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A Savior in the Spiral (part 1) by Tabitha IceRider

I sat back groaning. My head throbbed so badly it felt like someone banging my head. Everything seemed like a blur. I heard voices, but voices I had never heard. It was like... a human and a... owl? "Gosh! This headache is making me hear things that aren't true!" I said to myself.

I felt a warm breeze chilling me. I could smell plant life all around me. I felt like I had a dress or a robe with some spiky hat over me. I felt shoes with fur in them that kept me warm. I was outside, but where exactly? I don’t know.

I had just been made in the Spiral. Of course I didn't know yet. I had short blonde hair and sparkled brown eyes. My skin very pale, but not as pale as a vampire! I was thin but tall reaching up to four feet ten inch. I then heard the voices again, but this time, a little bit more clearly.

"We have found one at last!" one voice said.

"Whooooooo?" answered the owl-type voice.

"A powerful wizard! Maybe enough to save Wizard City!" the voice said. "Open your eyes Tabitha IceRider. It's ok. Your eyes will only hurt for a moment." Then I obeyed. Everything suddenly became clear. In front of me stood and old man probably around its... I don't know. He seemed different ages at the same time. He had glasses at the point of his nose. His beard was long and white that reached to his knees. He wore a hat that had stars moving around it. I mean actually moving around it. Next to him, yep, there was an owl sitting on a stick made out of oak. It had glasses, too, with a hat. The same type of hat the man had. Its feathers were pure pearl white. It was beautiful, the color of snow. Its eyes were huge!

"Now that you can see us, let me introduce myself. I am Professor Ambrose, Headmaster of Wizard City. This is Gamma the Owl. She has been with me ever since I was a young lad. A bit older than you though," Headmaster Ambrose said.

"Wait, Wizard City? What do you mean?" I asked confused.

"Why, you are standing in the land of Wizard City yourself! You are a powerful Wizard. You will learn spells and cast them, using them to defeat Rotting Fodders, Kroks, Scarlet Screamers, Fire Elves, etc." the Headmaster said.

“How does it work? I mean, what-what am I doing here? Where did I come from? What happened-”

“A lot of questions this young girl has!” Gamma the Owl said stretching her wing.

“Quite right, quite right. But certainly less questions than most of the wizards have asked before!” Headmaster Ambrose said.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake. I then realized what was around me. Behind Headmaster Ambrose was a tower, big and tall. It had a window on the top and a street surrounded the tower. Trees lined before the street. I looked at the window on the very top and saw a shape moving around the inside building.

“How unusual! Tabitha, go with Gamma the Owl. You will be safe with her,” Headmaster Ambrose said looking up to the tower himself.

“No. I am coming with you. I want to see dangerous things! I want to go, please!” I begged.

“A strong lad this one is too!” Headmaster said turning around facing me.

“Let her go Ambrose. She wants to see the world herself!” Gamma said.

He sighed. “Ok. Come along wizard. We have unfinished business around us. Come along now,” he said turning around and heading for the door. I followed and pushed it open. There inside of the tower stood a tall man with a snarl on his face. I knew right away this was a dangerous person. This was in fact more dangerous than I thought it would be.

“Malistaire! You are no longer welcome here. Why have you returned?” Headmaster Ambrose said raising and eyebrow up.

“I see you have brought a young wizard, perhaps not even enrolled yet, to the tower! Come here wizard! Face me on your own!” Malistaire said and suddenly two creatures appeared right in front of my eyes. They were orange with rings and they wore clothes that were whitish grey. They had long claws and beaks that were as sharp as a bee-stinger. I felt a force pushing me towards Malistaire that I tried to stop and the force was suddenly gone.

Malistaire gasped.

“What? I am confused now. Come here you pathetic wizard!” he said using the force again. This time I could feel it stronger. I then felt this time like I couldn’t stop it. I was put inside a ring with the two henchmen. I was swirling with confusion. What was happening?

“Confront them! Be brave Tabitha! I will guide you!” Headmaster Ambrose said at the edge of the large ring separating him from me.

In front of my eyes stood two cards floating. One said “Troll” and the other said “Fire Cat.” I touched one, which was the fire cat and the battle began.

The two henchmen went first and I couldn’t recall what the cards were named. I felt a little weak but then continued on. It was my turn and I somehow was able to do a fire sign in front of me. I didn’t know how I knew what to do, but I just… knew.

I had chosen the henchman directly in front of me to fight. I saw a cat made out of fire drop to the ground and lunge towards the first henchman. This was fun! But I still knew I was in grave danger.

Then I used the troll and felt the same things happen. The troll wasn’t as big as I expected but it was still awesome. It jumped to the first henchman and hit him flat on the head. I laughed. These guys were easy!

“Tabitha! Use the unicorn! It gives you health! Use it before you are defeated!” Head-master Ambrose said. I then saw a unicorn card in front of me and I cast it. At that moment I felt strong and healthy again. I liked this and felt in less danger than before. I then heard the Headmaster say, “Use the boost shield! Cast it on one!” I then obeyed and used it on my first target. Then I cast my last and awesome spell. They were meteors and they crashed hard on the henchmen and they died by falling to the ground and coughing. I smiled. My first enemies defeated!

“Ambrose! Look at what you have done!” Malistaire said with a cold gleam in his eyes.

“Don’t worry Tabitha. I’ll show him why he is not welcome here this wicked wizard!” the Headmaster said walking towards the fighting circle. I stepped back to get out.

“I do not have any more business here old man. Anyways, I got what I came here for,” he said and disappeared through the mist. I mean he just… disappeared.

“I’ll show him one day!” Headmaster said angrily. He then cast a spell on me and I healed completely. “Follow along now, I wish to speak to you,” Headmaster Ambrose said walking through the door. I followed him out.

I then found myself in the same place before with Gamma the Owl standing on Ambrose’s shoulder.

“Tabitha, you have showed much discipline and I wish you good luck,” Headmaster Ambrose said with gladness gleaming in his eyes.

“Thanks! But what do I do now?" I asked both Ambrose and Gamma.

"You will work on quests. People with exclamation marks above their heads have a quest for you, and people with a yellow question mark means they want to speak to you because you have finished a part of the quest. Last, a question mark with grey colored in means you are working on a quest they gave you and you haven't finished it yet."

"So... should I go now?" I asked him suddenly excited.

"Certainly! Let me just tell you this. For your first quest, by me, I want you to go to Ravenwood and meet all the teachers from the different schools. Your teacher will be Professor Lydia Greyrose. She is the Ice teacher. It is past the gate and to your left. It is a tunnel and the name is carved right above it. The school will be two blocks down to your right after you enter, do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes Headmaster Ambrose. I will finish the quest as you please," I said. I waved goodbye and walked away, but on my way I suddenly felt like I had disappeared and appeared in Headmaster Ambrose’s study. I turned around and walked through the door that was behind me. Then suddenly, everything changed. It was all hectic, even in the territory inside the gate. It took me a while to get past all the wizards that were blocking the way. Finally, I was able to pass the door.

To my amazement, the place was beautiful. In the middle of the field there was a pond with a statue that was transparent at the far side. There were side-walks surrounding it with lined houses facing towards the pond. There were small bridges, one to the right street and one on the very far side of the pond where it was barely visible. Everywhere there were wizards. Some even hit me and I lost some balance, but I got used to it. I looked to my right and saw a tunnel with a sign above saying "Shopping District." Then to my left there was another tunnel. Above there was a sign saying "Ravenwood." That's where I should go," I murmured under my breath excitedly. I ran towards it, but on my way, I bumped into a Wizard way ahead of my rank. He was dressed in Hunter Green with a mask, suit and shoes that looked like a thief’s.

"Sorry!" I said shrinking back ashamed of myself. This might be the first enemy I ever had. Right after I had been found!

The wizard frowned. He turned away and walked off. "Feisty!" I thought inside my head. I then continued on. Finally, I reached the tunnel. When I was about three wand-lenghts away, everything suddenly disappeared. The noise flowed away like someone turning down the volume. I then felt like I was being forced a million miles up per hour. Stars were above me, then suddenly there was a big THUMP and I fell to the ground flat on my face. A big pain burst inside my stomach. The noise then came quickly again. I could feel my face red with embarrassment. I looked up and saw a wizard taking out a hand. I took it without thinking and got up. That was when I then came face-to-face with a young boy about my age. He was new like me, but a little bit more advanced. That I could tell.

"It always happens the first time. Just keep straight and you will land perfectly on your feet next time!" he said.

He wore a Yellow and Blue hat that had four pointed sides. His robe was yellow and Blue too. He wore boots that were so high they reached to his knees. He chuckled and I joined in. After the laughter went down, he said, "Ronan Stalker." He took his hand out for a shake. I shook his hand and said, "Tabitha IceRider. I am an Ice Student of Professor Rosalyn Greyrose. I have just been found in the Spi-"

"Did you just say IceRider?" he asked interrupting with surprise in his eyes.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" I asked unaware of what was coming up.

"No it's just you’re the girl from the prophecy, the idol everyone has been waiting… never mind. Why don't you add me as your friend? You can teleport to me whenever you want."

I looked at him curiously and then asked, "How exactly?"

"Just touch my ring. You have one too," he pointed to my hand and he was right. There was a ring with shiny blue diamonds all around it. Flowing above them was a shining light forming letters that spelled out "Friendship." I then touched his and I felt a burst in my ring. "That was cool!" I said amazed.

He laughed again.

"Well, I should get going on my quest..." I said said.

"Sure! No prob! I'll see you later. I have to go to Triton Avenue; I heard it is FULL of Rotting Fodders and Scarlet Screamers."

"Triton Avenue? Where is that?" I asked interested.

"Don't worry. It will come in one of your quests. There will be an arrow in front of you that no one will be able to see. You have your own," he then laughed.

“We have arrows? I don’t see mine-” I then saw my arrow through all the wizards. “Oh…” I began to say. I giggled surprised of this.

"Ok. Whisper to me when you need help!" and he then walked away. As he was walking, he turned his head and waved goodbye and disappeared through the tunnel. Awesome! A friend already! At that moment I was able to see a better view of where I was at. A huge tree sat in front of me. I mean huge! All its leaves was covering the sky, almost forming a ceiling. A face was carved in and floating in front of it was a word saying Bartleby. I thought it must be the name. Of course, everything here was magic so everything was possible! I smiled.

Suddenly, something hit my back and I fell forward, flat on my face, again. I turned around and saw the same green high rank wizard as before on the ground too.

“We have got to stop doing that!” he said seriously.

“It was you this time! Don’t blame me!” I said. “You’re the one who is being weird and mean all the time David StarCaster!” I said. I suddenly gasped. How did I know his name? It just came out suddenly. He gasped too.

“How-how-how did you know my name?” he asked standing up.

“Um…uh… I don’t know. It just came out…” I started to say. I stood up too and swiped my blue and white novice’s robe.

“That… That was amazing! Is by any chance your name Tabitha- oh what is it! Um, Ice-Ice-IceFather, or IceMother? Ice – Oh! IceRider! Is it Tabitha IceRider?” he asked making movements with his hands.

“How did you know my name?” I asked.

“Lot’s of studying. Being studying prophecies since I was a young lad of course!” he said and then took a step back. He was looking around whistling like he hadn’t said anything.

“Prophecy? Prophecy? What prophecy?

“Never mind,” he said then went to the left where a building with plants covering it was. I guess I had some sort of weird history… already? No! Impossible! Just been found of course! It was unlikely we were going to meet again though. I shrugged.

I then took the opposite way where Headmaster Ambrose told me to go. I passed a building with thunder decorated around the rooftop. I saw a young wizard come out and run towards the tunnel happily. I wish I were as happy as him! I thought. I wanted to find out what was wrong with my name. Every time I told my name, they gasped in disbelief. I was stilled confused about the name part. I continued on. I then came across another building with snow flakes in the rooftop like the other one. This must be it! I thought to myself. I then went through the door and a sensation of cold breeze and ice chilled my skin.

There, in front of me, stood my teacher Rosalyn Greyrose. She was beautiful. She was a fairy instead of a human wizard. She wore a silky blue robe with a wand that had a blue star at the end of it. Her hair was icy blue and laid back into a bun. Her eyes were sparkly brown, like mine, and she was reading a book, or as I should say… magazine. It said something like… Icy Spirits.

She then looked away from the magazine and looked at me. “Ah! A new student in my class! Very charming! Do come in,” she took off her reading glasses and set her magazine on the desk behind her.

The room was very small. There were three rows of seats and desks. The walls were decorated in snow flakes. There were windows at every end of a row. It looked home- coming. At the front row in the right was a blue gas that must be… magic snow or something. I then walked towards her which only took three or four steps.

“Your name is?” she asked in a friendly tone looking down on me for there were steps right before her.

“I… I am Tabitha IceRider, your new student. I have come here to”-

“IceRider you say? IceRider, really?” she asked wide eyed. I felt a pang in my stomach again. What was wrong with my name?

“Uh… yeah. I have come here to accomplish a quest that the Headmast-“

“Oh, pray the Lord! Thank you so much for bringing her in our greatest time of need! Thank you! Oh thank you!” the Professor interrupted clasping her hands together and looking at the ceiling closing her eyes and swaying. She was turning around in circles and I thought it was a little awkward, but I kept quiet for a while. I then asked, “Um, Lydia, is there something really important about me?”

“What is important of you? Why! You are the Savior of Wizard City! In fact, of the whole Spiral! You are the one all the worlds have been waiting for you to come! Krokotopia, DragonSpyre, and GrizzlieHelm!” she said in shock as she starred at me.

“Savior of Wizard City? Professor, what do you mean?” I asked taking my turn in shock.

“I think we should skip that part of your story for now. Let’s get down to your spells. At first you will learn the Ice Beetle. Make sure to use it on easy people in your rank. You don’t want to get defeated many times! It makes me feel sick after being defeated once. A pain in my stomach hits and all,” she said going to the back of the room where many piles of cards were hidden.

I waited for a while sitting down on one of the seats. I was thinking, why is everyone suddenly so surprised of my name? It was getting quite annoying. I now knew about the prophecy, or if there even was a prophecy. I felt my heart thumping loudly. What was happening?

Finally, the Professor came out of the room and had a card of the Ice Beetle in her hand. “Here you go sweetheart. I think you should go talk to Professor Ambrose for now. I just received a call from him saying he wanted to speak to you. I’ll see you later dear,” she said. Then suddenly, “Oh! Here is your wand. It is a novice’s wand and you can carry it all around. Use it in battles too, if you want,” she handed me a transparent wand that was a little cold, but it was as strong as wood.

“If anyone touches it, they will feel it extremely cold, unless they are ice students of course. Good-bye dear. Have a nice trip!” she said. As I turned around, I felt my professor’s eyes starting hard at me. I gripped my wand real hard. Whatever was wrong with my name, I wanted to find out now. I then eased myself and looked in the bright side. At least I liked my life!

I tried not to laugh of happiness. I wanted to jump around in glee. This was the best thing I could ever think of! I then hurried out of the building and suddenly my ring started to tremble. I touched it and a voice said that only I could hear, if you ever want a need of rest or ease, go to your dorm room by softly rubbing your ring and a table will appear. It will show you the different places you want to go. Then press the Dorm Room picture and your there! After some battles you are going to be able to get objects for you dorm so you can decorate it. Enjoy! And the voice ended.

That was when I realized how tired I was. I followed his or her steps and rubbed the ring. Suddenly there was a table in front of me. It was transparent but you could see what it read. I then pressed the picture that below it said “Dorm Room” to go there and then the voice was right. I felt the same way I felt going through the tunnel. I was going extremely fast. I remembered to stay straight and I landed softly and lightly. At last no noise!

I then looked around. The room was smaller then the classroom at the school. It was a circled room and to my left was my bed, and to my right was a desk. Next to it was a small chest that over it, there was a word floating saying “bank.”

I felt happiness surge through me. I was finally on my own. No noise, no bumping, no walking. It was all peaceful. I took off my shoes and put it next to the bed. I took my ring and put it on the desk. I jumped into bed and went under the covers. Then the second I rested my head on the pillow, I fell fast asleep…
I made my last spell and killed the Scarlet Screamer that I accidentally got in to a fight with. Of course I didn’t mind. There were enough health wisps around the block. I was on my quest to defeat some of the Harvest Lord’s. All the novice wizards said they were really hard, but I thought I could manage it.

I then ran to the sidewalk to be safe of any more battling. I needed all my courage and health in order to defeat the Harvest Lords. I walked across the streets, skipping with happiness. I was glad with my life and I didn’t want anybody to change that.

I then saw in front of my eyes a dark cave made out of light brown rocks. It looked kind of… scary and … I then gasped. I had seen some cold eyes appear from inside. They had stared at me for a moment and disappeared. I was shaking. Suddenly, a light appeared from inside that chilled my bones. It was a death teleportation. I could tell by the sort of light it had shown. Now I knew what they meant. I started to take a step back, but then I stood straight and walked towards it with my chest puffed out and my head held high. I then felt the burst of energy pushing hard on my head. I was going a million, maybe even billion miles up per hour. I kept straight and landed carefully on my feet. Everything seemed very dark. So dark that it took a while for my eyes to adjust. I had to defeat three Field Guards.

I can do this! I can, I can, I can! I yelled/thought to myself. Then I saw everything. I looked up and, well, it was a cave. No sky that I could see. I shivered. It was cold. So cold that I took out of my backpack a jacket that gave me some health. I then felt healthier the moment I put it on, and especially warmer. It had fur inside to keep the warm company with me.

I then ran to the sidewalk on my left and followed my arrow. I came to a turn and shrieked. In front of me was a body with a pumpkin on its head with a dark robe worn on. Its hands were made out of straw, the straw I had to get. I then boldly ran towards it bravely and felt forced suddenly to a circle that lined close to the sidewalk. I was in the fighting circle.

I put shields around me first that protected me from storm attacks. This was the Lords weakness probably, for it was storm. I put some boost shields on the Harvest Lord of ice. I then cast a shield of the Ice Snake, and his health was perfectly in half. I did the same again and defeated him. I smiled and took his straw. I fought two more Harvest Lords and did the same exact moves and was ready to talk to the guy with the mill, which I cannot remember the name of right now. I closed my eyes and teleported.

I was standing in front of the man and he looked at me with proud eyes.

“You have done well Ms. IceRider!” he said with wide eyes. “That was a short amount of time!

“It was nothing. In fact, they were easy! I barely got hurt when I fought them!” I said.

“You show much promise Tabitha! Much promise to come!” he then took the straw from my hand putting it in a bag that lay next to him and he said, “I have been having much problems lately with the mill and I wondered if you could fix it…” he began to say.

“Certainly!” I said proud to have accomplished a quest and to be on with another one.

“I want you to defeat the Kraken through the portal right over there,” he said pointing behind to his left.

“I’ll do it!” I said and ran towards it. I heard him say, “Wait!” but too late. I had already disappeared into nothingness. It was dark, but there was a different feeling. It was a feeling… like… something was… watching me, like before at the entrance of the cave. I of course was floating but I tried forcing myself around, but there was nothing. I looked above and didn’t see the stars as usual. Weird… I thought. I then suddenly felt myself forced to flip many, many, many times in a fantastically fast speed. I started to panic when I hit hard ground on my stomach, even though I tried to stand straight.

There was an extremely strong light coming from above even though there seemed like there was no ceiling. The ground below me was a mirror for it reflected my gaze. I then really started to panic.

Suddenly, I heard a cold laugh and it seemed like it came from… everywhere. It was an echo that went on and on and on.

“Whose there!” I said turning around watching closely into the darkness.

"You may have your leader, your spells, your training. You may have the strength of millions, but do you have what it takes to defeat me?"

I then knew where I was.

I was in the dark chamber of Malistaire…
“Malistaire, what do you want? What is your wish to do to Wizard City? You idiot! Do you really think that you can take on Wizard City with your henchmen? Or are you to afraid to even fight yourself!” I yelled kicking the ground burning with rage. He had fought with me only with his henchmen and never against me. It had not been fair and I had known it from the beginning of my life-time.

I wasn’t afraid anymore. I knew who he was and I heard that many people had tried to fight them but gotten defeated. I didn’t care. I didn’t enjoy this guy as much to meet him! No one in the whole Spiral did!

"I want much more then what you’ll ever say wizard. I want to rule all the worlds! You can’t stop me from that can you? Or are you the one who is brave and loyal. Do you only want to do defeat me because Headmaster Ambrose wants you to? Or are you just doing this so you can save yourself and your pathetic friends? I’ll tell you this coward! You’ll never defeat me and that is that!"

Suddenly the cold laugh came ringing through my ears. Now I was really burning with rage. He was the coward and like he had said, that was that! Ugh! How much I wanted to kill him at this second! At that same moment I felt forced upward awkwardly. My left foot was in the air and my right felt limp. My right hand was reaching up and my left hand hanging below me. Last, my head was hanging low, so I saw the ground above me.

Suddenly I saw a face in front of me. It had a long face with black hair. His eyes were cold blue and he had a sneer on his face. I knew this was the guy I had seen in many of my nightmares. This was the person who wanted to destroy the Spiral. He was in front of me, and I didn’t realize the danger I was in.

“Go worthless wizard! Go and keep fighting to learn spells for no reason for you will never defeat me! Go!” he yelled. I then noticed while he was talking that he was holding one arm up with the hand open. He was controlling me and I didn’t like it. Surprisingly, everything then disappeared and I couldn’t feel my body. I then heard a couple of voices like if they were far in the distance. Then they came closer, closer, and closer until…

“Tabitha! Tabitha! Are you ok? Tabitha!” I heard Headmaster Ambrose say. I then felt like if I were lying down on a sofa with ice on my forehead. All the teachers were around me, including Professor Drake, which surprised me.

I felt like my body was numb. I groaned because whole body was in pain. I started to stand up but I felt my teacher push me back on the sofa.

“Tabitha, are you alright? You have been out for hours!” Professor Greyrose exclaimed standing back.

“I-I guess so. I had the strangest dream-”

“Dream? You have been fainted for at least a whole day! Tabitha, what happened?” my teacher said panicking.

“I don’t really know. I was walking towards the portal to go to fight the Kraken when everything went dark. I felt like I was floating and-and-and…” I gulped. Should I tell them about Malistaire?

“And?” Headmaster Ambrose asked.

“I… well… I um… met Malistaire in my dream…” I said closing my eyes. Everything then went quiet. It was a long silence. My heart was pounding so loudly I thought that all the professors would hear. Professor Drake then broke it by saying, “So you mean that you met my brother in your dream?” he asked with wide eyes.

“Yes. He said that he wanted to take Wizard City and the Spiral for revenge. That was what he was trying to tell me in many different words. I don’t know what his revenge is but,” I then felt a sharp pain in my head as I groaned. I heard Malistaire’s voice saying, you are so worthless. You have the strength of millions but not to defeat me! You coward! I then groaned again and felt darkness of sleep drift over me…
I opened my eyes to find myself in my dorm. I could hear some girls giggling on the floor above. They were playing around, jumping, and talking so loudly that I could almost hear their conversation. I sighed and got out of bed. I felt very weak and had to use the cup-board for support. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the most beautiful cloak I had ever seen sitting on top of my studying desk. I limped towards it quickly and picked it up. It was colored in light blue and white. Below all of the clothing was a note saying

Get well soon! I gave you this powerful cloak which gives you more health than usual. 100 max health and 10 mana. I have just made it as a new cloak named “The Cloak of the Goddess” and you are the first one to wear it. Enjoy!

Headmaster Ambrose

I smiled. I changed into the robes and felt health and mana surge through me. I was going to go to Headmaster Ambrose’s tower right now to thank him. This was completely awesome and I didn’t want to take the cloak for granted. I rubbed my wring, chose the commons and teleported.

As I appeared in the heart of the Spiral I noticed again eyes looking at me. “Malistaire?” I asked wording. I then noticed I was getting to the end of my voyage, stood straight and landed softly on hard ground. Noise appeared and everything was then full of light. It wasn’t as hectic as it was the first day I was found, but it still was… crowded. I then ran towards Headmaster Ambrose’s tower when on the way I crashed into a wizard. I looked up and the wizard said, “Impossible!” I gasped. The other wizard said the same.

This was in fact David StarCaster.

“How come we keep on crashing and finding each other?” I asked.

“I-I don’t know! It’s like… hmm. I don’t know! Every now and then we do! It’s like coincidence or something.”

“Let’s just add each other and get over with all the crashing,” I said urging to go.

We added each other, said our goodbyes and I set out again for Headmaster Ambrose’s castle. As I got to the door I noticed something wasn’t right. I had a sensation inside of me like something bad had happened. I ran inside the castle quickly and found Headmaster Ambrose his desk working on the far left corner, starring at a sheet of paper that was coal black.

“Headmaster Ambrose?” I asked as I quietly closed the door and walked over to him.

“Oh, hi Tabitha. Did you get your rest?” he asked with a smile, but not one of those smiles that were comforting, but one of those he tried to force.

“Headmaster, what happened?” I asked as I was then able to see the room about me. It was all a mess. Chairs (I could tell) had been flung down in rage, some of the pictures had nail marks on them, and even some parts of the walls had been torn down.

“Just a mess Ms. IceRider,” Headmaster Ambrose said.

“Headmaster, I know you are lying. What happened?” I asked.

Headmaster Ambrose sighed and looked straight into my eyes, “Malistaire has threatened me that in three days time you shall fight him alone with no help at all. He knows you are a beginner so it will be harder for you to advance in such short notice.”

“What?” I asked sitting down on the only chair that hadn’t been flung down which was right in front of the Headmaster’s desk.

“Have you ever read this book?” he asked getting a rather small but old book from underneath many sheets of paper. He handed it to me calmly.

There was a whole lot amount of dust on top that I had to swipe my hand across the cover to read the title. Surprisingly, there was no title at all. No author, no… anything. I then opened it to the first page and saw a picture of Malistaire on top of a rock over the valley of where DragonSpyre was. I flipped to the next and this time, a young girl appeared. She had short blonde hair and brown eyes, thin but a little tall, and a pet named…

Sparky! The name of my own pet, the ice pet!

“Are you saying that this person is…” I started to say looking up to him.

He nodded and motioned for me to go on. I then flipped the page again and saw myself battling a Scarlet Screamer (probably the one I accidentally got into fight with). On the next page was a picture of me fighting the Kraken. I kept on flipping through the book showing me going through a higher level every time until… I gulped… until I was in fact battling Malistaire. On the bottom corner of the page was a date of when it was going to take place. It said, ‘December 21st, 5000.’

The date was in fact three days ahead of today, December 18th, year 5000.

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