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The Story Of Valdus Rosethorne by Jasmine Spiritcaster

Valdus was a lively one, always running around doing things his way, breaking rules and getting punished for it.

He was called a flunky because he was no good in magic, well Life magic that is, he mother and father both studied Life magic, and wanted their son to be the greatest yet from the Rosethorne family, but sadly, it was not to be. Valdus had no talent for the work of a Life wizard, and found it very hard to even like the teacher in which he studied under.

Until one day he happened to pass by the Death School where Professor Malistair was doing a regular class, oddly enough, Valdus felt the urge to try the spells, the lure of the words filled his ears, like a sweet song lulling him to sleep.

The Professor saw him there, eyes closed listening to every word that crossed the lips of the students standing before him, it was almost as if, the boy was reading them movements from within his mind, Malistair felt the surge of power from within the boy, the amazing strenght coming from within him trying to break free and let itself loose!

But then, his wife the Life professor called the boys name and the feeling disappeared almost a quickley as it came, that's when he heard the boys name for the first time, Valdus, Valdus Rosethorne.

Malistair looked at the child one last time and saw the despair in his eyes. That boy was not ment for Life magic, Malistair thought to himself, He was born for Death magic!

Valdus walked away from the place that made him happy, away from the sweet sounds of the Death School magic, and all of the mystery that surounded it, the ghost of a smile swept across his face as he let the words play over and over again in his head, he's have to give a try some day, Death magis that is.

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