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Lightning Strikes, Thunder Booms by Sestiva

“What’s this?” Malistaire Drake spoke softly

“We found her, Master, when she went through the Mooshu world gate; it malfunctioned and she landed at the entrance to the Lair.”

“Oh very good Ivan Soulslinger, very good.” Malistair said silkily. He leaned closer, until he was face to face with the captive. The girl, tied up by magical vines and her mouth covered with a cloth, let out a muffled scream.

“No need to be scared my dear. You won’t die yet, for I’ll have my uses of you.”

The girl’s bright green eyes widened and she tried to say something, but it came out incomprehensible.

“Ivan, let the girl speak.”

Ivan pulled off the cloth, and the girl gasped for breath.

“Now, what were you going to say?” Malistaire asked the girl.

“What do you want with me?” She said, her eyes blazing furiously.

“Oh for many reasons. I can train you – yes – train you to be a warrior, a killing machine, and together, we will take over the Spiral.”

“Well, too bad, because I really don’t feel like helping you, Malistaire.” She replied scathingly.

“You don’t have a choice –“

“I don’t have a --!”

“Yes, you don’t have a choice. Do not interrupt me again. Now, tell me your name, child.”

“Why do you –?”

“Tell me your name!” Malistaire shouted.

The girl did not want to tell him her name. Names could be powerful, and shouldn’t be told to others you didn’t trust. But, a low, unfamiliar voice spoke in her mind, Tell me you name……tell me your name……

“It’s Sestiva.” She blurted out, and covered her mouth in shock. How did I do that? She thought, Why did I do that?

Malistaire’s lips curled, “Very good. What is your last name?”

“It’s just Sestiva.” She looked down and said quietly, “I don’t know who I descended from.”

Malistair stared at Sestiva for a moment, and turned away “Very well then. Ivan, show her to an empty room, and” – His eyes bore into Ivan’s – “Lock the door.”

“What – but, I – I can’t stay here! What are you going to do to me?” Sestiva cried out.

“You’ll see, you’ll see, dear Sestiva.” Malistaire smiled deviously, twirling his Death staff.

Sestiva was dragged away, her shouts of anger echoing around Malistaire’s Lair. She was pushed into a dark room, but the moment the door slammed shut, she gasped.

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