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A Big Surprise & a Shocking Secret by Destiny SpiritDust

since i could remember, i had always been told to be as normal as possible, that i was human and nothing more. the suprise came to shock me when i got a misterious letter, from an unknown name.. as i opened it, a weird sensation came over me, like as if something was pushing me backward. i pulled out the letter, and looked at it in confusion because nothing was written. thinking that this was a joke from someone, i went outside to meet up with my friends on the snowy afternoon. forgetting the letter in my hands, Rachel asked what it was.

"some blank paper somebody sent me." i said ready to throw the item on the groung, when she snatched it from my hands..

"it doesn't look so blank to me." she retorted, so i snatched it back and looked it up and down. as she had corrected, there was words, and nothing less. i must've daydreamed, because the next thing i could remember was rachel snapping her fingers infront of my face.

"i..i could've sworn it was blank." i said, and that was all that came to my mind.

"aren't you gonna read it." i nodded and looked at the flowing handwriting.

dear Deastiny,
i know this might be hard for you to come to terms with, but you aren't normal. your not a human and you are adopted. i know i should've told you along time ago, but i just couldn't stand to have you live your life in the shadows, trying to hide what your are. your aunt will be picking you up in a few days. i wrote this letter to warn you that we might never meet, for i have a troublesome job that puts me at risk everyday. i truely love you, and i hope that you don't condem me for this. love your mother, Pheonix Spiritdust.

i didn't think anything of it, just a little joke from my brother, who was always getting on my nerves. i stopped and thought for a second, but was brought back to reality by Brandy pulling at my sleeve.

"lets go, we're going to be late." she urged.

"you guys go ahead, i think i am going to stay home." i said, and reluctantly they shrugged at eachother and went on without me, leaving me to ponder at the letter. as i sat on the couch, and reread the whole thing several times, i heard my mom opening the garage. i set the letter down, and sat back, waiting for her to come in. as she walked in, she could see the look of curiousity, and anger in my face.

"hon, what is it." she asked concerned.

"why didn't you tell me i was adopted." i said, trying to trick her into spilling it.

she chuckled nerviously, and looked at me hard, studing if it was a joke. "what are you talking about?" she asked like it was the first thing that popped up. "your not adopted." she said in a stronger voice that was more convincing.

i stood and grabbed the paper off of the table. "this letter says otherwise. it also says that aunt is coming to pick me up in a few days." i said handing her the letter, and after reading it, she bowed her head in defeat. "why lie to me all this time?" i asked.

"becuase the life they lived wasn't a fitful one.." she started, but i inturupted.

"why?" i asked in a stern tone.

"becuase, they aren't normal!" she screamed.

"well neither am i." i scowled and went to my room. i heard i sigh of frustration, and nothing more. i grabbed my suitcase and began packing, making sure i had everything i needed. weirdly enough, the doorbell rang right when i sat on my bed, satsfied that i was finished. knowing that nobody else was going to answer it, i rushed to the front door, and swung it open to see a lady wearing a white outfit. i stepped back and looked her up and down. her white hair seemed to get lost in the snow. her blue eyes popped againsts the fairest skin i've ever seen. she had a gentle prescence to her, and a soft personality.

"my dear, Destiny." she said lapsing her hands over mine. this made me unconfortable, so i stepped back, pulling back my hands, and gave her an expression of confusion.

"who are you?" i asked feeling like i knew her.

" my name is frost, and i am your aunt." she said, and i took a a second to process the sentence. i nodded and went back to grab my things, but they weren't there. "we are waisting time, come grab my hand and lets go." i was hesitant at it, but i eventually subcame to obedience.

in a instant we arrived at a beatifully decoraded castle. i looked in awe at everything, as there were things from every era, and everywhere aroung the world.i took it all in a gasped, "this is where you live." i said aloud without thinking.

"if not here, then where." she commented sarcastically. i gave her a glare, but she just laughed. then she walked me up to my room, and sat me down.

"okay, so plain and simple, your a wizard and you are to go to your new school tomorrow and study at the school of ice. you are thaumaturge, or wizard of the ice. i have gotten all your things for school from your headmaster, and i agreed to explain all of the rules to you, for he is a very busy man." she did, and it was long. i got my Novice cloak, spell book, novice ice deck and treasure cards. she explained how everything was utilized and practiced with me.i was to meet with the headmaster tomorrow morning. i quickly went to bed, excited about everything, and suprisingly i took everything in stride. it was hard to get to sleep, but finally i succeeded.

i was slow to get, partly cuase i was upset about the secrecy of all these years. we walked to the school and arrive shortly before sunrise.

"don't forget, i will be keeping a close eye on you." she started to walk away abut stopped and turned her head to me.. "oh, and destiny... stay out of trouble." she said then was gon in a flash of light, wind and snow. i stood in awe, until i heard footsteps behind me.

"now, you must be destiny." he said and i turned to meet and man being dragged by wrinkles, and a monicle in one eye. this man had grey hair and a stern expression that didn't match his personality. i chuckled a bit at him. he gave me a key and a map, then left before i could question him. i read the map and it said "to get home all you had to do was say home... to get to the commons say common ground." i laughed at how easy this was, and went through my book and started reading. i finally got to the part of teleporting, and gave it a try. sure enough, i teleported straight into a shopping center. i walked around to see what they had and saw a petshop. me, being the sucker i am for animals, rushed in only to be greated by a a cold wisp of air. i look in a glass cage to see a bright blue snake and read the label. ice serpant, how wonderful a creature. i also saw several different types of gragons, faries, sprites, and so much more. i wanted all so bad, but i wouldn't have the means to maintain it. i sighed and staired in wonder at a firecat.

"you know fire cats, great first pets, and wonderful companions." i male voice said from behind me. my head snaps around to see a boy in blue and white, with bark skin, and white hair as mine. i stood to meet his gaze.

"i wish i could." i started to say then he interupted.

"then why don't you." he insisted, and picked it up out of the cage. "it's not going to kill you to have one, just be careful when it gets older, they grow enormously."

i bought the cat and walked back to him. "thanks for convincing me to buy her." i said then put out my hand. "by the way, i'm Destiny Spiritdust." i said then he took my gesture.

"I'm Connor Frostsmith." he looked at me then did a double take. "you said Spiritdust, right?"

"yeah why?" i said.

"becuase, my Father works along side your mother." and that blew me away.
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