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The Strangest Thing by Fallon Shadowrider

Monday morning, ugh the day of exams. As you can imagine no one was trilled. Needless to say no one was even ready. We had all stayed up partying with our friends. I, Fallon Shadowrider, was one of the few that threw one of these said parties. It was great. All my friends were there and their friends as well. My closest friends, Josh and Blaze, were always beside me making me laugh and making sure I had a good time. But anyway, enough about the parties. I want to show you the strangest morning of wizard history.

I rose out of bed hoping exams would be canceled, well I got my wish but not the way I wanted. It started like any other morning, I got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and left with Josh. We stopped by Blazes place to get him but he had already left. We proceeded on to school. When we got there everyone was gathered in front of the headmasters house looking worried.

“I wonder what’s going on.” I looked at Josh hoping he would know.

“No idea,Fallon. But I hope it isn’t serious.” He was looking around trying to decipher what was going on. He looked as hopelessly lost as always. Finally the headmaster came out, looking troubled.

“Students, all exams and classes have been cancelled as of today. Something is happening in Wizard City and we need our best wizards out there. So until further notice you will all stay in my office until it is safe. I have cast a spell to make it large enough for you all.” He sighed deeply, he looked very tired.

“Headmaster? Is there anything we can do?” I wanted to help but doubted I could. He only shook his head and smiled.

“Always ready to face danger young,Fallon. Just like your mother.”

I smiled. He was the only one that knew my mother. They were close friends before she died when I was born.

“You may all stay outside till nightfall then you must come in immediately “

Josh and I went to sit under the big tree and wait for Blaze to find us.

“Hey guys!” It was Blaze. One of the first friends I had made and one of the coolest wizards I know other than me and Josh.

“Hey,Blaze.” I smiled as he sat down.

“We should find out what’s going on.” Blaze always likes to snoop into something that he shouldn’t. But he was right; I wanted to know what was going on as well and he and Josh both knew it. So we set out after packing food and other supplies. We first headed for Nightside so I could get more death spells. The teacher said he would keep quiet about us leaving and we thanked him. We hurried out of Wizard City not knowing what to find. What we did find was shocking. The spiral was being destroyed! And by none other than Malistair. He turned as he heard our foot steps. We froze ready for the battle that waited.

He sneered, “ Foolish young wizards. You shouldn’t interfere. This is no concern of yours.”

We laughed. “ No concern of ours? We live here! We shall end your reign of evil over this world.” The battle arena appeared as he stepped up. We battled hard. But he was no match for the three of us. We beat him with only slight damage to ourselves. We headed back to what we knew would be either a celebration or punishment.

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