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Saved Wizard City by Mason Blueblade

A young ice wizard named Mason Blueblade was talking to one of his friends, his friend had to go so Mason started to walk away when he ran into a strong death wizard.His books and papers fell the ground with a crash.

"Heh! Watch it!"said the death wizard furiously.

"Sorry."said Mason

"Yea you better be!"the death wizard said and kicked Mason in the shin, Mason was holding his shin and hopping on one foot.

The Headmaster came towards him."Are you alright Mason?"asked the Headmaster."

"I'll be fine if the bleeding stops."said Mason.

"Here one moment."said the Headmaster. "Abigail, could you please heal Mason."

"Yes sir."she took her wand said spell under her breath and the blood started to go back into his leg and the skin closed up.

"Thank very much.....Abigail,right?"

"Yes."she said.Then she walked away.

"Who was that death wizard?"asked Mason.

"Well,death wizards are usually very nice, but this one has a past that is....well.....not good talking about, but I will tell you. Ten years ago the death wizard that harmed you was haunted by the dead, most of which were field guards. He saw them in mirrors, out windows and even saw their faces in water! Here is the saddest part. Malistare, broke into his house and killed his parents, he wanted to be a life wizard, but Malistare changed that, he did something to him that made him want to be a killer death wizard. Me and all of the other teachers, even the temporary death teacher are afraid he might turn into a person like Malisatre. We picked you to killed him."said the Headmaster. "What....no!"said Mason "You have to and since I am so powerful I am sorry, you will kill him after class."said the Headmaster.

After class Ms.Greyose nodded to Mason. He went outside and he could feel the life being sucked out of him. He jumped to the side and saw the death wizard. Mason grabbed his wand and deck he grabbed ice trap and casted it on the evil wizard. The wizard put a shield of ice on himself. Mason got a power pip and he saw evil snowman. "Not yet."Mason said under his breath. He wondered why ice wyrm didn't show up in his deck. Mason thought he saw the wizard take out vampire. Mason thought to himself the wizard is going to heal! Mason found ice wyrm! The wizard took out sunbird. Mason couldn't take the damage, he had 345 health left. The wizard attacked and hit 344. Mason was almost out cold, but had enough strength to get ice wrym attacking, then all went black for Mason.

Mason woke up in his dorm and a dim light was shining through his window. He tried to get up, but it felt someone stomped on his back for years and he could see fire slashes on his arm. He managed to get up looked out his window and he could see all of wizard city outside. He opened the door and everyone cheered that Mason killed the dangerous wizard. They said a few words and asked a few questions and Mason went back inside his dorm.

Someone knocked on his door he opened it and it was Abigail. "You did a great job out there."she said "Thanks."Mason said. She gave him a little kiss on the forehead and she left. "I love my life." he said in a whisper. He went back in his bed and fell asleep.

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