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The Tale of the Shadow Girl (part 2) by Olivia

We walked quietly down the street. I looked at Wolf and he had a serious expression on his face. “Are you sure this is the right way?” I asked him. “Yes.” He answered bluntly. I wondered why he was so rude right now. I shrugged the thought away and continued glancing around the empty street. We were headed towards my house, or so he told me. As I looked at the old and abandoned houses, I had confusion stirring about my head. This wasn’t the right way to my house, but he must have a reason to come this way. I thought carefully. After a very long walk, he suddenly stopped. “What?” I asked. “We’re here.” He answered softly. I looked to see an old, boarded up manor. Nothing seemed very special about it. “I don’t understand, this isn’t my house. My house is back over where we met yesterday.” I questioned. “Look around, you’ll remember…” He responded. I went inside the manor quietly and carefully glanced around. This looks oddly familiar. I thought to myself. “Wolf.” I called back.

“Where am I?” He came up next to me and softly said: “Your home.” I started to think back and I saw it all. I crawled onto the couch and sat waiting for my sister. I kept hearing yelling outside and looked in the direction of the door. I could see the shadow of my sister shouting and waving her arms about. I got up and darted toward the door as soon as I heard her cry. She cam in and picked me up. “I’m sorry Olivia. I’m so dreadfully sorry, but I promise, I’ll find you. I will.” She set me down and went out the door. I sat and waited for her. Soon a woman in a grey gown came in the house.

“You’re going to be okay little one. Poor child, you must be so confused.” She picked me up and took me outside and I looked back at the house. I didn’t understand, but I knew I wouldn’t be going home…. Reality came back to me as Wolf’s voice came into my hearing. “Huh? What did you say?” I yelled through the house. “I said: get over here so I can talk to you.” He growled. I was guessing he didn’t like having to repeat himself. I walked through the dusty house towards the couch he sat on. I sat down next to him and looked around and frowned. “I know who took Esmee. I also know why she did. I know everything about her little plan.” He explained. I stared at him for a long time trying to see through those strange eyes. “Why did that- thing take Esmee? Who is she? I want Esmee to be safe, she’s my best friend and almost like my small little family.” I whimpered. “The- thing as you put it, is a girl. She is a little older than you, she is a powerful wizard, and wants something back that she says the world took from her. And I also want something back from her.” Wolf softly replied. “What does she want? And what did she take from you” I asked calmly. A new voice came from within the house: “She wants you back, Olivia.” I jumped from the voice. It wasn’t like Wolf’s soft mysterious voice; it was more of an excited joyful voice. I turned to see a boy standing near the door. “Sorry to scare you. I came with Keira.” The boy said softly. He gestured towards the door and Keira walked in quietly. I stood up and smiled at her.

“Hullo Keira… Why are you here?” I muttered. She giggled slightly. “I heard about your friend Esmee.” She responded with a mean tone to her voice. She frowned at herself.

She then spoke in a more serious voice. “Eric and I want to help you find her. I know she means a lot to you, and I have always been a mean little sis to you, so I want to repay you for all those years.” She hesitated then. “Just tell me how I can help.” She answered quickly. “First: who’s Eric?” I questioned with a confusing tone. “I’m Eric! Your probably don’t remember me. We were friends when we were little kids. I know a lot about why Esmee was captured and who the shadow girl is” The boy said with a smile. He was about to say something else when Keira cut him off. “Oh shut up already! You talk even more than you did as a little child!” Keira hissed at Eric angrily. Wolf stood up and shook hands with Eric and nodded at Keira. We all sat down then in the dining room- or what was the dining room. Wolf was the first one to break the silence. “Olivia, the shadow girl as they call her, is your older sister Jaqueline. And she is an evil, powerful wizard. They say she can stop even the bravest people in their tracks and make them shudder with terror.” He said seriously. “She’s taking young wizards, and and, is taking their energy out of them! To power herself! She’s a crazy person!” Eric Yelped quickly. Keira glared at him and rolled her eyes. “ Eric is a little frightened. He was almost captured a few weeks back.” She said calmly. I nodded at Keira and smiled at Eric. He blushed with embarrassment and smiled in return.

“She took Esmee to drain her. I’ll help you get Esmee back and stop Jacqueline. But I want Amanda back first.” Wolf said. I saw for the first time, Wolf showed emotion. A small tear strolled down his face. I frowned and patted him on the back. “We’ll get Amanda and Esmee back. I’m sure of it. I hope.

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