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Secrets of Death by Destiny NightShade

Destiny NightShade was walking up and down the streets of wizard city. Just listening to the birds chirp, the wind blow through her hair. Destiny NightShade was a sorcerer, and a good one at that. She loved listening to the wind whistle throw the trees, and hearing the water splash around. Through the crowded streets, a little girl, her head hung long so you could not she her face. She was carrying a few books, as well. Both arms around them as if she were hugging the objects. Destiny waded through the parade of wizards until she was right in front of the girl. Destiny bent down to meet her eye to eye.

“Are you ok?” Destiny asked, her toned hushed so not to sound mocking of the little girl’s size.

Then, without warning, the girl’s hand shot from the books to Destiny’s throat. The girl was amazingly strong for her size. She was lifting Destiny into the air. Destiny couldn’t breath; her air was cut of by the girl’s hand. No one turned to help Destiny, everyone acted as if she wasn’t even there.

“Blood has been spilt,” she said, still not making eye contact, “these streets have been stained with death. More lives will be taken from all those here.” Her toned and her voice were rising, “No one run, NO ONE CAN HIDE!” Her eyes rose to meet with Destiny’s. Destiny went into a shock, this wasn’t a girl, it was a daemon. Her eyes glowed a sinister red. Death trickled at every corner of evil red.

Destiny vision went blurry, darkening. Her lungs had no air left, she couldn’t take it. The last thing she saw, was the eyes of the daemon.

The daemon opened her grip, and Destiny’s motionless body feel to the ground. Her eyes were open, but death ran through them.

All of a sudden, someone screamed! She was pointing at Destiny. The daemon looked around and vanished, just like that.

As soon as the wizard noticed, everyone else did too. Everyone gathered round the body of their follow wizard.

“Move! Get out of the way! Let me through!” Yelled Headmaster Merle Ambrose, not trying to be mean, just desperate to see what is going on. As soon as he saw Destiny, his eyes widened. “Oh no” he said. With a wave of his wand, the lifeless body of Destiny NightShade was lifted into the air and carried to his office.

All of the teachers came at once to see what had happened. Moolinda Wu, the life instructor, immediately started using life energy to search the body of any sign of soul left.

“Ambrose,” Dalia Falmea, the fire instrutor, told him, “if we can’t find the perpetrator and stop him at his madness, we may have to shut down the school, for the sake of the students.”

“Indeed” Ambrose replied, thinking about what has happened.

“Ambrose, I have bad news,” Moolinda said, her head hung low, “Destiny NightShade’s soul is gone, nothing left within her. She… She’s dead.”

The teachers all gasped in horror. One of their own students has been killed. Right in the common grounds of their own school.

“We must warn the students,” Ambrose said, “ they must be careful. The school is no longer safe. We need to shut down all ability to get into and out of the school. It’s dangerous now, but we must keep our students safe, AT ALL COSTS!”

“We will, Ambrose, we will” said Falmea.


Destiny only saw darkness, it was all around her. She couldn’t figure out what was going on. No matter how far she ran it seemed she didn’t get anywhere.

“Oh, where am I?” She cried.

All of a sudden she felt a pat on her back, “There there…” A beautiful female voice said.

Destiny spun around to see a gorgeous angel like creature, black curly hair, golden dress, large white wings, and a blind fold over here eyes.

“Who are you?” Destiny managed to say.

“I don’t have a name, Destiny, but I am called Judgement. I decided what your faith is after death.”

“You do?” Said Destiny amazed, “ How?”

“I just choose your fate, it isn’t your time for death, you do not belong here, and I have the power to send you back.”

Destiny just stood there shocked and excited.

“Destiny, you are going to do much good for the world of wizards, but you must live to do these things. By the power I call my own, I bring Destiny, Master of Balance, back to Life.”

Judgement rose her hands into the air, lights started swirling around them until they took shape. In her hands, she held a scale. Two orbs of light sat on the scale, balancing it out. Judgement flicked the scale. It shook and the two orbs eventually balanced it out again. They grew brighter and brighter until it was so bright Destiny couldn’t look anymore and then the bright light faded away. She was in the office of Merle Ambrose looked wide eyed at the teachers, who were staring shocked back at her.

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