me?!”

“Headmaster Ambrose! Come quickly and bring the Life Squad!”(the Life Squad are a group of elite life wizards. FYI) “What is this about Mr. Fire?” “There is no time to explain just get the Dragon Spyre key and follow me!” As we race toward the door, all I could think about was if Amy and Joe were alright fighting Malistare. When we got to the door, the Headmaster used the spiral key, then the Life Squad appeared and when the door opened, smoke filled the room. Even with all the smoke, the Headmaster and the life wizards went running through the door, and I followed after them. Once through the door, the Headmaster used his Forever Wind spell to sweep the smoke and what we saw was horrifying. What stood before us was the result of a clash of wizards, Amy, Joe, and some other girl was lying on the ground unconscious and in serious condition. Their weapons/ armor were crushed and their treasure cards(A.K.A. One time use spells) ripped into pieces. “Get them to the hospital tower as fast as you can!” The Headmaster had yelled. The life squad summoned stretchers and put Amy, Joe, and the other girl on them, but before the life wizards rushed them to the hospital tower, Amy became conscious and grabbed the Headmaster’s staff. “Head… Headmaster, go back…*chough chough* the war has begun, the Dragon Titan will rise soon.” As I got closer to Amy, I saw what terrible condition she was in. Her long brown hair was now gray and her jade-colored eyes that sparkled like diamonds, are now red as the pit’s of lava pools. Then before she could say anything more, she fell unconscious again.

(A few hours later) “Ugh, where am I?” I looked around and I was in what looks like a hospital room. When I sat up, Brittany came into the room. “Oh, Amy you’re awake.” “Brittany? What are you doing here?” “Oh, did I forget to tell you that I’ve become a nurse in training?” “Wait! Where is that girl and where’s Joe!?” “Well the other girl is being treated, but um… how do I say this without you getting upsetting?” “Brittany just spit it out.” “Fine. Amy… Joe is… dead.” “What! You’re lying! You have to be!” “Sorry Amy, but it’s the truth.” My eyes started to flow with water like a overflowed dam waiting for the walls to crack. “And Amy, I think you should look in a mirror.” I didnt understand why she said that until she gave me a mirror. “AHHHHH! Why now!? Why did it had to come back now!?” Brittany looked completely puzzled and said “What in the world are you talking about? This happened before?” I no longer looked human. I had black scales, green scales on the tip of my tail, white claws, green horns and black as midnight wings.(I would change back to human form but for some reason I couldn’t). “Did the Strikers did this to you?” “No Brittany, it was my father who did this, but for you to understand, you’re going to have to know the whole story on how this all began.”

A year had gone by after my mother’s death, my father had asked me to see him in his studies. When I went he discussed with me that there was a way to bring Silvia back. “But there is one problem.” “What’s the problem daddy?”(mind you that I was 11 at the time) “Well I have to take 8 souls to reawaken the Dragon Titian.” “You cant do that dad! Do you have any idea what that would do to the natural order of things!” “Silence! You know I wouldn’t have to do this if you did made you mother ill! And now for your punishment!” And he said some ancient words and the curse spell was casted. At this time I had red scales and blue claws. Then my sis walks in “A drake! I’ll help you defeat it daddy!” my sis said without knowing that the drake was me. So for me to escape death, I ran way with only the clothes on my back and my mother’s necklace.

When I finished, I notice that Brittany had a horrified look on her face. “Um, I’ll be right back.” And she leaves. But shortly after she leaves, I sneak out of my room looked through each room to find that girl. The final door in the hallway, was the only one with spikes and with a lock. I picked the lock and entered carefully and, she was there. “What the heck hound! Who let a drake in here!” the girl said. “Will you be quiet! Now tell me! Who are you and why are you working for Malistare!” “Now look who’s being loud!” “Shush. Just keep it low and just tell me what I asked for.” “Fine. My name is Victoria and I never wanted to for Malistare but, it’s the only way to keep my brother safe.” “Ok, don’t you have a last name? And where are you from?” “This might sound crazy but, I’m from the Wizard City 26 years in the future. So I cant tell you what my last name is, it might alter the future.” “Ok, now I know you’re lying. Even in a place of magic, there is no such thing as time travel.” “You know I can prove it to you.” The reaches into her backpack, and I readied my self for anything she could pull. But when her hand came out of the backpack, she pulled out the Forever Ice amulet. A extremely rare amulet (because there is only one in existence) that is rumored to be made out of a colossus and double the wearer‘s power . “How? How do you have that?! I was going to give that to Joe on Christmas Eve!” “My mom gave this to me when I started my first day of RavenWood.” “Ok now I believe you, but I still don’t understand why you have to work for Malistare?” “I told you before, it’s to keep my brother safe. Malistare has my brother and if I don’t do what he says, well I don’t know what he’ll do.” Then she stares at my mother’s amulet. “That moon and star amulet. Is your name Amy HawkMender?” “Yea it is. Why you ask?” The then raise her arm and her arm grew blue scales and green claws with fins in between her fingers. “I cant believe it. You‘re my mother in the future!” “What! Ok now things are just getting too weird! Even for me!” I completely panic(as you can see). “Wait, how do I know that you’re telling the truth Victoria.” “Your real name is Amy Drake, you have to other sisters, and the one person that you loved, he was your best friend. And you felt very alone when he was gone” I was completely stunned. She knew more secrets of mine than anyone else. “Ok, only people in my family would now that, so you are telling the truth.” Can this day get any worse or weird? “Ms. HawkMender! What are you doing out of bed!” I turned around and there at the door was the Headmaster and Brittany, and they look pretty angry(just my luck) “Headmaster Ambrose! Um, I was looking for you and I stumbled upon this room and-” “Save your breath Amy. We are going to have to confound you to the room until we can figure out how to reverse that spell and control your temper.” Brittany said. Then the Headmaster waves his wand and lifts me into the air. “Hey! Put my mom down!” Brittany and Headmaster Ambrose were both puzzled until me and Victoria explain where she came form and everything else. “That would explain the DNA.” Brittany said. Both me and Victoria said at the same time “Huh?” “Well, when you two were being treated, the structures of your DNA codes were similar. Like you two were related. By the way, what happened with the encounter of Malistare?” “Well you see…Me and Joe knew that Joseph would charge into battle without giving it a single thought(as usual) and get himself hurt, so we sent him back to Wizard City. After Malistare had summoned Victoria, it was another show down. In the middle of the battle, Victoria had joined our side. Then Malistare had try to blast Victoria with the same spell that blasted me when I started being a life wizard but Joe blocked the blast, taking serious damage. I wanted to heal him but he said to forget about healing him and attack instead. But when I attacked, some how Malistare had used every level 48 attack spell, and that’s all I remember.” The Headmaster face had no emotion “So Malistare has gained even more power. Well, we should let the other at Wizard City about the war and that you guys are ok.” “Wait Headmaster Amborse, if word gets out that me and Victoria are still alive, Malistare will surely increase his forces. So lets not tell anyone for now.” “Very well, but what would you do then?” Then Victoria blurts out. “How about I go to Wizard City as Emerald SkyBlood and Amy can go as Jasmine JadeBlade.” “Ok Jasmine and Emerald. Your first day of school will start in a few weeks.” After a few weeks of recovering, me and Victoria go to Wizard City, to find it changed. When I took Emerald to the shopping district to get some new clothing, I saw something that I never expected anyone to do. Out by Elk’s Ledge, was a statue of me and Joe in heroic poses, with an engraved message at the bottom and multiple bunches of flowers around it.(looks like someone did this without the Headmaster‘s approval). The engrave message said, “To honor the ones who tried to prevent the Titian War. The heroes of the spiral, Amy HawkMender and Joseph LegendBlade. Let their legend live on.”

So after giving Victoria a tour of the city, we started our first day of school(well her first days of school). But the war was taking it’s toll the city. Less and less kid show up to class because… well they meet the same end as Joe. After about a week of living our new lives I decided to go and save Victoria’s brother named Trevor. Victoria said that he should be in a cage in my room. In 2 weeks it will be Christmas Day, and the war would be still going on if anything wasn’t done soon. So today I sneaked out of class and returned to my home. When I had gotten there, I had used the secret entrance that lead straight to my room. When I entered my room, there Trevor was, in a small cage little room to move and wearing rip clothing. I went up to the cage and started to pick the lock with my claws. ”Who-, who are you?” he asked me “Don’t worry about my name for now.” I replied. Just before I was about to open the lock, a Wild Bolt came right towards me, and hit my tail and causing dust to fly. “Owww! That hurt!” Then a voice came through the dust. “If you’re the guard, than this will be easy.” I flapped my wings to clear the dust away and the thing that the wild bolt came from was my sister. “Katie! It’s me, Amy!” “Ha! Don’t make me laugh! My sister wasn’t a dragon!” “But I am Amy! You’ve got to believe me!” Then Victoria appears but she waits in the shadows. “If you’re really Amy, that only you can answer this. Who was my first crush in the Dragon Spyre Academy?” (This was an easy one). “Your best friend, a balance wizard named Steven NightHunter.” “O my god! You are Amy!” “See I told you!” Then out of nowhere, Katie uses Judgment on Victoria but I blocked the spell with centaur. “Katie, she’s on our side, and that’s her brother in that cage.” “Really? You know, they look a lot like you Amy.” “I’ll explain why they look like me later, we just have to get out of here. Oh and for now call me Jasmine.” As we got Trevor out of the cage I felt a dark presence. “Well, well, well. Looks like we have new heroes of the Bartalbe Army.” “When I looked behind me, it was Malistare who was talking. “Malistare! How did you find us!” “It’s non of your concern dragon. Judging by the way you look, is seems that you are the strongest of the group.” Then without saying another word Malistare had casted a fire ball at me, but I deflect it with my wings. “Jasmine run! I’ll take care of my father.” I don’t know why but I ran(I would have stayed and fight). When I looked back to see if anyone was following me, Malistare summoned a heck hound that attacked me with it’s claw. It got me right above my left eye, breaking right through the scales. I tossed the heck hound away and covered my eye with my claws to stop the bleeding. When I got out of my house I used my life radar spell but only Malistare’s life had shown. When I took a closer look at the spell, I saw Katie, Victoria, and Trevor laying on the ground… dead. As I raced towards the spiral door, I used my wings to blow the blood trail that I was leaving behind in different direction so Malistare couldn’t follow me. When I went through the spiral door to get to Wizard City, everyone in RavenWood were horrified at what they saw, and then I collapse out of exhaustion.

When I had awakened, I found myself in the Headmaster’s spiral map room. I stood up and I went to find the Headmaster but, when I was going to the other room, I passed by a mirror and nearly scared myself to death. I looked in the mirror and I had a broken fang, three scared over my eye, and the eye itself was now gray instead of red or green. Then the Headmaster walks in. “I see that you’re finally awake.” “Headmaster Ambrose, Um I…” “Save your breath. I know why you went to Dragon Spyre and what happened to your sister. I’m truly sorry.” I couldn’t believe it, my own father would take the life of his own flesh and blood. He would stop at nothing to bring mom back, even if it means to kill everyone he once cared about. I knew what I had to do. After giving it some thought, I asked “Headmaster Ambrose, is the position of general still available?” After talking it over with the Headmaster, I became the new general of the Bartalbe Army. But after every battle we had, someone that was closet to me, had met the same end as the others by Malistare’s hands. Most of us started to lose hope after Gamma and Headmaster had fallen and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. After 2 weeks of being a general, it was finally Christmas Day. I went to Dragon Spyre to lay flowers where Joe had died. As I stood up after a hour stay of respect, I sensed Malistare behind me so I grabbed my sword and swung it around and Malistare jumped back. I knew I got him because at the tip of my blade, was a small drop of blood but when I notice the drop my hand was in absolute pain. “I see that you’re in pain Amy. Your pain is coming from your own beliefs. Since you swear to never harm anyone for self gain when you were little, I placed a spell to ensure that before you ran away.” All I thought about was how did he know that I was still alive. Wait, he was probably listening to our conversation when I went to rescue Trevor. “You know Amy, if you kill me, you’ll wind up killing your self as well.” “If it’s the only way to end this war, then so be it Malistare!” As Malistare raised his staff, I raised my sword and before I could make a move, Malistare casted a Super Nova spell. I knew that with no time to react, I had to with stood it.

BOOM!…… “Muhahaha! Amy is final dead! Silvia can now return and the spiral is mine!” I raised my staff towards the Dragon Titian and raised it from it’s ancient slumber through the floating dust from my spell.. It roared with vengeance and blew fire to show the other drakes who’s in control. “Not so fast Malistare!” I turned around and when the dusk cleared, Amy was still standing and changed! Her face returned to human with a faint scare over eye, her wings were now made of ice, a movable tail made of harden sand, a green shield with the life symbol on it, and a second sword that was engulf in fire. “Witness my final form Malistare! Instead of fighting me, you’re fighting me, my friends, and even mom!” Then she charged at me, this wasn’t going to be easy.


A long and a battle that seemed endless had occurred and the world was finally rid of Malistare. I flew high to the sky and confronted the Dragon Titian and I said the spell that had originally incased him in stone. “King of drakes is what you may be. You may control the skies and seas. So one with power must be controlled and tamed. So return to stone is what I say!” The Dragon Titian roared with rage as it started to turn back to stone. Before it’s mouth was frozen, it yelled in “dragon” language “I will rise once again and every this that isn’t drake shall be my slave!” Then once it was completely turned back to stone, I flew back to the ground and the power that I had gained from my friends started to melt away. As my body had turned back to it’s original dragon for, it started to go into shock, just like Malistare said(by electricity going through my by not the other one that some of you are thinking of) and I fell to my knees. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a blast of magic coming towards me, I couldn’t move so I had to let it hit me, but when it did, it actually relieved me of my pain. I stood up and looked in the direction where the spell had come from, I saw Headmaster Ambrose, Gamma, Katie, Trevor, Victoria, Rachel, Brittany, Joseph, and Joe!

The moment Ms. Hawkmender and Mr. LegendBlade saw each other, they both hugged and laugh like they haven’t seen each other in years. As I talked to my pet, Gamma complained that Malistare’s body had disappeared and only pieces of parchment were in his place. I picked up the pieces of parchment and I notice that one of them had a time travel spell on it. Then Ms. DeathBlood yelled out “Finally those two are together!” I turned around and Ms. HawkMender and Mr. LegendBlade were kissing, such young love. It’s bound to happen when your best friend is the opposite gender. And then the weirdest thing in Dragon Spyre history, it started to snow. Was it because of those two are is it magic? “Now that the war is over and Malistare is gone, how are me and my brother supposed to get home?” “Don’t worry, I’ll take you home.” I chanted the word that are on the parchment and slam my staff to the ground and a portal appeared leading to Wizard City… 26 years into the future. Both Victoria and Trevor step into the portal and before the portal had closed Victoria had snapped her fingers. “Now that’s taken care of, why don’t we go to the Dragon Spyre stable and borrow some of their mounts?” Ms. HawkMender said. “Great idea Amy!”

We soon charge through the spiral door. Brittany and Katie riding on storm brooms, Joseph and Rachel on blue dragons, me and Joe on lions, and Headmaster Ambrose on a centaur. As we entered RavenWood, we saw others who had lost their lives during the had return(don’t know how but as long they are here to stay, who really cares how) and everyone were surprised to us alive. “Students and teachers of RavenWood! I, Merlem Ambrose, you headmaster, is proud to announce that the war is over!” Everyone cheered and danced like there was no tomorrow after the news was given, through out the whole city, everyone was a party. I went back to my dorm soon after counting all those had return and there was a letter on my bed. I pick it up and it was from Victoria.

“Dear Amy,

Or should I say mom? O never mind that. I never told you my last name because I feared it would interfere with the time line. But since the danger has past and after talking it over with Merlem I can finally tell you. My last name is… LegendBlade. Since you’re my mom, you can figure out the rest. PS: This letter was placed here right after I entered the portal, so this will probably disintegrate once you read it.



And then it disintegrated once I finished reading. And of course all I could think about was spending Christmas alone once again. The a knock on my door. “Come in, it’s open.” and Joe walks in. “Hey Amy.” “Oh hi Joe.” “I cant stay long because I got to go home but I got but there something I want to give you.” “Something for me?” “Yea but close your eyes until I say when. K?” “Um, ok.” I closed my eyes for just a second and then he said to open my eyes and look in the mirror. When I looked in the mirror, I was so excited at what I saw. What Joe gave me was the Nature’s Protection necklace but this one was in the shape of a dragon. There are only two of this necklaces in the spiral, and just like the Forever Ice amulet it increases the wearer’s power times two. “O my god! Thanks so much Joe!” “You’re welcome Amy. Sorry but go to go now.” “Wait a second Joe, I got you something too.” I went to my desk and pulled out a small blue present. When Joe opened it he said, “No way! It’s the forever ice amulet! Thank you so much!” “You’re welcome.” and before he left, he said “Merry Christmas Amy.” “Merry Christmas Joe.

(Somewhere in the spiral) “I have failed to protect you Malistare. I’ll bring you back with your wife one day. But that one day, you shall serve me and the spiral shall be mine. And your daughter shall see her final days of life.”

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