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Secrets Behind Dragonsprye by Wolf Griffin

Chapter 1: Lady Oriel

'Students, Students! Today is a wonderful day to venture into the scareful world of Dragonsprye. I hope you all brought your notebooks today' thats how Master Drake would always start on a beautiful day.

'Nope, forgot mine.' Jake SkillLess blurted out

'Ugh...Why do you bother coming to this class anyways?' Master Drake

'My father shall kill me if I don't learn earthquake. You know that..you and my father were great -Myth- buddies in highschool.' That made Master Drake scowl at him.

Later that morning we were all venturing around the Crystal Cove in hope of seeing the rare black crystal. It is told to grant five golden wishes to any wizard who may find it. There is also a myth of the mysterious golden dryad that lurks the seas of Dragonsprye in search of her true destined wizard. The last wizard who saw her was a crazy Life wizard by the name of, Stone Killheart, I believe. He spoke of the weirdest riddle ever and who ever figures it out and completes the task, will have better luck finding these items of the myth.

The riddle was read as this;

Beware, wizards of Wizard City, time hangs by a thread.
The hunters are hunted, careful not to loose your head.
The gnawers will strike to extinguish the rest.
The hope of the hopeless resides in a quest.

A wizard warrior,a son of the sun,
May bring us back life, may bring us none.
But gather your neighbors and follow his call.
Or Wingbringers will most surely devour us all.

Two over, two under, of royal decent,
Two flyers, two crawlers, Two spinners assent.
One gnawer beside and one lost up ahead.
And eight will be left when we count up the dead.

The last who will die must decide where he stands.
The fate of the eight is contained in his hands.
So bid him take care, bid him look where he leaps,
As life may be death and death life again reaps.

No one knows for sure if that it true, that is just read from our textbook. If any of us shall understand this weird riddle we are to report to Master Drake for he has the quest for us. I have figured out many in this quest but not the whole thing, like the crawlers are tigers, flyers are dragons, spinners are spiders, over is a ice, storm or fire wizard, under is death life or myth wizard. When it says 'Time hangs by a thread.' I saying our lifes are in dange---

'Wolf! Wolf! Look what I found!' April stopped my gazing and had me look what she had found. April has been my best friend since we were in Windergarten.

It surprised me most to see what she had in her hand, it was, I guess, half of the black crystal!

'Where did you find that?' I questioned, not trying to sound too rude.

'Over on the farest west corner' she responded pointing west. 'But it's for you, Wolf, you are more experienced than I am and you can probably do better than me with the wishes.'

'No' I said disagreeing 'You found it so you keep it. Plus I think you need the other half before you can wish your wishes.'

Right then and there the crystal started to move, right towards Master Drake! When it reached Master Drake it connected to his necklace. He turned his head to April and I.

'Great job you two! You found the other half of the crystal, with that I will grant you each with five wishes.' said a women's voice that suddenly appeared next to Master Drake. We then realized who it was.... It was Lady Oriel. We both gasped in delight.

'You-your Lady Or-el .' Jake spoke in a high pitched stuttering voice.

'Indeed I must be. These two wizards have recovered me from the crystal.'

'Them! I was the one who found the first part of your crystal!' Master Drake interrupted crossly.

She turned to Master Drake and concentrated on his necklace. 'Yes you did but, they found the larger half so they must be granted the larger part of the reward.'

She turned back to us, 'Well then lets get started on your quest on finding this secret Dryad. I've read that Wolf Griffin, had most of the riddle figured out. While April SwiftSword has the other half of this hard riddle. If thee joins together you will be sent on the quest to find the Dryad and save her from the wretched dungeon.'

I couldn't believe what was happening. Lady Oriel is going to help us find the golden Dryad! She gave one whistle and two tigers came, two spiders came, and two dragons came, all we needed was the second over and the second under.

'Wolf since you are under, you pick your second under wizard, and April since you are over, you pick the second over wizard.'

'Hum.. I choose Charles Skywalker as my second under, Miss Lady Oriel.' I said, because I have known Charles forever and he is the best friend a life wizard could have.

'I choose Shelby Dragonrider since she is the only storm in the class.' April spoke after me.

'Alrighty then, April you know what a gnawer is but Wolf doesn't.. Do you think you guys can get one by your side?'

'Yes but it won't be easy. A gnawer is a-a... well a Danger Hound I supposed. Those things are almost as rare as seeing you and finding the golden Dryad.'

'Indeed it is, but I think you will have no trouble at all.'
Chapter 2: Danger Hound

There we, each riding one of the dragons to the Aheneum to see if the store has any Danger Hounds in stock. Once we reached there we headed over to the pet shop and asked the man if he had any Danger hounds or know where one is. He responded by saying Milos Bookworm may know where to get one cause a strange dude in all black bought his last one that morning. So we started for Milos.....

'Good morning young students, may I be an assist to you?'

'Uh.. Yes we were wondering if you knew were to get a Danger hound.' I asked

'Ahh in search of the danger hounds... I see... well I think you can get one by heading over to Mooshu and killing so many wraiths till one confesses he is the Overlord and he gives you one item. Ask for a danger hound and he will give you thrice as many. But I must warn you... Danger hounds are very dangerous in many reason. Keep him away from electric items, storm hounds, and fire hounds. If he gets near them he will go crazy. So anything else?'

'No thank you.. You have helped us plenty, thanks.'

We walked out side and got on our dragons and took off heading to Mooshu. It took what felt like twenty hours to get there. I was about to go to sleep but once I felt the dragon start shifting to land I woke up to see where we were landing.

'We have reached Hamestu Village, Master Wolf.' the dragon, Ares, spoken

'You speak?'

'Of course we do, all animals do'

We headed south to the wraiths. Our first kill was not the Overlord. On our second kill I was about to summon Centaur to the circle to defeat it but it spoke...

'Please don't kill me, I am the Overlord of all Wraiths and I come in peace. I will give you anything you ask please.'

'We ask for a Danger Hound' April spoke before I could

'A danger hound is a rare hound you know little girl'

'Yes but we need for a quest'

'Alright since you did not kill me with that so called -Life- card I shall grant you with three danger hounds.'

Three danger hounds appeared next to April, she jumped at the site of them. There skin was brown with black strips, drool dripping from their snouts, ears perking at every sound,each of their paws had a black spot on them. I suppose the black spot is a symbol of their tribe.

'There are scary looking, Wolf' April whispered

'Haha, yeah they remind me of Jade Oni' I said making a funny impression of Jade Oni.

Once we got the hounds rounded up Lady Oriel appeared and helped up get them to Dragonspyre.

'See that wasn't so hard now was it?'

'Not at all' April spoke

'Well the quest will be much more difficult. I looked at the weather and it will be cold in the area you are going in. Mother Nature cannot stop this blizzard. So you guys need to be well prepared.'

'I will get my stuff packed now' I spoke and was about to head to my house when she stopped me

'Already done' and she shoved backpacks in each of our hands.'Times a wasting better get to it!'

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