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The Spy and the Traitor by Shadowwraith

Wizards.....how many are there in the spiral? Who knows? They come from many places far and wide. But some are evil, some are nice, but all are wizards.

My name is Ethan ShadowWraith,

I am a Storm Grandmaster,

I never knew my parents a lot of my family members say they are dead, the rest say they are living somewhere else, there will be many adventures ahead but lets start at the beginning: Wizard City.

It began in The Commons where two kids started.....

I was walking down the road from the fairegrounds and noticed this fight. I walked over to see what was happening.

"What are you talking about!" One kid exclaimed,

"I am talking about Malistaire!" The other one shouted,

"He is not evil I should know because he is a close friend"

"Well maybe because you are death!"

"At least I don't go all fancy about life!"

The two kids were starting a commotion and almost everyone was watching.


"Yea, right! Last time I checked he sent the death school to a protected area!" The first kid whined

"OH SURE, the nightside is a protected area!"

"You wanna go?"


But before one of them punched first, a girl stepped in between them.

"Jack Goldenspear you know that Malistaire has done good and bad why would you fight about it!" The girl said

"Yea your right." The first kid said

"And Alexander you know that Jack is your friend why do you want to fight with him?"

"You do have a point." The second one said

"So both of you go back to your dorms before The Headmaster gets a hold of you!" The girl said

"Yes Melissa Lotusflower" Jack and Alexander said in unison.

Melissa nodded and walked past me, and all of a sudden a flash of memories of a mysterious person went in my mind!

I was blinking like crazy until Melissa asked "Are you ok?"

"Yea" I lied "Just have a head ache"

"You must be tired! Let me take you to my dorm room."

Just before I could respond there was a loud screech coming from the Headmasters House and a large crash!

There was a loud voice coming from the house it said "THE THREE STREETS MUST LOSE POWER AND THE WHOLE CITY WILL!

Melissa ignored it and insisted that I should come to her dorm.

When we got to her dorm I laid down on her bed and she gave me some water.

I looked around the dorm, it was a beautiful dorm room with lavender wall paper and hard woor floor with trophies and pictures all on shelves.

There were cabinets and wardrobes filled with clothes and a design of dragons on them.

She said "I am sorry for what happened in the Commons, those two are my friends but they fight a lot for some reason. I think its about which is better life or death"

I didnt answer I just laid down and thought of what parents she had.

Melissa said "I have no idea why they fight so much."

I said "You know how life and death is, they are enemies."

Melissa ignored it and told me "You should get some rest, by the way my name is Melissa Lotusflower" She said

I asked "Where are you going?"

Melissa froze and said "Um......just going to meet someone."

I nodded but then noticed something in her drawer, I saw a long staff with a dragon standing on a ruby shaped as a sphere.

"What is that?" I asked

She turned around and immediately shut it close.

"Its nothing, now get some sleep."

I didn't feel like sleeping but I went to sleep in five minutes.

I was in a chilly room with huge pictures of what looked like an ice giant.

There were three enormous doors when you come out of another large door.

There were also two doors to the side of the bridge leading to the three doors.

One of the doors opened which was in the middle and a voice that sent a chill up my spine, said "Come here Wizard, your parents are gone and you are left! Mwhahahaha, you can never defeat me! I will destroy THE SPIRAL AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS!"

Then two large hands grabbed and dragged me into the shadows while saying "My brothers we will destroy him! Wake up!"

I awoke with a start.

The door was open and still no sign of Melissa.

I got up and walked outside.

All of a sudden Gamma yelling with so much force on the speakers.

"All students report to..." There was a long pause then in a strange voice Gamma said "...Headmaster Ambrose's House for some special news teachers must come too!"

Headmaster Ambrose was in his blue silk robe with stars as usual and the teachers were standing next to him.

Everyone was gathered in The Headmaster's House and all of them couldn't stop talking.

The Headmaster's pet aka Gamma said "QUIET ALL OF YOU!"

"Thank you Gamma" Headmaster said, "Now, all of you know about Malistaire and his sinister plans."

Then everyone started talking about Malistaire,


No one said a word,

"Thanks Gamma again." Ambrose said "OK, the reason why I brought you here is because Malistaire has sent a spy who is disguised as a Wizard to know what we are doing and find out our plans."

Everyone gasped

Ambrose nodded in agreement "Malistaire is certainly one step ahead of us. Keep your eyes open for any suspicious things but in the meantime please return to your normal studies, we must remain calm. If you wanna know more about Malistaire please check with Harold Argleston in the library for a book about him. DISMISSED!"

Everyone sighed with relief and went back outside to do there regular stuff.

I went near the lake in the commons and I decided to do a magical text chat to one of my closest and loyal friends: Olivia Lifewalker.

I said "Hi whats up Olivia!"

"Hey Ethan, I am doing fine, I am in a war with Samourai against the Ninja pigs and Katsumori."

"Ok, listen there is some stuff I need to tell you."

After I told her about what Ambrose said and I decided not to talk about Melissa, Olivia said "Hmm that is strange maybe you should check out the library for any clues about Malistaire."

"That is not a bad idea I'll go check it out later."

"Listen Ethan I gotta go, there is some strange things going on about a death girl destroying Mooshu her name is: Deathissa. Malistaire is here too without a weapon which is odd. The Samourai and I are going to search for her and Malistaire. Later"

And the connection broke.

I sat down and looked into the water,

it just doesnt add up,

Deathissa I wonder who that is,

a traitor who is disguised as a wizard trying to find out our plans,

a strange staff in Melissa's room.

In the corner of my eye Headmaster Ambrose was talking with Cyrus Drake about something,

I could only make out some words: Brother, ...sa, Sylvia, Weird Staff.

Cyrus just teleported away right when I walked up to Ambrose.

Ambrose said "Well hello Ethan, what do you need?"

I said "Hi Ambrose, can I ask you something?"

"Sure go on ahead"

"There is something strange about Gamma, he never acts so loud before he is always quiet, do you know why he is so loud?"

"Not really, though I have seen strange signs on his back, I have pictures of them."

"May I see?"

Ambrose hands Ethan the Pictures.

The pictures were dark and mysterious you could barely see it. Though one picture stood clearly, it was a picture of Gamma sleeping and a sign on his back was glowing it looked like large wings of some flying creature and sixtenn words that could not be barely be read and was missing letters: I-f te tree damonds ae lst b-y a spcial stff thn tere wl b-e n-o pwer balanc wl b-e ot o-f cntrl.

"When were these pictures taken?" I said without looking up,

"They were taken Yesterday." Ambrose Responded

Just then I remeberd Yesterday the loud voice it was similar to Gamma.

I asked "Yesterday I heard a loud voice about 'The Three Streets losing power'. Do you remember who said that?"

"Ah yes, Gamma did he was in sort of a weird mood. His eyes were blue and the signs on his back were stronger then ever. He spoke those words and then returned to normal."

My eyes grew bigger "Gamma said it?!"

"Yes indeed he has, but he said something quietly after he said something about 'The Elemental Ancestors hold the the three diamonds'. It seems to me that the three diamons are no doubt Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire."

"Which means that The three diamonds are from Storm, Fire, and Ice." I said with enthusiasm

"And that means...." Headmaster began

"The three streets are triton avenue which is storm firecat alley which is fire and elik's edge which is ice!

Which also means there are three diamonds in each one!" I finished

Yet there was still more here in this mystery to be unfolded and one place has all the info.

I told Ambrose thanks and I went on over to the library.

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