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Rogan and Jasmine (part 2) Jasmine's Point of View by by Jasmine FairyGlade

I was confused, “We are from what, who, and where?”

“Your mother, Gabriella Lightningshard, was from Krokotopia and was a diviner,” the old man said, “And your father, Duke Frostbringer, was a thaumaturge from Marleybone.”

“I’m still confused,” Rogan complained, “Where is Marleybone again? And what’s a Krakatopia?”

“I see this is going to take a while,” Merle Ambrose sighed, “Oh well, I guess all students who grow up on Earth take some time to get used to it. No matter how hard we try it’s just difficult to explain it all at once.”

Without warning, the old man called Merle Ambrose dragged us into the door with no frame. All of a sudden, we were in some office with piles of books, scrolls, bottles of ink, and assorted quills. I gasped in amazement, not because it was impossible for all of this to be in our basement, but I’d never seen so many papers in such a big mess.

In the middle of the room there was a white owl wearing a mortarboard and glasses sitting on a pedestal.

“Who?” it cried.

“They are our new students Gama,” Merle Ambrose replied to the owl, “They’re Gabriella and Duke’s children, the one’s we’ve been looking for.”

“Oh really?” the Gama owl asked, “I thought they’d be stronger looking.”

“Did that owl just talked?” my brother inquired, “And did he just insult us?”

“Yes Gama,” the old guy said to the owl, “they are going to need a lot of training.”

Rogan put his fists up, “Whoever you are talking owl, don’t make me wave at you, because I’m much stronger than I look!”

I tried to calm my brother down, “Rogan, please! I told you not to!”

Ignoring our last argument, Merle Ambrose said, “Welcome to the Ravenwood School of the Magical Arts. Here you will learn many spells and someday become great wizards.”

My eyes widened, “Are you saying we’re wizards? That explains everything, I guess.”

“But wait,” Rogan interrupted, “if we’re wizards, what on earth were we doing on Earth?”

“I’m afraid I can’t answer that,” Merle Ambrose replied, “You’ll have to ask your parents.”

“Our parents are here?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes, but you will see them after you are enrolled in the school. Now each of you look into the Book of Secrets and answer a few questions. They will tell you what school you belong to. There are seven schools: fire, ice, storm, myth, life, death and balance. Jasmine Fairyglade you go first.”

I approached the book and leaned over. Suddenly, the book froze up and turned to a page that said: School of Ice.

“Strange,” Merle Ambrose scratched his head, “that’s never happened before. It appears you are to study the art of Thaumaturgy.”

“Cool,” I gasped, “literally.”

My brother than went over to the book and it lit on fire but did not burned. Then it turned to a page that said: School of Fire.

“Very strange indeed,” the headmaster wondered, “You, Rogan Dragonflame, will be studying Pyromancy. Now, both of you may pick out your robes.”

Rogan chose some red clothes and I chose blue. They were our favorite colors. The headmaster took us outside to a tower. Merle Ambrose was about to explain more about Ravenwood when the clouds turned gray and lightning surrounded the tower.

“Who?” Gama cried.

“Good heavens!” Merle gasped, “Come young wizards, we must investigate at once!”

Merle Ambrose ran inside the tower leaving us behind.

“What in fire blazes is going on here?” Rogan asked the owl.

“Best follow the headmaster young wizards,” Gama said, “You’re safe with him.”

“Don’t worry Rogan,” I assured my brother, “Whatever happens, I’ll protect you.”

He followed me into the tower. Once inside, we came face to face with a dark figure.

“Merle Ambrose,” the dark wizard sneered, “how nice to see you again. Are these your new students? I’d love to get acquainted with them.”

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