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A Threat in the Spiral (part 3) by Garrett

I looked at the book’s cover over and over again. It had been two days since the incident with Dalia Falmea.

Since then, I had finished Firecat Alley, and started on Colossus Boulevard. A few more days, and I’d be going to Krokotopia!

I was finally a level 13, and I had almost accomplished nothing, besides finishing Firecat Alley. The only good thing that happened, was that I got Boris Tallstaff to translate the text on the stone Fire card: Kiley Dragonsinger.

I’m sure it was a citizen, or maybe even a wizard, but I had no idea.

The Wizard Carnival was happening today, in Golem Court, and I REALLY wanted to go. The only problem was, you had to prove yourself to a powerful person, The Gobbler King.

He ran the food court, obviously, but he was also the chief administrator of the Carnival. How do you prove yourself? That’s what I wanted to know…

Juan and I began our voyage to Colossus Boulevard, and we ran into a couple of problems:

First, Juan wasn’t prepared to come here, so he was defeated easily. Second, The Gobblers ate half my spells I threw at them. Finally, I kept stepping on pudding, ice cream, and jellybeans…

"This is ridiculous," I complained wiping pudding off my shoe, "Now I have to fight Baron Greebly and Baron Rotunda!"

"Would you like some help with that?" A little voice said.

I peered around, looking for anything with a voice, but I didn’t find anything.

"Down here!" The voice wasn’t as cute this time…

I looked down at the small pet in front of me: A Pudding Snowman!

"Wow, your kind of, unique!" I giggled.

"Yep, and I can lead you to the two Barons!" It seemed very eager.

I decided I’d follow it, at least until I got another friend to battle The Gobblers with.

"So what is your name?" I finally asked the sliding Pudding Blob after a few minutes.

"King Pudding!" He happily jumped in mid-air.

I felt weird, following a Blob of Pudding, but what else was I supposed to do?

When we finally reached the Garrison, I ran inside, and I defeated Baron Greebly, and he wasn’t so tough.

Then we went to Rotunda’s lair, and I defeated him easily too! I was getting good at this magic stuff!

Finally, we had to battle Prince Gobblestone, the plump guard inside The Gobbler King’s Palace.

"King Pudding, he’s a little tougher than the Barons," I felt really weak, "Could you come with me?"

King Pudding’s expression went from happy, to dull, "I thought you were a strong wizard…"

I sighed, but without a second thought, I snatched the pet, and ran though the palace door…

Nobody was inside the palace, it was as quiet as Professor Drake’s classroom during class time.

"Where is Prince Gobblestone?" I mumbled.

King Pudding plopped onto the tile floor, and slithered for a few seconds. Then he got really scared, "Garrett, this place is a-" King Pudding suddenly disappeared into thin air…

"Hey, where’d you go? What is this place?" I desperately looked around.

After a few minutes, a small book appeared, along with a chest. Just like on Firecat Alley, I thought.

I ran to the book, and stuffed it into my backpack, then looked at the chest, "King Pudding, are you inside there?"

I closed my eyes, and opened the chest…

Random puffs of ice shot from the chest, and like before, Malistaire and a creature stood in front of me. The monster wasn’t a Minotaur this time, it looked like a really big Gobbler.

"Hello once again, young wizard," Malistaire said, "Are you ready to die?"

"You wish!" My wand glowed with pride.

"Hmm, we’ll see. Meet King Munchyfist, the BETTER Gobbler King!"

At this, the Gobbler burped, and smiled evilly.

As if on cue, Malistaire vanished, leaving me with the Colossal Gobbler.

"Okay, let’s rock!" I tried to cast a Fire Elf, but the enemy was fast for his size, and slapped me aside.

Then he picked me up, and squeezed me, hard. I couldn’t breathe, but I could luckily reach my wand. I used a Scarab to break free of the grasp, and I landed on the hard floor.

After recovering, I used another Scarab, and knocked the monster backward.

"Hahaha, little wizard is weak, you no get friend back," At first, I didn’t know what it meant, until I saw King Pudding in the Gobbler’s mouth.

"Spit him out!" I tried to cast another Fire Elf, but he knocked me into the wall, I was done for…

Suddenly, my backpack began to glow, and the stone Fire card flew into my hands. It started glowing rapidly, and it chanted, "Kiley, Kiley, Kiley."

A flash of red lights broke the silence, and a girl stood in front of me, a Pyromancer.

"Hey there, need some help?" she said.

King Munchyfist casted several Snow Serpents, but the girl dodged each of them with ease. Then, she casted a Sunbird, and destroyed the monster easily. Her Sunbird caught an item in the air, and gave it to the girl.

"I believe this belongs to you," The Pyromancer handed me a stone card, which was once again blank.

"Thanks, you must be-"

"Kiley Dragonsinger," She interrupted me.

Suddenly, my leg felt wet and sticky, "King Pudding!" I grabbed the blob, and the three of us returned to The Commons…

That night, Kiley, Juan, and I went to the Wizard Carnival. Kiley was allowed inside, as was Juan, and I was next in line.

The Gobbler King inspected me, "Hmm, puny wizard not tasty, no entry."

Just then, I thought fast, "Wait, meet King Pudding!" I pulled out the little snowman.

The Gobbler King licked the pet, "Hmm, yummy, you may go in, tasty wizard!"

I laughed, and went inside the Carnival. Kiley, Juan, and I rode all kinds of rides. We played a lot of games, and even won some little prizes for our dorms!

When Kiley and Juan were on a ride, my backpack flashed, and I opened it up. Inside, the stone card had text on it, and an Ice symbol.

"Lydia Greyrose!" I shouted, thinking about what happened to Dalia Falmea.

I ran to Ravenwood, and was shoved around the newly formed crowd. It happened to her to: She was shooting lightning bolts at students, and her clothes were yellow and purple. She didn’t seem nice at all.

"If it happened again, Halston Balestrom is next!" I looked at the stone Ice card.

Kiley was the Pyromancer, and I wondered who the Thamaturge would be… Only time would tell…

I looked through the pages of the books again, and realized that they each said the same thing on the covers: Strategy, Strength, and Wisdom…

Whatever it meant, It didn’t answer any of these questions, it only added more…

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