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Savior of the Spiral by Blake Lifecaller

There was a young wizard who had just started Ravenwood academy.

Merle Ambrose and his pet have been wondering about him. They think he is the chosen one he doubted them the first couple times. Then he finally asked doesnʼt the chosen one have to fight some evil dude? Headmaster told him that this man is very terrible. His name is Malistaire said headmaster. Ha what kind of name is that?! It is the name of evil. So let me get this straight your saying you want me to kill this man? Pretty much yes I think you can do it but not alone. You might need some treasure cards and friends to come along. Here take these cards I knew they would come in handy one day. Now go young student find friends and defeat Malistaire! The young wizard found many wizards but they were all to scared to help him fight Malistaire. Only one wizard wanted to help him out And his name was Jason Hawkeye.

He said he would be honored to help me out. Jason said he has just finished filling his deck up with treasure cards. And the young wizard said he had got treasure cards from Mr. Ambrose. Jason told him Malistaire was in Dragonspyre. The young wizard said lets go! As they wandered around Dragonspyre For hours They had no sign of Malistaire. Finally as they entered a certain room Malistaire was behind them. Jason was in shock he said they were the first wizard students ever to come face to face with Malistaire. The young student came up to him and said duel! Jason came behind the young wizard student. The young student used kraken on Malistaire Then Jason used ice wyvern. Malistaire used the dreadful Wraith on Jason Jason was badly hurt. Jason was a gone. As I used Helephant and defeated Malistaire. I waited for somebody to help me. I kept on screaming Jasonʼs name on and on hoping he would come back. Finally Cyrus Drake came and told me I was the savior of the spiral. I told him he was wrong. I said Jason and I were the saviors. Mr. Drake created a portal to Merle Ambrose he said Mr. Ambrose had mastered all spells from all classes. He can heal Jason with his life spell.

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