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Sabrina Skystone: A Storm Student (part 2) by Sabrina Skystone

Tabitha and I stood there wands at the ready. I cast some Lightning Bats at one Kraken. He resisted it a little. Tabitha cast her Snow Serpent on one too, that did him good. We knew we weren't strong enough. But like they read our minds, our friends, Cori Dragondreamer, Mackenzie Deathsword, Terri Lifesong, and Alia Mythcatcher, showed up.

"What are you guys doing here?" I shouted at them.

"Sohomer, told us you went to battle the Kraken and his friend!" Cori shouted back as she cast her Sunbird spell.

"So we came to help!" Mackenzie added as she cast her Banshee spell.

"Did you honestly think that we would let you do this alone?" Terri questioned as she took a hit from a Storm Shark spell the Kraken cast. Then she cast a Seraph.

We thought the Seraph would end the life of one, but it didn't. That was wierd. So we continued casting. Nothing seemed to be working to defeat them. We kept taking hits from them and weaking. While we weakened they seemed to be getting stronger. Everytime we tried to flee, we got hit. I cast a Stormzilla spell. And the first Kraken went down! We all cheered. But then we remembered that there was another one. He got us good with a Natrual Attack. Alia tried to save the day with an Earthquake spell, but sadly, couldn't. The Kraken did another Natrual Attack and Alia, the youngest of us all, was defeated. We all feared for each other. We had to keep fighting.

We did it. After a long, ruthless battle against the Krakens, we made it back to Sohomer.

"I'll let you know when you all can go back to the Kraken. By the way, your teachers are worried about you six. " he said.

"We get your point Sohomer. We'll be more careful next time." Tabitha assured him.

So, all us took Alia back to her dorm in Ravenwood to let her rest. Then the rest of us that were still standing, went to apoligize to our professers. After that we met back at Alia's dorm to make sure she was okay. We hated seeing our friends sick and tired in bed. She woke up after a while. She regained her health and felt fresh and new! Then, all of a sudden, something sharp and painful hit my head. It was hurting so bad. I fell to the ground with my hands clutching my head. And I screamed, loud. I bet if you ask all the students hanging around Ravenwood, they would have thought a Scarlet Screamer was near by. I kept screaming and couldn't stop. Terri went to get Professor Moolinda Wu, the Life professor. I was curled up in a ball continuing to scream and hold my head when she got there. Moolinda Wu tried summoning a Unicorn to help, but nothing could be done. We thought this was going to be the death of me. That nothing at all could be done! Alia got Cyrus Drake to come and check out what was going on.

"Pull her hands from her head." he ordered.

They tried to pull my hands from my head. I was covering my ears at this point. But I could still hear. It took all five of my friends to pry and pull. Finally they did it. Cyrus Drake looked in my ear, like he had super-sonic vison or something.

"I know what's wrong." he said calmly.

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