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A Savior in the Spiral (part 3) by Tabitha IceRider

It was Professor Drake’s turn to fight me. I had fought Professor Falmea, GreyRose, Wu, and I had a couple to go, though I had lost all of them.

The Professor stepped into the fighting circle and sadly, the battle began. Professor Drake got a boost of power pips (which I thought was completely unfair!) and his first spell were the meteors on me. Half my health was gone already so I didn’t have much of a chance. My first spell was the snowman (after putting many shields of myth around me) but barely any damage had been done. He had 7,564 health and I had 1,155 health.

He then attacked me with a troll and I healed that round. Then he attacked with trolls again and again that finally his health was in half after like pf, I don’t know, half an hour or so, but what was in the back of my mind was David. David StarCaster. How had he gotten here before the place was even announced to students? It was a new world, and a safer one too without all the creatures.

“Concentrate Tabitha!” I said to myself angrily. What the heck was wrong with me!

“Come on dummy! Get on with it!” I heard Professor Drake say.

“Hey! Watch it Drake!” I said in furry.

“Make me,” he replied scornfully.

“Enough!” Headmaster Ambrose said muttering something under his breath and the lights around the fighting circle turned off and I was able to stand in my normal position.

“Tabitha, I think you have fought enough today but you,” Headmaster Ambrose said looking at Professor Drake, “shall stop immediately criticizing her!”

“But Headmaster-”

“I said enough, so enough!” Ambrose said to him hotly. “Fine,” Professor Drake said making a ‘humph!’ after the Headmaster turned around and walked away.

“Good job Tabitha. You did well today. I couldn’t have done any better you know,” Professor Lydia said to me.

“Thank you!” I said with a smile on my face; she winked and teleported to the commons.

I then teleported to the commons and felt the rush of a billion miles per hour hitting my face. I looked up and saw stars shining over me. I could see the whole Spiral while I was floating up. It was an incredible sight. I could see the big world of DragonSpyre, GrizzlieHelm, and even Krokotopia. I stood straight and landed softly and quietly on my feet. The sound rushed to my ears and the world felt alive again. It was getting so close to night. I had to go talk to David StarCaster. What had HE been doing there! He couldn’t of possibly teleported to me! No one was aloud to yet!

I went to the boy’s dormitory and rang the button on the side of the door that said 58, his room number. I then heard his voice say, “Who is it?”

“Open the door. It’s me, Tabitha,” I said suspecting he would say ‘no’ but surprisingly, he said, “Come on in!” and the conversation was over. The boy’s dormitory door opened quickly and I walked right in. I found myself in a surprisingly long hall around fifty feet long. I then started to count the number doors. “One, Three, Five…” it felt like infinity time when finally I came to the number 50. “Fifty, fifty-three, fifty-five, fifty-seven, fifty- eight!” I said and knocked on the door that had in a wizardly font ‘Room Fifty-Eight.’

The door opened and there stood David StarCaster in some simple night robes all decorated in leaves. “Come on in,” he said opening the door more widely.

I walked in without saying a word and sat on the bed that was on the far corner. He sat down next to me and I felt embarrassed for a moment. There was a long silence between us. “So…” he said looking at me.

“Yea… um… David?” I asked nervously.

“What is it?” he asked.

“How did you…” I started to say but stopped.

“How did I what?” he asked.

“How did you come to the place where I was training to defeat Malistaire?” I said standing up looking away embarrassed.

“What are you talking about?” he asked standing up and looking at me curiously.

“You know what I mean!” I said sternly at him. He just sighed and looked at his feet.

“Fine I’ll tell you,” he said. “How?” I asked.

“I teleported to you,” he said. I knew he was lying.

“David! Say the truth!” I said hotly.

“Well that is the truth!” he said with pain and rejection in his eyes. I knew that he was trying to hide something and he did too.

“Liar!” I said. I walked to the door and without looking back said, “Say what you like!” and slammed the door behind me.
I sighed as I sat in my room. A letter had been put on my desk. I walked over to it and tore it apart madly. I took the card itself out and I read:

A ball will take place today nighttime at midnight celebrating the 300th anniversary of Ravenwood. There will be cakes, free robes, dancing, expensive foods (which don’t worry you won’t have to pay!) and confetti. Wear your most elegant clothes and if you can, try to find a partner. We don’t want you feeling left out! Have fun!

Ravenwood School of Arts Headmaster

Who would I dance with? I don’t know. For sure not David StarCaster! I guess there were more things to do in the party than dance. I mean, it’s a ball; it’s a party, in fact the party of the 300th anniversary year of Ravenwood!

I hurried to my wardrobe but found nothing that would exactly be as elegant for a ball. There was only one thing to do. I sat down on the chair behind the cloth-making table and started to weave my robe, shoes, and pin for my hair. It took about three hours to finish completely. I looked at my robe to study it. The colors were in pink and light blue. The dress reached to my feet. On my chest was the symbol of a star, and the blue was attached around it. I put my shoes on which were high heals. They were pink in the outside. Plain, but at least elegant. Finally, my pin had jewels that made the shape of a flower that shined brightly.

I went to where the restroom was in my dorm and took out some light dark pink lipstick. I painted my nails pink also and I curled my hair in a salon fashion. I then put my wand away in the bank chest and walked out of the girl’s dorm building. Outside, it seemed like the whole world was out there! It was completely crowded. The good part was that the ball was taking place in Ravenwood, Shopping District and the Commons. Though it would be pretty crowded, at least it was going to be alright. In front of Bartleby’s trunk was a pretty long table containing the main course. Behind that table was the dessert. Some of the cakes reached up to be about five feet tall! At least it maintained its balance! The dancing floor was right in front and tables to dine in eat surrounded the stage. It was pretty well organized. I was going to have some fun at least. Though I didn’t have a partner I jumped into the dancing crowd and started to dance.

It took a while to realize that the Headmaster was standing on a small but rather tall stage right in the entrance of the Ravenwood tunnel. Finally all wizards stopped dancing and dining and turned to him to listen.

“Wizards of Wizard City welcome to the 300th anniversary ball!” he said loud and clear. All the wizards cheered after the sentence but I kept quite. Finally when everyone quieted down, Headmaster Ambrose said, “I have a very important announcement to make. I want to congratulate Tabitha IceRider for her courage on her way to defeat Malistaire. She is trying to do her best, so please do not push her too much. As I say again, she is trying to do her best. Thank you,” Headmaster Ambrose said. After he finished his speech everyone turned around to me and cheered, “Tabitha! Tabitha! Tabitha!” I couldn’t help but smiling. It took a pretty long time for the cheering to go down. Then out of the blue Ronan Stalker, my first friend when I was found, came up to me and said, “W-wow! You look… incredible!” he said studying me from head to toe. “Did you make it?” he asked. I noticed that he was wearing a tuxedo with a black tie with his golden hair combed to the back of his head. His shoes were quite shined and new.

“I certainly did, and so do you!” I said with a proud gleam in my tone. “Thanks!” he said proudly. Then from behind me I heard someone say, “Tabitha! Hey, Tabitha!” I bent my eyebrows in anger and frowned. I turned around and saw David StarCaster looking at me. “What are you doing here?” I said. “I don’t want to speak to you!” I said stepping back and grabbing Ronan Stalker’s arm and taking him deeper into the crowd. “Tabitha! Hold on! I-I have something for you!” he said taking something out of his pocket. “I don’t care!” I yelled to him without looking back. “Tabitha wait!” I didn’t pay attention to him. I just walked deeper into the dancing crowd with Ronan behind me.

“Who is that guy?” he asked.

“A horrible friend, don’t bother with him. Trust me, don’t. He is the most… the most… the most selfish lying person in the Spiral!” I said angrily.

“What happened between you and him?” he asked.

I then realized that I had raised my tone to much and said softly, “I don’t want to talk about it ok? It’s something… something personal.” That was the only excuse I could come up with to change the conversation.

“Well then,” Ronan said taking his hand out. “Shall we?” he asked. I looked at him kindly and smiled. I took his hand and we started to dance when a new song was put in. It was a slow beat song that was almost like a Waltz. He danced very well and smoothly with me. He was careful in where to step though sometimes we messed our steps up. After what seemed half an hour we got a bit tired and went under the bark of Bartleby. I grabbed a plate and got a small piece of the chocolate cake that hadn’t been started yet. “Oh come on! Take a bigger piece than that! It’s a party!” he said taking a knife and slicing a bigger piece and putting it on my plate. I laughed and accepted the slice happily.

Then again I heard someone behind me say, “Tabitha! Tabitha please listen! I want to talk to you!” and of course you would suspect by now that it was David. I turned around angrily and said, “Come here for a moment will you?” and I grabbed David’s arm. Before I walked away, I said to Ronan, “Can you hold on for a moment?” Ronan just blinked and cut his cake. He sat down at a table and motioned with his hands that after I spoke with David, I should come sit with him. I nodded and walked to the back bark of Bartleby with David still gripped under my hand.

I turned around and then said, “WHAT?!” angrily.

“Will you be my partner?” he asked.

“Can’t you SEE that I already HAVE one?” I said angrily.

“Well yea but… just PLEASE be my partner!” he asked.

“NO! I already have one David! And anyways, why would I dance with someone who LIES to me? The answer is no David, whether you like it or not!” I said hotly, spun around and walked to where Ronan sat. The music playing drowned out David’s yells at me to come back. Finally, I sat down at Ronan’s table.

“I’m sorry ‘bout that,” I said as Ronan put my slices of cake where I sat.

“It’s ok. What were you talking about anyways?” he asked as he took a flower and put it on my hair. “You would get mad,” I said cutting a piece of cake and eating it.

“No, seriously, what happened?” he asked. I sighed and said, “He wanted me to be his partner.”

“Oh. I see. Are you guys close with each other or something?” he asked calmly.

“NO!” suddenly the group of people behind me turned around and looked at me. “Sorry, I mean no,” I said embarrassed.

“Oh well you didn’t have to scream THAT loud to say that!” he said jokingly. I laughed and he did too.

Indeed, I had fun the rest of the night with Ronan. He seemed to understand me when I told him about all our problems. We danced sometimes and, well… we had fun! So much fun that we stayed until the end of the party. The best part was that I didn’t think about David much that night. I was glad he left me alone. No more business was to be done with him anymore.

Finally, when the party ended, I said to Ronan, “Well, I had a great time tonight. I had an extremely amount of fun. Thank you Ronan,” I said.

“I had fun too Tab.’ If you need any help, just give me a ‘ring!’” he said showing his ring. I laughed and he did too. “Well thanks again Ronan,” I said as I waved goodbye and went inside my dorm. I took my shoes off (which was such a relief!), put on my wizard pajamas, washed my teeth, combed my hair, put some lotion on and lay down on my bed. I went under the covers and slept with happiness surging inside of me. Ronan was such a great person. Who was better than him? David certainly not. Though as I thought our argument over I realized I had been very mean to him. I started to worry. Did David hate me now?

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