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Times of Old (poem) by Emma Nightstalker

In the times of old
When the spiral was new
When the oceans first rose
And the wind first blew.

Then lived the dragons from earth's core
The tritons of the sea
The giants high up in the clouds
They then lived peacefully.

In the times of old it went all wrong
No one knows quite why
The sea blamed the earth, the earth blamed sea
And the sea and earth blamed sky.

The tritons claimed t'was not their fault
They just wanted peace
They got involved reluctantly
To stop the other's schemes.

The giants said they were content
To rule up in the sky
But they too came to join the fight
Ice magic their ally.

The dragons only were involved
To make calm once again
But they needed to protect themselves
And their earthly reign.

In time the war was finished
Each went back to his home
The full story can now be found
In each school's battered tome.


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