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Secret of Seers (and listeners) by Heather ThunderGem and Saffron WinterFlame

I woke up on another normal morning and quickly got on my cloak of the sphinx, cap of the teachers pet and grabbed my sturdy green boots only to find out that my annoying two minute younger brother had stolen my harp again. "WOLF GIVE ME BACK MY HARP!" i yelled into his room where as usual he was asleep. "wha?" he cried as he rolled onto the floor (with a little help of some of my levitation powers) "i said give me back my harp wintertail!" "ok ok geez i just wanted to play a joke heather calm down" "it's not funny! today i duel Chris Deathfist!" my best guy friend and most unaproved of by my parents who are both life (imagine how disapointed they were when they found out wolf was death) "really? i hope he owns you!" shouted wolf with a huge smile on his smug little face (he is Chris's personal cheerleader or so i say) well then i left the house (not without a few traps set for when wolf leaves, just a few sunbird feathers and some glue) while i was heading to the arena i thought i'd give Chris a surprise and wait for him outside the death school. when i walked into the tower (Where he always goes to practice before a duel) i all of a sudden had a flurry of weird visions of my friend saffron winterflame (missing) playing tag with her friend wolf winterblood in the tower then him saying sorry and pushing her into the square at the centre of the room then a silver cage sprung up from the floor a cloaked black figure i assumed was malistaire came and said "well done son" took the cage and disappeared. i was like i have to tell wolf eyes (another friend of hers) i quickly left and went to the first person wolf eyes was in contact with her name is paige starcatcher another wizard with weird powers like saffron, wolf eyes and apparently me. she was always in dragons mouth cave (one of the only places malistaire can't get to) i went there and there visiting her was exactly who i wanted to see, wolf eyes. "wolf eyes" i shouted over the noise of flowing magma "yes who is it?" he shouted back "it's heather thundergem" i replied "what do you need?" "i know what happened to saffron" and i told him everything i had seen "winterblood" he murmured "i never thought he'd turn traitor" "what?" i said he explained to me that he and saffron had known he was malistaire's son for awhile and that winterblood'd done everything he could (even hiding them in the spiral chamber) to keep them safe. "wow" i gasped "looks like you'll have to hang out in here with me" said paige "yay" i murmured under my breath. "you might not have to" wolf said "what do you mean?" paige asked "i mean that me and her are a high enough level not to be subject to malistaire's power". "aw it gets lonely in here" she said with a pout "i'll visit i promise" i said and she brightened up a bit (i should say a lot) "what first listener?" (that's what he's called) "i don't know usually the seer leads" great now i'm a leader what next? i'll have to summon banshee or something? "to the library then let's look up some of this stuff" "okay" he said.

The silver bars of the cage rose up around me as i woke yet again to the sound of the henchmen trying to work my wand "great i'm gonna have to save up forever to replace that thing" i murmured under my breath."well i see the most powerful of the seven seers is awake at last" said the now horribly familiar black cloaked shape of malistaire from outside the bars of my cage "what now oh most powerful lord of evil" i replied mockingly "so i see you still have that defiance in you but not for long" "what another burn test or something? or you gonna try drowning now?" "you'll see" "no you'll see when i finally find a way out!" "you worthless fools shut her up!" he shouted at the henchmen who had succeeded in breaking my wand in half. so in went the revolting gag and out i went from the cage then they chained my wrists and i got in a pretty good punch before they managed to put those things on i also kicked winterblood (or should i say traitorblood) in the shin enough for him to grab it. before they got the shackles around my ankles on. about five minutes of glaring at my former best friend later they put me down and took off my handcuffs (i gave traitorblood a black eye) then finally that horrible gag came out (it tastes bad) "so what now powerful evil malistaire the lord of all things evil?" i asked mockingly while glaring at traitorblood some more. "you'll see" then i remembered whisper chat and i whispered to my friend heather (she was the first one in my friend book) 'heather help got any tips to escape from malistaire?'

so now we are in the library and we have not found anything other than an old prophecy saying one seer from each school and one listener from each school will rise up to defeat the ultimate evil then i get a whisper from saffron the ice seer! 'heather help got any tips to escape malistaire?' "saffron just whispered to me!" 'is there a blue cloth with a hand print by you?' 'uh ya why?' 'put your hand in the hand print' 'ok then' and poof a hand reached down from the roof and deposited saffron tattered cloak handprint cloth and all (except her wand i wonder why?) "yay! i'm free! thanks heather!" she shouted "saffron!" wolf cheered "wolf! yay your here!" "we thought you were dead!" "well here i am silly" saffron replied. looks like my guess worked the seven cloths of the seer can rescue you from any danger only if the one you use is for you and matches the colour of your school (blue: ice purple: storm green: life black: death red: fire yellow: myth grey: balance) "it's good to have you back saffron" i said "how'd you know about that cloth thing working anyways?" "i read it in the prophecy of the seven seers" i replied "cool does that make you leader now?" "no way!" i don't want to be a leader i mean what if i have to summon a banshee or something? i can't do that i'm a life student for crying out loud! "ok ok i guess i'll have to stay the leader then" yes! "well i have an idea for what to do next" i said "let's hear it then" saffron replied eagerly "well i think we should find the other four seers" "four? shouldn't you say five there's only two of us" "paige is a seer saffron" wolf said (poor wolf i almost forgot about him) "really? how long was i in that cage?" "about two months" "TWO MONTHS???? you gotta be kidding me!" "he's right two months" i broke in. saffron's mouth fell into an o formation "let's head to the life tower we can check out this book and read it there" i suggested "okay" agreed wolf we both stared at saffron "will we have to carry her?" i inquired "maybe" wolf answered "ok then" i said then picked her up and hoisted her onto my shoulder "she's very light like a feather" "or a snowflake" wolf put in we broke out laughing he checked out the book and we went to the life tower luckily no crazy tower party was being hosted. i went to my desk (moolinda had one set up for me to study back when i was level twelve when i'd missed a few classes anyway she never took it down very convenient) "well let's start this this thing" i said and looked at the huge book siting on my desk. then when i least expected something cool to happen it did. a HUGE green dragon ripped off the roof and landed beside me (my mouth imitated saffron's small o in a larger format) "i am the life dragon of the seers which one of you is the life seer?" it said i regained my balance and said "i am" to the dragon "then you must come and help the life listener for he is in grave danger" "ok" i agreed and shot a look at wolf saying he should not follow me. "i will call the ice dragon of the seers to come for your friends" said the dragon. and then i quickly climbed onto it's back and it leaped into the air. "cool!" i shouted as the air whipped past me. "do you have a name dragon?" i asked it "once i did a long time ago little one" he said to me (it's definitely a he only guy dragon's have wings similar to a bat's) "can i name you?" i called down to him "yes you may but if you name me you must name all the other dragon's of the seers" "ok" i agreed "i name you Feniul the green dragon of life" he smiled and chuckled a dragon's chuckle (just like a human man's chuckle only smoke comes out of their nose) "i like that name" feniul said to me "ah there is the little life listener inside stormdrain tower" stormdrain tower? that's where lord nightshade is! "what level is he?" "twelve" TWELVE? now i see why he needs help! "get ready to jump into the hole i will make with my claws" "ok i'm ready" i said and i jumped into the hole in the roof right into my friend dakota stormstrider's battle! "heather what are you doing here?" he asked "saving your life" i said and set my natures wrath on the field guard that was about to put him in a cage. "i didn't need help!" he yelled "oh and i suppose you saw the field guard behind you trying to get you into a cage!" i said and kicked the field guard (he was to close to me to use magic) "whatever" he said "whatever this!" i screamed and set the natures wrath on lord nightshade "calm down heather!" he yelled "then listen to me!" i replied "ok then i will" he said "you have special powers and are part of a prophecy malistaire is trying to capture you so the prophecy won't be fulfilled. the life dragon of the seers came and got me to stop you from getting captured!" i explained and hit lord nightshade with an evil snowman (i'm training second in ice) "woah" he said and finished nightshade with a leprechaun. "Feniul!" i called. "who's feniul?" dakota asked and feniul broke through the whole wall with the door on it "him" i said "wow" dakota gasped and stood gaping up at the giant green dragon. "hello little listener i am feniul the green life dragon of the seers" (in case your wondering about the name feniul i got it from the legend of the dragon slippers) "wow" said dakota "is that all he says?" feniul asked "no he's just speechless he should get over it in five four three to one" "feniul is a dragon so cool! where'd he come from?" dakota gasped "i dunno" i said "can we please get going i would like you to name the other dragon's today if possible" feniul said to me "ok just leave dakota at the life tower" i said and climbed onto his back.

a green dragon a huge green dragon! heather's lucky me and wolf have probably gotten a pathetic creature like a flying snowman! COOL! a HUGE blue dragon i hope she's the ice creature! "hello seer and listener of ice i am the ice dragon of the seers and i am here to take you to the council of seers dragons" "wow" said wolf "cool" i gasped "please climb onto my back little ones and be careful" i instantly climbed on pulling wolf with me. the dragon leaped into the air and flew to a mountain. at the peak it was flat and five dragons crouched there and by the feet of a purple one was wolf winterblood. our dragon landed right next to the purple one and said "go little ones and make amends with your friend" "he's not a friend of mine anymore" i said "then become friends with him again" "fine" i said to her and walked toward winterblood "hi i'm saffron winterflame what's your name" i said to him "wolf winterblood nice to meet you" he said and held out his hand for a handshake, i didn't take it "look saffron i know your mad at me for that but i had to if i didn't i'd be dead and the prophecy broken" "little wolf i don't think she is ready to accept your apology yet" said the purple dragon then the great green dragon landed on the plateau. "fellow dragons of the seers the seer heather thundergem has undertaken the task of naming us she has named me feniul the green dragon of life" (she took that name from the legend of the dragon slippers!) "little thunder do you want to name me next?" said the blue dragon "yes blue dragon i do" said heather "i name you Niva the blue dragon of ice" "thank you little thunder i like that name" "may i have a name next little thunder?" asked the golden dragon of myth. "yes you may golden one" spoke heather "i name you Shardas the golden dragon of myth" "that is a good name thank you little thunder" "may i have a name next" spoke the black dragon. "you may mighty black dragon" "i name you Amacarin the black dragon of death" "thank you little thunder" heather sure was on a role with the names she named the red dragon Zaldis the red dragon of fire. she named the grey girl dragon Theoradia the grey dragon of balance. finally she came to the nice purple dragon and as heather thought about a name i whispered to her 'please give her a good name' she nodded at me to show she heard. "i name you Velika the purple dragon of storm"

why does saffron like velika so much? oh! chris is a listener! "hey chris!" i shouted to him "heather! what are you doing here? are you a listener to?" he asked me "no little death she is not a listener but a seer" said Amacarin "a seer really?" he asked me "yep" "cool! but then where is the life listener?" "most likely waiting for the dragon to go back for him" "uh what do you mean?" "feniul let him off at the life tower and he walked to his dorm from there" "oh" "where's the death seer?" "talking to theoradia her name is saffron moonflower" "so how'd you meet amacarin anyway? did he rip the roof off of the death tower?" "no he busted down the wall" i broke out giggling at that. "what? the door was to small for me" amacarin protested. wolf winterblood walked up to us "Hey" he said "greetings little wolf" said amacarin "greetings" i said following amacarin's example 'why are you being so cold to him just like the ice seer?' 'saffron was imprisoned for two months by his father malistaire and it was only because of him she got captured' 'woah' "not you too!" said winterblood in dismay "if i hadn't both me and saffron would be dead!" "really and how did you know she wouldn't die after you caught her?" "because for one to die you must kill both" "then how could he kill you?" "my father had captured the storm seer" "how'd he do that?" "she's new and he caught her when she was on her way to see lady o'real on unicorn way" "she's that low of a level?" "yep" "seeing comes with your natural ability to conduct magic it is now decided by level" amacarin interrupted 'so thats why moonflower only just started triton avenue' chris whispered to me "is it ok if i just call you winter?" i asked winterblood "sure" said winter "so winter meet chris deathfist known to the dragons as little death" "hey chris" "what's up winter" "so has saff forgiven you yet?" i asked him "no" 'um chris me and winter are gonna talk to saff now' 'ok' "let's go talk to her then" i said and grabbed him by the wrist dragging him along with me

to be continued...

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