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The Titan War by Michael DeathFlame

Long ago, before Merle or even Bartelby the Grandfather tree existed in this world, the Titans ruled over the land. They were the source of all Magic in the Spiral. The Fire Dragon had Fire Magic Pour out of his flaming mouth, the Frost Giant reeked of chilling Ice Magic, and The Storm Lord lit up the spiral with Storm Magic.

Only one wizard in the Spiral at the time knew a school of the Spirits. His name was Bartelby DeathCaster. He was an amazing Death master, and all of the children at Ravenwood admired him for his skill. He fell in love with another girl, whose name was Lenora. Together, they pranced through school, enjoying their fame.

Then, one day, the golden age of Magic ended. The Titans learned of the Fire Lord’s army; and that he was planning to over throw the other Titans. In their rage, they fought a full scale war; the Frost Giant with his army of Gobblers, and The Storm Lord with his army of Krakens.

Bartelby and Lenora watched in terror as the years dragged on the war ceased to end. The armies weren’t powerful to completely destroy the Titan Lord of Fire’s army. It seemed that the war would never end.

Then, Bartelby decided to take action and join the Frost Giant and Storm Lord’s army. With Lenora at his side, they ran through the lines, felling any Draconian that got in their way. After three more years, the army finally reached The Fire Dragon’s Lair, in the center of Ravenwood.

Bartelby, with Lenora at his side, walked into the Fire Dragon’s lair. The cave was lit by many torched, which made their shadows stretched across the entire room. Lenora breathed heavily, and her eyes were on full alert. Bartelby’s face was covered in soot, and his hands were scratched and bleeding. Suddenly, laughter filled the room. It sounded like bones being scrapped slowly together. It made Bartelby’s spine prickle, and his hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

“You fools! You will regret ever entering my realm. Now, YOU SHALL DIE!!!!” The torches in the room suddenly went out, and the room went entirely black. Then, a blast of fire shot out of the mouth of the cave. Bartelby grabbed Lenora and jumped out of the way of the flame just in time. The flame set fire to the cave, and then they could see the Fire Dragon, standing proudly.

“NOW, DIE!!!” It roared, reeled back its head, and then blasted another set of flames. Bartelby pushed Lenora out of the way, and then raised his hands. A Scarecrow appeared from the ground, and blasted towards the Fire Dragon.

The two blasts collided, shaking the whole spiral. Bartelby looked at Lenora and said, “LENORA!! RUN, RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!” Lenora made a wild dash for the exit, and just in time. There was a huge explosion, and then the Fire Dragon and Bartelby were both sent flying back. Lenora jumped out of the cave to see an inferno blast out of the mouth of the cave. The fire didn’t cease for another ten seconds. Lenora, sobbing, ran into the cave. She found Bartelby, who was now almost dead, lying on the ground. Lenora kneeled down, and looked at the broken form of her loved one. Bartelby smiled, and whispered, “Please…Lenora…pass down the powers of the Spirits…for me.” He reached out his hand, and touched her cheek.

Suddenly, a green glow emitted from inside Lenora. It got brighter and brighter, until Lenora had to close her eyes. When she opened them, she saw that a huge tree stood above him, and that Bartelby’s body was gone. The tree laughed, and said, “Thank you, Lenora. You have brought me to my place into the Spiral. I am Bartelby, the Grandfather tree.

And this is how Bartelby came to be.

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