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The Third Girl by Autumn Dayheart

"Hey!"I said.
"Did you know there's going to be a band coming?"

"Oh give me that!"Shannon grabbed the newspaper out of my hand. "Oh.My.God!!!EEEEEEE!"She screamed.
"What?"I said.

"Johnny Skydream and The Iceburgs are coming!"Shannon's eyes glowed pink.
"Who's ""JOHNNY""? " I said Mockinly.
"The dreamiest guy in the world,and the singer in his band!"Shannon replied
"I can't believe you never heard of him!Just take one look at his photo and tell me he isn't so dreamy!"
"Ok,He's not THAT cute."I said.
"Autumn,wrong photo."Shannon said.
"This one."

"Still no,I saw a guy at life class and he was so cuter than him."
"WHAT?!"Autumn,are we even related anymore?!"Shannon's jaw dropped.
"Yea,I'm gonna write in my diary now."And I left.

Dear diary,
Everyday life class gets more weird.
Yesterday Xio (He's from another realm) spread this rumor that when Sylvia was alive,she made the students eat spider's eggs and defeat 20 ghosts before going on field trips or to your dorm!
Weird huh?Well today is got even crazier.

Some kid named Johnny Skydream and his band are coming,and I didn't know who he even was.
BUT Shannon managed to make me go crazy after I told her I never heard of Johnny before.
Then he isn't that cute,But Shannon and mabye a million other girls would freak out just because he smiled.

Well,My dragon is saying it's time for class,so I better go.
Bye! -8:16 A.M.
Autumn Dayheart.

I had about 44 minutes,So I went to the secret alley,and put on my uniform.
And at the corner of my eye,A girl in full black appeared out of the golem tower.
There is something about her that I can't quite put my finger on............
Oh well.Bam!

I think I ran into her.
"Sorry!"I said

"It's alright,you like the secret alley too?"The girl said.
"Yea,I hang out with my sister there."I replied.
"Sweet,You wanna walk to school with me?"The girl asked.

"By the way,I'm Taylor,Taylor Hexgem."Taylor said.
That name was so familliar,but I can't remember why.
Ah well,Atleast I have one friend besides my Sister.

In the days that followed,Me and Taylor became fast friends.
She even though that Johnny Skydream wasn't that cute either!
And we both tie at games at the fairegrounds all the time!

Yet I had to go,so I teleported to my dorm saying goodbye.
I had a secret library of books in my room,and looked for the book of memories.
"Here we are!"
Lo and behold,The pages turned and turned,then stopped.
Page 1127.
This was the day before my parents died.

"Jim,Should we tell the kids they have a third sister?"Said mom.
"Do you mean Taylor Hexgem?"Dad said.

Taylor is my sister!

I couldn't sleep all night,even the Midnight fairy couldn't put me to sleep.
The fact that a necromancer friend could be my sister!
(Though Shannon acts like a necro aswell)*Shudders*

Should I tell Taylor?
Or will I be trapped in a creepy night forever?
I'll tell Taylor.
Then I fell asleep.

In the morning it was like any other day,talking about Xio's rumors,and about Johnny Skydream.
Then it changed.
"Um,Shan?"I said.
"Yea?"She said.
"Well....Taylor is our sister but I haven't told her yet because of the book of memories *deep breath*
What do I do?"

A moment of silence,and a big stare followed.

"WHAT!?"Shannon said.
"I already have enough trouble from you!Now another one!"
"Please think of something!I can't think of anything."I said.

"Alright,first,tell Taylor your her sister,CALMLY,but bring the book with you."
"Ok sis,bye!"And I run of to the alley.
Changing,I head to Moolinda,and after that,I'm going to find Taylor.
Oh boy,what a day.

Soon after I found Taylor about to fight a kid for his lunch money.
"Hold it right there Taylor!"I said.
"Told you she'd come"Taylor said to the boy while sticking her tongue out.
"Leave the kid alone,I have to talk to you."I grabbed Taylor's hand.

"WHAT?!I was just about to score big bucks from that kid!"
And I knew she wanted to punch me.
Grabbing the GIANT book of memories,I suddenly flipped to a page,and my wand shot at the picture frame,showing a memory.

"Mom?Dad?"Taylor shrieked.
"Me and Shan are your sisters."I looked up at her.
Taylor's head turned pink instantly.

Then the pages turned suddenly to page 920739541.
There were two gems,one green,and one orange.
Then the book called out to us.

"The Green Gem is Peace and wise,Shannon's gem."The book said.

"The Orange Gem is Imaginary,belief.Autumn's gem."

Then a black crystal faded into a hole in the book next to the others.
"The Black Gem is Strength,Listening.Taylor's gem."

Our eyes grew wide as if something was to happen,it did.
The book suddenly rose into the sky,the crystals glowed.
and a flash of light blinded us for a few seconds.Then we were in the Dragonspire.
Shannon was there too.

"What the heck?!This is not the dorm tower!"Shannon dropped her morning cereal.

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