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A Savior in the Spiral (part 5) by Tabitha IceRider

I ran through the tunnel that David’s groans were coming from. It was completely pitch black. So dark in fact that I hit the wall in some turns sometimes. Since I was running and sweating like crazy, my head started to burst because of all the pain.

Suddenly right up ahead there was a rather small but bright light. “This must be the end of the tunnel!” I whispered to myself.

I was right. As I got closer I noticed that the tunnel walls were wet. “What the…” I started to say. When I wasn’t expecting it, a loud groan sounded from up ahead. I stopped my paste to quiet myself. I crept up to the end of the tunnel but weeds were blocking the view. I silently moved some out of the way just enough to see what lay beyond.

It was pretty dark because it was night wherever I was. There was a small area in which that the floor was all covered with red brick. A humongous gap was on the right. Right in front of the gap was Malistaire. I snarled. I then gasped when I saw WHAT I saw.

David StarCaster was tied up on a floating rock just out of the gap. Malistaire was doing all different kinds of spells on him. Vampire, Sunbird, Cyclops – you name it!

I bravely then revealed myself. I pushed the weeds out of the way and stood behind Malistaire. Malistaire must of heard my presence ‘cause he turned around and looked at me harshly.

“I see you have arrived at the fight!” Malistaire snarled at me.

“Where you will die in the estate of a coward!” I replied scornfully. That must have upset Malistaire.

“Tabitha?” I heard David say. I just took a quick glance at him but looked back at Malistaire.

“Come here Tabitha. Come here to see the darkness come into your eyes!” Malistaire said starring at me coldly.

I didn’t even budge.

“Malistaire, can’t you even THINK for a moment? Look around you! What have you done! Have you realized that you have hurt the lives of many that you loved! Your students, the professors, the attendants in the streets. If Sylvia were alive right now, would she be happy to see you like this?” I had a plan. Maybe instead of fighting I could bring him out of his misery this way.

“It was Moolinda’s fault Sylvia died! She could have healed her!” Malistaire yelled at me coldly.

“No she couldn’t have! Can’t you UNDERSTAND that Malistaire? Can’t you? If you loved her so much, why didn’t you HEAL HER yourself! Huh? Or do you have no comment on that?” I yelled at him burning in rage. This was for Wizard City. For the misery and pain he had caused in the whole Spiral.

“I didn’t learn spells of how to heal young pathetic wizard. I learned how to DEFEAT. Can’t YOU now understand that now?” Malistaire said sternly at me.

I sighed. This wasn’t working! ‘Think Tabitha think!’ I thought to myself.

“Malistaire, I have to say again. What would Sylvia had said if she saw you right now defeating her students, her HUSBAND’S students? Would she have been happy? I wouldn’t think so! She is still watching you Malistaire. She is still watching you. You just don’t realize that. Revenge doesn’t conquer anything. Malistaire, you have to understand that,” I said sadly. I felt tears starting to spring in my eyes. I felt so much pain in having to see everyone suffer just because of one single person.

“Revenge doesn’t conquer anything. Hmmm, well, FOR ME IT DOES!” Malistaire said suddenly as he made a storm lord appear in front of me.

I thought quickly. What was the spell? Alamyati? Alamkata? Alam-Akimatilla!

“Akimatilla!” I yelled. The ground then started to shake like an earthquake. The troll then jumped out of the ground with his little ‘hammer’ I should say. Without any problem, it hit the storm lord right on the head with his ‘hammer’-thingy and the storm lord was… well… just… gone!

“Wha?” Malistaire asked confused.

“Tougher than what you expected huh?” I yelled at him.

“Silly to say, but I surrender. Your words really touched my heart, Tabitha,” Malistaire said sadly at me.

That fast? Just five minutes and the battle just… over? This was crazy! He must be lying!

“You-you are not lying are you?” I asked Malistaire.

“Of course not, Tabitha. I HAVE been such a fool. I haven’t given thought to anything that you said. I just loved her so much I couldn’t stay away from her. After she died, I felt hopeless. I wanted revenge. I felt like it was everyone’s fault that she was dead. I just wanted to kill, for no reason at all.”

“The night that you came with the minions, you said that you came what you had wanted for. What had it been?” I asked Malistaire curiously.

“Pictures of Sylvia and I, our marriage, our happiness together and all that. I am so sorry Tabitha. So-so sorry,” Malistaire said heartbreakingly.

“I am glad you now know our pain Malistaire. Revenge never conquers. You have to keep that in mind. One more thing, please let David go,” I said to Malistaire.

“Oh yes, of course.”

Malistaire then made the rock come to the fighting circle and slam down hard on the ground. David then lay there sweating. I ran over to him and asked him, “Are you alright?”

“Unless you are here, everything is perfect,” David said kindly. I smiled to him grateful to have a friendship with him again.

“Friends then?” I asked David.

“Friends,” David said. We both hugged each other for a long time. I then looked around me and noticed that Malistaire was gone. He had left a note where he had been standing a moment before. I ran over to it and picked it up. It read:

Thank you for everything you have done Tabitha. I have gone now from the Spiral to explore new worlds, to find new worlds for Wizard City. I will always keep in mind, “Revenge never conquers anything.” Thank you for everything young wizard.


P.S. You are not pathetic!

I smiled knowing that I had done the right thing to save Wizard City. I couldn’t wait until I told Wizard City. “Ready?” I asked David. David grabbed my hand and we both teleported back to where happiness shall live for centuries to come. Many, many centuries.

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