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The Tale of Trevor IceCrafter by Trevor IceCrafter

"Who will save wizard city?" asked Merle Ambrose to his talking pet owl, Gamma. "It is your choice master" said Gamma. There was a bright flash. Gamma and Mr. Ambrose observed the crystall ball. A young wizard was inside. "This may be the one!" shouted the Headmaster.

A few days later, Trevor IceCrafter (the young wizard in the crystal ball) was summoned. He had to face a horrible person. Malistaire, the greatest threat of all. He had two hechman that were two orange dragons.

Three days later, Trevor had gotten into Colossus Boulevard. He had to face Prince Gobbleton, just to speak to the ruler of Colossus.. At first we were going to send them away, but they were'nt trying to hurt us we figured.

After two weeks, Trevor defeated the fearedKing and Queen of Krokotopia. Krokohotep, and Krokopatra.

After their defeat, Trevor got into a world full of dogs. Marleybone. There were many places to go here. The Ironworks, Hyde Park, Chelsea Court, and one other place.

After beating Marleybone, Trevor got into a realm named "MooShu" There were oni's and lots of shops. This was a glorious realm for it had many waterfalls and nice bamboo trees.

Finally, the time had come. Trevor had to defeat Malistaire, who i mentioned earlier. He was Rank 10, and had 10,000 health. He was a death creature. His wife, Sylvia Drake (PAST LIFE PROFESSOR) ,and his brother Cyrus Drake (PRESENT MYTH PROFESSOR) Tried to stop him. But he caused them to vanish. His goal was to summon a Dragon Titan, but was defeated.

I told Merle Ambrose about all of my quests and he was glad Malistaire was gone. Merle Ambrose was also happy. Trevor IceCrafter became "Savior of the Spiral

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