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The Legend of Savannah RavenCloud: The First Hero by Savannah Ravencloud

Savannah woke up in front of the computer again. She groaned. “I fell asleep again. M” She said. To relieve the morning boredom, Savannah decided to watch TV. Nickelodeon had Nick Jr. right now. Every channel had commercials and little kid shows on. She decided to keep Cartoon Network while a commercial was on. Action-like music played. Savannah’s head raised up. She was amazed as she watched wizards duel with monsters and run around freely without anyone to stop them. Savannah realized it is an online game called Wizards101, and a free code is available to get a free item.

“Can you help me and two million wizards defeat the evil Malistaire? Sign up now and play now!” said Merle Ambrose as the commercial ended.

Savannah quickly went to Wizards101.com and signed up. She downloaded the game. As the game was patching, Savannah heard a sound. She turned around, confused. The computer kept on pinging, saying the game finished patching. Savannah smiled as she pressed PLAY. She was sucked into the computer and into the world of Wizards101. A stork walked up to her.

“Aa h…. Welcome, First student ever. I have never seen you before. What’s your name? I’ll sign you up and get you proper clothing, your dorm, your proper wizard type, and a wand. Yes, a wand. A wizard never leaves their dorm without a wand. Fill out this, please, quick, quick, quick.” said the stork. Savannah looked down. She was still in her orange butterfly pajamas, as people smirked and sneered at her.

“My name is Savannah…. RavenCloud. If I…. When this…..” murmured Savannah as she filled the quiz out. “If Merle Ambrose asked me…” Savannah handed the completed quiz to the stork. She noticed its name tag with the name: “Mr. Lincoln” written on it. “I can help improve Wizard City once I’m used to this.”

“Hmmm…….. It seems you should be an Ice-type of a Wizard. Wait for a minute.” said Mr. Lincoln as he waved his wings around and murmured some words. Savannah’s clothes changed into a beautiful blue and white gown with a cape. A wand with a ice shard appeared in her hand. “Perfect. Now, go to our dorm.”

Savannah was still freaked out since she was magically sucked into this world. Is it not just a game? She teleported to=2 0her dorm, all neat and clean. Savannah called it a night and jumped into her comfy bed. She closed them as she thought. Will she be a good Wizard? Will she be stuck here forever? Years passed by, Savannah got used to it and made tons of friends who got sucked in too and were fun. She even made friends with some cute guys! She made it to level 60, and became a hero. Savannah improved Wizard City as she promised.

“Gasp…. Gasp…. That’s enough of the Kraken for one day.” gasped Savannah as she giggled with Aaron DeathCaster. He blushed and smiled as they both walked together.

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