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A Savior in the Spiral (part 2) by Tabitha IceRider

I tossed and turned in my bed. Tomorrow I was going to start my training to defeat Malistaire in two day time even though I was only level nine. He had threatened Headmaster Ambrose saying that if I didn’t fight the evil M (Malistaire) he would take Wizard City once and for all for his “revenge.” I starred hard to the ceiling. I could tell it was around midnight. Almost all the lights in the streets would be turned off by this time. I sighed. I sat up, put my slippers on, and put on my cloak that Headmaster Ambrose had given me as a gift when I had fainted into Malistaire’s dream.

I walked over to where my bank was and opened the chest. I whispered silently, “Wand” and a wand appeared at the bottom of the chest. I took hold of it, closed the bank chest and ran outside to the live free air of Ravenwood.

It was a little chilly outside but not too cold to turn around and go back to my dorm. There were still some wizards in the streets entering their dorm rooms ready for bed. I had just an hour until any wizard that had been out really late would be teleported to his dorm.

I went under the bark of Bartleby and sat down lightly. I felt so much pressure being put on to me. Already more than 50% of Wizard City knew about my fight with Malistaire. I started to sob silently in sadness. What if I failed? What if I failed and all my friends would hate me? I was probably Wizard City’s last chance. So much pressure is horrible. I lay my head on my knees and closed my eyes for a moment. I felt a tear run down my cheek. I didn’t even mind wiping it off. I was too depressed to do anything right now.

Suddenly a voice behind me said, “Are you alright?” I heard the sound of a thousand twigs snapping behind me. I felt the trunk moving behind my back. I looked above and found the sky a little bit more clear. I turned around and saw Bartleby looking down on me curiously.

I sighed and said, “No. I feel like… I don’t know… the whole world is putting pressure on me. Like if everyone is depending on me. I mean, what happens if I am not able to defeat Malistaire? Everyone would hate me then! Wouldn’t you think so?” I asked standing up and looking at him.

“Well I can only give you this advice. Do what you think is best, not what any other person thinks it is,” he said looking up and closing his only eye. He had lost his other eye one night when Malistaire took it off. His lost eye was the eye of history, but the one he had left was the eye of the future. I sighed again. It was time for me to go back to my dorm. All I had to do was relax and if I did that, then maybe I would learn to be calm and not hipper when everything comes along. Then and idea struck to me.

“Bartleby! Your eye, your future eye! You can predict anything that happens in the future am I correct?” I asked looking up at him.

He half opened his only eye and said, “That is correct.”

“Predict if I will save Wizard City! Or even the Spiral! Or if I am going to be able to defeat Malistaire!” I said.

“I cannot predict prophecies, young one. I only predict what will come from the minimum of one month, not two days time. I am sorry Tabitha. If I could, I would tell you all I knew, but I can’t. You see, the eye of the past connected with the eye of the future lets me see any time, but since Malistaire took my eye of the past, it only lets me see of a minimum of a month and beyond,” said Bartleby sadly.

I sighed. “Thank you anyways Bartleby.” I smiled to show him my meaning.

Bartleby just smiled and closed his one eye. “It’s time for you to go to your dorm Tabitha. Good night.”

“Good night,” I said bowing. I turned around and headed for my dorm. I heard nothing on the way. Everything was so… quiet and blank. I could hear no stirring of anything, no twigs snapping, no yawns of any wizard inside the dorms. I couldn’t even hear a bird chipping.

As I reached the door the door actually opened itself and in front of me stood David StarCaster.

“David?” I asked amazed. What was he doing in the girls’ dormitory?!

“Oh! There you are Tabitha!” he said with a smile on his face. I could tell he wasn’t getting much sleep lately.

“Um, what are you doing in the girls’ dormitory?” I asked.

“Oh. Yea, hmm, ‘bout that… I received a letter from Headmaster Ambrose this morning. I teleported to your dorm but you weren’t there. Here,” he handed me the letter and I took it and ripped it apart slowly. It said:

Hello Tabitha,
I consider for you to wake up at six o’clock this morning to start your battling training. If this isn’t an adequate time for you, please let me know. Until then, wizard Good-byes!

Headmaster Ambrose

I then noticed that David StarCaster was eyeing at me suspiciously which I thought was kind of weird. He had a smile on his face that I couldn’t quite predict what it meant, but I knew something was behind his head.

“Uh, David?” I asked looking up at him.

He cleared his throat and said, “Sorry bout that. It’s just I’m surprised that… never mind. Forget about it.”

“O…k?” I said doubtful that he was telling the truth. “I think you can go back to your house now. It’s getting pretty late…”

“Oh yea! Well, see you tomorrow and good training!” he said walking away and teleporting to his house.

“Ugh! Come on! I hate this pressure!” I said to myself as I entered my dormitory. I set my wand on the desk, put on my wizard pajamas and slipped under the covers. I turned off the light that was on the cupboard next to me and closed my eyes to get some rest. I still couldn’t sleep though. Why had David eyed me… curiously? I felt the same way when I first was found in the Spiral. Everyone was amazed at my name and I didn’t know at the time why. Now it was the same kind of feeling only different problem.

I blinked, tossed, turned, closed my eyes, sat up and drank water, practiced spells and thought in my room just because I couldn’t sleep. Finally, the sun started to rise and I knew it was around six. I hadn’t gotten any rest, but at least I had practiced some of my spells as my warm up. I then put on my robe, shoes, hat, grabbed my wand, and walked out in the hot morning air. There in front of me stood Headmaster Ambrose waiting calmly for me to come out.

“Perfect timing. Six o’clock sharp,” the Headmaster said looking at his small but rather cool watch.

“Thanks,” I said smiling.

“Is there something bugging you?” Headmaster said as if he were reading my thoughts.

“No. Nothing…” I stopped when I realized that the Headmaster gave me a questioning look.

“Yes there is. I just feel so much pressure on me! Everyone is saying like ‘good training’ or ‘good luck,’ ‘fight hard’ and even ‘may the wizard luck go with you!’” I said looking down embarrassed and nervous.

“I know how that feels Tabitha. One time, before I became Headmaster, I had to fight the dragon of DragonSpyre. I felt so pressured that I said ‘shut it’ many times. Of course I was so young I lost my temper many times, though your fight is a lot bigger than mine was Tabitha. I know many wizards and they would have lost their temper completely if they acted the same way they are acting with you. You are keeping up well with all this trouble and I wish I had been you at the time I had to fight the dragon,” the headmaster said smiling.

“Really?” I said feeling like if I had a gleam in my eye.

“Certainly Tabitha, but I think we should stop talking about this in public. Many wizards are eyeing us suspiciously right now,” the headmaster said looking at all the wizards that were looking at us.

“Ok but where are we going to fight?” I said.

“You haven’t been there before. In fact, we created the land just for you to come and practice. Teleport when I say so,” the Headmaster said as he disappeared in thin air.

I felt my ring tremble and I then teleported to Headmaster Ambrose. I found myself in a rather big open ground area. In the middle of the field there was a big circle. In fact, the fighting circle. I saw the professors waiting for me at the other end of the field. The place was amazing though. There were so many trees around the area that it looked like a forest! I stood in the middle of the street that led to the circle. This place was amazing!

It took a while to get to the other end. Once I reached there, Professor Drake said, “Wasting our time with level nine.”

I took a stern look at him. He gave a snare back.

“Enough. We are going to teach all the spells that all of you know. No questions. We have to take this seriously. She is our only hope and we have been waiting for her for over ninety years. Do you all understand me?” Headmaster Ambrose said speaking to all the professors.

“I certainly do,” said my professor, Lydia GreyRose. “Don’t dare leave me out!” Professor Falmea said next. “I’ll try my best,” said professor Wu. After most of the professors agreed, only one was left out and not surprisingly, it was Professor Drake.

“Drake, do you want our troubles to end?” professor Falmea said.

“Yes. I do,” he said with a cold tone.

“Well if you like it or not, Professor Drake, you are going to teach her,” Headmaster Ambrose said boldly.

“Fine,” the professor said in the most selfish manner. “That will do then,” Headmaster Ambrose said. “Are you ready Tabitha?” he asked turning around with a smile to me.

“Completely,” I said and my heart started pumping. I had been waiting for this moment for so long. I was going to start my training. It seemed so unreal, but it was true! I was going to learn every spell that I could before time would run out.

This was the moment I had been waiting for…

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, there was a dark figure. A figure I had seen in many of my dreams, but not one of those bad dreams, but one of those friendly-type dreams.

I took a look at the figure and saw who it was.

I gasped.

David StarCaster was here?

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