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Tales of the Wizarding World (part 1) by Rogan WillowBlood

From the snowy peaks of Grizzleheim, to the developed city of Marleybone, and all the way to the lush gardens of Moo Shu, the wizards dwelled. They inhabited all six of the diverse realms and they all respected their leader, Merle Ambrose. Up until now, there had been no disturbance in all of the Wizarding World, but times have changed. A hundred years have past since the Ragnoroc warriors where defeated, and a thousand years had past since Malstaire, and order had been restored, but a young Fire wizard, by the name of Sebastian Darkflame, has left Wizard City with a strong hatred of Merle. He has terrorized Krokotopia over the past four years, enslaving the natives and herding the resisting wizards into concentration camps. His minions, also known as Gemni, have swarmed into the Temple of the Sun, ravenged the Temple of Ice, and burned down the Temple of Storm. Sebastian had destroyed Wizard City, killed Merle Ambrose, and banned Wizarding from the known Wizarding World. And now, something had to be down, no one knew what, but something had to change...

The summer month of the Gathering always made Adrian Mistyhorn smile. His pet Bloodhound, Capricorn, rolled around in the mud, happy as ever. Even if his mother was taken away from him, his father was murdered by a Gemni, and his sister was brainwashed into Sebastian’s Princess, he still couldn't help smiling. With all he new happenings like the Harvest Festival and the Night of Alignment, people couldn't help briefly forgetting their troubles, even if they where big.

The bell to symbolize the afternoon security check rang; the Gemni Security Squad would be at his house soon. Adrian grabbed Capricorn and headed back to his small rundown shack he liked to call a home. He walked down the Eastern Road feeling lucky he hadn't been put into a concentration camp…. yet. If he had, there would be a lot more serious things to worry about than security checks. As he past Nikko Salamandertongue's House he saw the grotesque Gemni shoving a grim looking Nikko out of his home. He was being arrested. These days, you can get arrested for anything. Ramona Newtfinger was taken away because they found a suspicious looking spatula in her kitchen.

After the slightly depressing walk back home, he saw that one of the security squads was at his house, waiting for him. One of the Gemni's stepped forward and stated the security law that had to be declared every security check.

"This is Security Squad Number 4423-37. We have the right to search your house for any suspicious or harmful objects or papers referring to the wizardry or Sebastian, the Insipient Ruler of the Wizarding World."

Adrian knew nothing could be done of the Squad so he unlocked his door and calmly showed them inside. Adrian knew that the more you resisted the Squads the more likely it was of them to "find" something. So he showed them all the crevices of the house and everything was fine until they got to the kitchen.

"What is this?" one of the Gemni's asked rudely.

"It's a stick I found!" Adrian replied as calmly as possible, but he knew that they had found the wand that he had accidently left out that morning. "I found it yesterday near the Oasis." When saying that, Adrian knew he had made two big mistakes. The first being, the Oasis was off limits. He should be arrested for saying just that. Secondly, when he said it, he grabbed the wand. The thing about wands is that when a Wizard touches one, it activates. So when Adrian grabbed the wand, sparks flew across the room. Straight into one of the Gemni's face.

The Gemni's brown eyes rolled to the back of its head and he fell to the ground unconscious. The other three stood still for a moment, but then realized had had happened.

"You are under arrest" the squad leader shouted as he pulled out his Anti-Wizard Stun Baton. Adrian responded quickly with one of the only two spells he knew.

"Andrius Belicarus!" he yelled instinctively. A ray of sparks hit the leader square in the face. He slammed to the floor and the Stun Baton rolled over to Adrian who grabbed it and chucked it at another Gemni. As the Baton made contact with the Gemni's chest, electricity flowed through its body and completely vaporized the creature. The third Gemni didn't know what to do so he ran. Out of the house and down the street yelling "Fugitive! Fugitive!"

Instantly, five more squads rushed out of different houses along the road. Adrian could see the run away Gemni pointing out his house. Twenty Gemni's all charged for his house, and that's when it happened. A lone arrow struck one of the Gemni's in the back of the head, sparks dashed along his armor until he was vaporized. Then a group of about ten Fugitive Warriors jumped out behind one of the sandy dunes. Three of the carried electric spears and the others had bows and arrows. They ran into the cluster of Gemni and the fight broke out. Gemni were vaporized and wizards were injured, but in the end, all twenty of the Gemni were gone, but four of the wizards were still standing, one was dead, and the others were rolling on the ground in pain.

One of the uninjured wizards, a girl, was helping a few of the injured warriors on the ground. Her brown hair covered a grim face. Adrian jogged over and waited for a few seconds as she bandaged one of the warrior’s arms. The girl glared at him and started to walk away.

“Hey!” Adrian yelled after her. The girl turned back and scowled. “Uhh thanks for um saving me… I guess.”

“I don’t know who you think you are, but for some reason Kyran thinks you’re important, but to me you’re dirt. One of my men died because we had to come rescue you. I mean, what’s so special about you?” the girl raged.

“I’m…. I’m a wizard.”

Adrian knew that would do it, ever since Wizarding was banned from the known world, the Wizards had been hunted down one by one. The world was becoming dependent on Sebastian and his technology. Sebastian had been sure that he hadn’t tracked down all of the Wizards from the Merle’s School, but just in case he was sending out the security checks. Everyone knew that was the real reason fro him do send out about a thousand Gemni a day.

The girl examined him for a second. “All right, prove it!” she laughed.

“Andrius Belicarus!” Adrian chanted, as he whipped out his oak wand. Sparks flew as a ray shot from the wand and hit a rock which sizzled, but didn’t do anything big like blow. The girl smirked.

“Unimpressive, but at least I know I can trust you. I’m Sarah Frostcatcher, leader of Rebel Base Alpha. I’m in charge of taking back this section of Krokotopia.” The girl smiled. “It looks like you have no where to turn, the Gemni are after you. Soon, even Sabastian will know about you…… I suggest you follow me.

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