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Saviors of the Spiral by Steven Shadowflower

"Welcome! You two have been chosen to attend Ravenwood School of Magical Arts," said Merle Ambrose cheerfully.. Steven felt an extreme sensation of happiness, while Morgrim hid his feelings with an unemotional face. While the two twins were exactly alike, Morgrim preferred not to show his emotions. This was much harder for Steven who almost always wore a smile on his face.

"That's great," said Morgrim in a tone between happy and unemotional. "Now then, judging by your test results, I think that Steven should be in the Death School and that Morgrim should be in the Myth School," continued Headmaster Ambrose. "It's amazing that two twin brothers who are almost exactly alike to up in two different Schools, although, it has happened before..." said Gamma the Owl trailing off. Then, suddenly, the ground began to shake. A heavy storm started and bolt of lightning and crashes of thunder rocked Wizard City. "What in the name of sweet potato soup is happening!?" cried Headmaster Ambrose. He looked out the window of his house just in time to see a large bolt of lightning stroke Golem Tower, and a shadow pass the top window. "Whooooo?" cried Gamma. "We'd better investigate!" said Headmaster Ambrose.

Headmaster Ambrose hurried out the door with Steven and Morgrim trailing after him. They quickly arrived to the top of the tower in what seemed to be minutes. There, they saw a tall, pale, strict looking man dressed in black and yellow, with a greasy mustache and goatee with matching black hair in a braid. Accompining him were two orange dragon like creatures in green robes. "Malistaire!" said Headmaster Ambrose to the man. "Ambrose," sneered the man called Malistaire. "You lnow you are no longer welcome here! Why have you returned?" asked Headmaster Ambrose.

"That is none of your concern," said Malistaire. "Now attack my minions!" The dragon like monsters pounced. "NO!" cried the headmaster. He tossed a deck of spell cards to Steven and Morgrim. "Defend yourselves!" cried Ambrose. Then, the Wizard duel began.

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