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The SteelWielder Twins at SkyBlade Academy by Justin and Seth SteelWielder

Justin and Seth SteelWielder are orphans who seem to be a lot different than any other typical kid. The strangest things happen to them. For instance, there was a time when the mummy at the museum came to life because they had wished for it. Or the time when the kid making fun of them went lost because they did not like him. To start off, have you ever heard of SpiritBlade Academy? …. No? Well, then maybe we should start from the beginning.

One night, Justin and Seth were standing outside of the orphanage a night before their birthday. It was very late at night, and the owners would kill them if they caught them awake this late.

“I have never been awake so late at night before.” said Justin.

“Its, weird” Seth continued “We have been living here for practically our entire lives, and I still have never felt like I was at home.”

“And to top it all off, for the past two days I have been hearing strange noises.” said Justin, the younger twin. Then Seth added

“I know I have been hearing them too. Oh listen, there they again!” Justin and Seth could hear the voice again. It sounded like an old man was speaking. He was saying something like “They might be the ones!” and another voice was saying “Really!? Who?” However, the second voice sounded as though he were an owl, by the way he said who. After the voices were gone, the boys decided to go back to bed.

The next day, the strangest thing yet happened. They were at school and they were in Homeroom. The announcements came on telling that all students attending the dance must submit all their allergies to food to the Nurse after the announcements. Seth and Justin weren’t sure if they were going to go. Most of the dances they went to were good, but they didn’t feel like going to this one. So when the bell rang, the students poured out of their classrooms. The twins were about to leave homeroom, when all of a sudden, The earth was no longer still. The entire school was shaking. The twins felt as if a giant picked up the school and began to shake it like it was toy they would play with when they were a baby. But it wasn’t that.

Justin and Seth knelt to the ground, wind blowing their hair. Now it felt as though they were falling from the sky. Then, there was a bright flash, and everything went still. Justin and Seth felt that their hearts had skipped a beat. When they looked up, they saw an owl before them. It was standing on a branch which was coming from a tree that seemed to have grown in the middle of the classroom. The owl flew down in front of them.

“Hello! My name is Gamma the Owl! You two must come with me!”

Justin and Seth recognized the voice. They had remembered that was the same voice that said “Really!? Who?” So it was an owl that was talking.

“I am Headmaster Ambrose’s pet. Are you two who they call, Justin and Seth SteelWielder?” said the owl.

“Well, yes, but I don’t understand. None of this is possible. There is a tree growing in the middle of the room, you’re a talking owl, and you only got here when a bright flash filled the air.” continued Seth.

“Well, soon you will both understand fairly easy. But, for now, you two need to trust me. Please come with me.” said the owl once more.

Justin and Seth both agreed that this must be a dream. And they were reinforced by that idea by them both having the same dream, because they were twins, meaning they could be having “Ayant le meme reve” Which is when two people have the same dream. It is a common thing with twins. Since they agreed this was a dream, they promised the owl they would go with him, or her, whatever he/she was. The owl said a chant that seemed to not make any words, but it sounded as if it were a spell from Harry Potter or Halloween town. It went something like “Treza Mario!” All of a sudden, their world began to spin. It began spinning so fast, that they could just see a blur. There was a bright flash. The spinning stopped, and they were someplace else, but Justin and Seth felt sick to their stomach because of their dizziness. There was an old man, and once he began speaking, the twins memorized his voice too. It was the old man’s voice. That day, he had told us we were wizards. Yep, this was either a dream, or this man was insane.

“Are you two the sons of Angela and David SteelWielder?” the man asked.

“We are not sure who our parents are. We lived in an orphanage on earth. I didn’t even believe we had parents.” said Justin.

“Oh, well, Let me take you to them, they must be your parents, because about ten years ago, their children accidentally teleported away from here, how old are you two?” wondered the man.

“12” said the twins simultaneously. Then, the man said a spell and all of a sudden, their background warped itself into nothing and they were in small mansion. A girl who appeared to be the age of either eight or nine ran down the stairs and said

“Why hello Headmaster Ambrose, what brings you here, and who are these twin boys?” said the girl

“Sorry to barge in like this unexpectedly, but I need to see your parents immediately.” said the headmaster

“Okay, Mother, Headmaster Ambrose wants to see you!” shouted the little girl. Then, another bright flash occurred, and there was a 40 year old woman standing there.

“Justin, Seth, is that you!?” asked the mother

“Yes, it’s us!” the woman ran up to the kids and hugged them. She told them the whole story about what happened and that their magic was haywire so they teleported out of the spiral. Justin and Seth had a lot of catching up to do with the family. Especially with their two new little sisters, Sierra and Jessica SteelWielder.

That night, the mother had zapped up bedrooms for Justin and Seth so they could live in Wizard City once more.

“Angela, if me and Justin really are wizards, and this isn’t a dream, where are we going to learn?”

“SpiritBlade Academy, of course! That’s where I learned, your dad learned, and your sisters learn there too!” said the mother “And stop calling me Angela, I am your mother.”

Justin and Seth decided that if this was a dream, it was the best one they ever had. The twins woke up the next morning to find themselves still in ‘Wizard City.’ They talked and decided this must not be a dream, because it seemed so real, and no dream would ever last this long. The twins had breakfast, but all of it they were afraid to taste because it wasn’t the same food that there was on Earth.

“So, when exactly do we join SpiritBlade Academy?” wondered Justin.

“Well, you came to Wizard City just in time, because they are having the orientation tonight. So don’t worry, we will take you there and tell you where you need to go.” said the mother.

“Well Ange-I mean Mom, what do we do at the orientation? asked Seth

“Well, you receive the house you go to. For example, there are five different houses, and they each go to different teams. They will tell you more about it at the orientation, but I can only say some.” said the mother

“Well then tell us.” said the twins.

“Well, 100 years ago, Five friends were the founders of SpiritBlade Academy, and they each got their own section of school. The founders named their parts of the school by their last name, so the founders were Rachel Raventalon, Olivia OwlStone, Galen GriffinRider, Heather HawkBlood, and David DragonCrafter. So, at the orientation, they do a ritual, and it looks inside into your traits and abilities, and whichever traits matches a certain school the most, that’s the one you get.” implied the mother.

“Oh I get it, so we receive the section of school we go to?”

“Exactly” said the youngest sister. Justin and Seth couldn’t help but smile.

“And don’t worry, considering you haven’t don’t our kind of magic your entire life, you’ll just be started at a certain level.” Added the second oldest sister.

“Well, there will be people the same age as us in our group right.”

“Yes, because the age of 12 is when they admit kids to the school.” said the mother

“I thought you said the girls were taught at a magic school too?” said Seth. He wondered.

“They do, but they aren’t going to SpiritBlade Academy, right now, they are attending IceCrafter Elementary, where they teach you the simple stuff like turning a bunny rabbit into a brick.” added the mother

“But me and Seth don’t even know how to do that yet!” said Justin frightened.

“Don’t worry, while you guys were sleeping I downloaded all the magical information a boy of your age should know. For example, say 1, 2, 3, Vesculine, and watch how that candle will immediately vanish.” said the mother. Seth stood up. They had both received wands as gift from Headmaster Ambrose, they were called Dragonscale Flamewind Wands. Seth tapped the candle three times while simultaneously saying the words his mother gave him, and the candle vanished. The twins were amazed at what they could do all these years but didn’t know how to. This was one of the greatest two days of their lives.

That night, the twins had a lot to be done. Their mother took them to the academy, where they would finally learn magic for the first time. The orientation began at 7:30pm and they needed to be there by at least 7:00, so at 7:58 the mother casted a spell which magically made the group appear at the academy. At the orientation, the Headmaster of the school, Headmaster Ambrose, made a long announcement which lasted about five minutes. The Headmaster called up students in order from A to Z to find out what school they belonged to. About forty students were called when it was time to find out what school Jessica, their sister, belonged to. They gazed into the Crystal Ball and discovered she was an OwlStone. Then they called up Justin, he was a DragonCrafter, and so was Seth. Then, they called up Sierra, and she turned out to be in OwlStone along with her sister. After you found out what school you belonged to, you would have to go sit at any table marked with your school name on it. They didn’t know hhow many new doors this would open for them, but they didn’t think it would lead to anywhere bad...which was until the next day. Justin and Seth were in Black Magic Resistance class when the teacher was telling them that Malistaire was back. According to what she had heard. Malistaire went to the Wizard City graveyard looking for his wife’s dead body. He found it, and headed to Krokotopia to steal the Krokonomicon. Then, the speaker came on

“Justin and Seth SteelWielder, come to the main office please.” Then, everyone said “Ooooh!” because they thought we were in trouble. Justin and Seth got to the office where Headmaster Ambrose had them do a DNA Test. After it was finished, he looked at the results and said

“Justin and Seth, you two are the Descendants of the Five Founders of the school.” Justin and Seth had no clue what he was talking about. This meant that the twins were related to the creators of SpiritBlade Academy.

“This means it is your destiny to destroy whatever Malistaire is plotting.” Justin and Seth went home that day, and were still puzzled. Justin and Seth had a big journey ahead of them.

The twins went back to their home, where they told their mother, their father, who had returned from his trip to Marleybone, and their two sisters about what future is ahead of them.

The next day the twins had been summoned to Headmaster Ambrose’s office where they would begin their quest. The headmaster had each given them magical items to help them along with their journey. The Headmaster told them that they would have to go to schools in the different worlds they would be traveling to. Seth got all of the mental kind of magical items, while Justin got all of the physical magical items. Seth was given a portal key, with the ability to open portals anywhere. He was also given a special hourglass that could manipulate time. Justin received a necklace that gave him the ability to shapeshift into anything for one hour. He was also given a transporter stone, which had the ability to transport the wielder of the stone to teleport anywhere they want.

"I have a question, where are we going to go while on our quests?" wondered Seth.

"I am one step ahead of you. I have set up different teleporting plagues in the spiral, when you find one, and feel you need to take a break, you can use it, and you will be teleported to your home.

After the ending conversation, the adventure began..

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