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Sabrina Skystone: A Storm Student (part 3) by Sabrina SkyStone

There I was, playing in the sandbox like any other 5 year old would do. It started raining. I looked up at the sky before it started raining harder. "Sabrina! Let's go home sweetie!" Tanana yelled. I got up and started running toward her. Then a strike of lighting came down and hit the sandbox I was playing in. Luckly I was out. I screamed and started crying. Tanana came and carried me, Sabrina a lonley 5 year old, back to the car.

I stopped screaming. The pain wasn't over but I felt too tired to scream any more.

"What's wrong with her Professor Drake?" Alia asked.

"She has a miniuture Kraken inside her head. When you were battling the two Krakens, the one that was defeated first came into the nearest Storm students' head. That's why it's very dangerous to battle two Krakens at the same time with a Storm student with you." he stated.

"Shouldn't Professor Balestorm be saying this?" Tabitha asked.

"Yes. He should. But I also know this as well. I studied Storm when I was young." he said.

Moolinda Wu had left by now to reassure some scared Level 1 Life students that there was no Scarlet Screamers near by.

"We'll need a Life wizard to cast a Sprite to get the Kraken out of her head." he said.

"I'm a Life Wizard!" Terri spoke in her cheerful sing-songy voice.

"Very well, cast away." Cyrus said.

I heard Terri cast the Sprite. There was a very high-pitched squeal, and then the Sprite entered by head. Next thing, I knew, the pain was gone and I was able to open my eyes again. I sat up, a little shaken and holding my head. My friends hugged me tightly.

"We promise never to do something like that again!" they all squealed.

"It's not your fault guys, I asked Tabitha to come with me and she said yes. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine." I said.

After our hug fest, we all said thank you to Professor Drake, and he left. We headed out of Alia's dorm to find it surrounded by students of all schools.

"Uh, hi." we all said sheepishly as we walked down the steps. They all just stared us. I knew why. But we kept on walking. And they, followed us? I turned around. "Why are you following us?" I asked. One of the students answered, "Cause we heard what happened." They said, couldn't be more than a Level 4 wizard. "Ok, so?" Mackenzie asked. "And we know what's going to happen." another student said, probably a level 20.

They knew what was going to happen?

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