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The Rebirth of Darkness by Michael DreamCrafter

I sat on the dank, cold floor of the dungeon, with the sound of the rain hammering on the roof of the tower. The sound of quick, pacing footsteps of Chelsea accompanied these sounds. I stood eventually, and wandered over to the window. I looked through the bars at the ocean below, thrashing violently against the rocky shore.

“How’d we get ourselves into this?” I finally said. Chelsea stopped walking, and looked over to me.

“Malistaire’s skeleton warriors… You were knocked out, but they assaulted the school. They’ve never been able to do that.” Said Chelsea.

“I… Oh yeah. What did he do to me? I can’t remember much about yesterday…” I said, fighting through my memories and thoughts.

“Malistaire questioned you last night. They used some sort of spell, which stole your memories. They gave them back to you eventually, but poorly, so your mind is having trouble accessing it.” Said Chelsea.

“Great. So I’ll be of no use. Except when it comes to getting out of here, however.” I said.

“I’ve practiced using plenty strong magic without my wand, so we can bust out of this room, get out wands, and get outta here. I hope.”

I traced the Storm symbol in the air with my finger, and it appeared fluently in front of me. I looked to Chelsea to receive a reassuring glance, and hopped backwards once. I ran forwards, and punched through the symbol, effectively sending blue and yellow bats swarming from tornado appearing from my hand. I held my arm steadily, as they jerked from my arm. The first couple of bats rammed the door, bursting into electrical sparks, bashing the door a bit more each time. Eventually, the last bat flew from the tornado and bashed into the door, sending it blasting out into the hall, as the tornado snaking from my hand blew away into the air. I smiled at Chelsea, and she smiled back.

“Nice work, Blaine.” I nodded. We rushed into the hall, and over the bashed door. As we turned into another dark room, we saw our wands. We ran forward to receive them, and I had mine, and I handed Chelsea hers. We walked back towards the door, as we saw a dark fog darkening the hallway. A sword extended from it, and saw the balance symbol getting drawn in the air. I quickly scribbled the storm symbol in front of me, and as a swarm of locust shot from the mist, I blasted out a large gust of wind from my wand. The wind shot the locust back into the hall. I held my wand firmly ahead of me, clearing the dark fog, to reveal two skeleton warriors pressed against the hallway wall from the wind. The other one, as I was not looking, sent a scorpion from his sword crawling under the ground, under the wind, and towards Chelsea.

The wooden floor splintered upwards from the creature, and I turned my wand towards it. The wind blasted up the wooden panels, tearing away the flooring as I followed behind the scorpion with my wand’s aim. Chelsea then drew the Life symbol quickly into the air, and glowing spirit armor beamed from her wand and grew upon her body. The scorpion slammed against her armor, and burst into yellow sparkling flames in the air. The armor dissipated at contact. The skeleton growled in disappointment, and I took my opportunity. I drew the Storm symbol into the air once more, and then a bolt of blue lightening blasted from it, striking the ground. A snake appeared where the lightning struck, and it slithered along the ground towards Malistaire’s two minions.

It thrust its tail outwards, and it drove into the skeleton’s rib cage. The tail lit up from powerful electricity, and the skeleton’s bones blew into ash. The snake then opened its mouth, and released a powerful lightning wave, sending the other skeleton in a bright flash shooting down the hall, and crashing into the wall at the end. The snake then disappeared.

“Perfect. Let’s get outta here!” I called, running for the doorway. Chelsea followed close behind as we charged down the hall. A door in the hallway burst down, and skeleton guards formed in the hallway. Chelsea drew the life symbol ahead of her, and then a tree burst out of the stone floor, sending bricks smashing against the walls. The tree burst outwards, into the shape of a tree man. The tree charged forwards, and bashed all the skeletons down, into piles of bones and armor scattered along the hallway. The tree man kept charging down the hall, me and Chelsea following close behind. More doors opened, but the tree smashed them back closed.

We all made it to a window, and the tree screeched to a halt. It turned around, nodded to us, and burst into leaves, which floated to the floor.

“Alright, we made it here. Now where are the stairs?” Chelsea began, but then she stopped, as she looked down the hall at the dark, menacing figure of Malistaire.

“Why are you running, children? We still have so much to do.” Malistaire spoke in his cold, taunting voice, and at the end of his sentence, he raised his arms above his head, as a swarm of Wraiths shot down the hall, hovering above the ground towards us. A dark fog lingered in a trail behind them, as they approached, their dark eyes showing a desperately hungry look.

“No time for stairs, Chelsea!” I shouted, and I grabbed her hand, and leapt for the window. I smashed through it, Chelsea not too far behind me, and fell down towards the ocean below me. I fell with the shards of glass, Chelsea, and the rain. I closed my eyes. The feeling of falling was rather… peaceful.

My bliss was interrupted, as I slammed hard against an icy surface below me. Not water. I opened my eyes, and looked up at a kid standing above me, around my age, and I was shocked.

“Tyler Darkdust?” I said aloud. Tyler smiled, and extended his hand outwards. He helped me up, and I struggled to stand without slipping.

“You’re one of my favorite ice wizards! I’m amazed by your work, and the things you do.” I said. He smiled and nodded.

“Thanks, I know. I get that a lot. So much… Ugh… It’s so annoying…” He said.

“Wow, well, sorry…” I said. He smiled at me again.

“I was kidding.” We both laughed at me, and then I turned to Chelsea.

“Will she be okay?” I asked Tyler. He nodded.

“She definitely will. She’s just unconscious from the shock. Those wraiths have that affect on the week. Like girls.” Said Tyler.

“You should be glad she wasn’t awake to hear that.” I said.

“Yeah, well I’m awake.” Said a voice. I looked around Tyler, to see a fire mage, and a life mage. The life mage was dressed in a green outfit with a cape, and a hood almost covering his eyes.

“Sorry… This is my cousin Amanda Fairyfire, and Michael Dreamcrafter.” Said Tyler. I shook Amanda’s hand and Michael’s as well. The two seemed pretty strong, but not nearly as strong as Tyler.

“So you’re a life wizard just like Chelsea?” I asked Michael.

“Yes. I’m life and death. I learned both, so that I do not have a weakness.” Said Michael.

“Smart.” I said simply. “I wanna spend most of my time focusing on the storm class. I can even stop the rain for a bit!” I said. All of their eyes turned to me, and lingered there. I almost opened my mouth to ask ‘what?’ but then I realized. I held my wand above me, and scribbled the storm symbol into the air. I flicked my wand into the symbol, and the rain stopped falling above the group. Michael smiled.

“That’s pretty cool.” He said, and I smiled back at him.

“All right. I’ll create an ice bridge back to land.” Said Tyler. He took out his wand, and drew the ice symbol into the air. Ice sprayed continuously from the wand’s tip, freezing a path in the water.

“Hey, did you make up that spell?” I asked him. “Because I also recently learned how to. You just take it out of another spell, right?”

“Yes. This spell I based off of Blizzard, but in a milder, more concentrated fashion.” Said Tyler. I nodded, again admiring the skill Tyler possessed. In the books, he would be up around a level… thirty, while I’m only around a level three, and so is Chelsea. Michael and Amanda seemed more like level sixes, which all these levels aren’t that high, but compared to me and Chelsea they were. Michael summoned a few imps to support Chelsea’s unconscious body as the group made their way along the ice bridge. Suddenly, the group heard a crackling sound. They turned, to see an Ember Everburn, floating by the jet of flame below it.

Michael ordered the three imps to set Chelsea down, and charge at the Ember Everburn. One got blasted down immediately by a fireball, while another began singing. The notes blasted forwards, and slammed the Everburn in the chest. It roared, and blasted a continuous, blazing flame.

The flame engulfed the two imps, and they released shrill cries before they disappeared in the fire. The flames moved along the ice, melting it away. The Everburn was left on a small ice island. Amanda took this opportunity, and drew the fire symbol in front of her quickly. Then, a fire cat leapt from the symbol, and pounced from ice block to ice block, until it made it close enough to the Ember Everburn. It leapt, and in mid air morphed into a blazing fireball. The fire crashed, and burst against the Everburn, and it stumbled backwards.

It laughed at the attempt, but Amanda seemed sure with herself. Soon, the ice block the Everburn was on tilted, for as he stumbled, he shifted the weight. The Everburn fell into the icy cold water, and his flames were put out, leaving behind floating stone limbs.

“I’m sorry, that was my fault. I should have cut off the bridge so that no one could catch us.” Said Tyler.

“Yeah, you should be sorry, but about the fact that we had to fight that thing. Why didn’t you just take it out in one hit?” I asked. “If it weren’t for the terrain, we would be dead!” I said.

“Yes, but the more you fight, the stronger you get, so think about this. If I defeated it, I would get no experience at all. Since these two did, they’ll become stronger wizards. Get it?” Said Tyler. I nodded in defeat.

“I wonder what an Everburn was doing all the way out here. I guess Malistaire is rounding up his minions. But for what?” I said. Tyler began his ice path spell again.

“Maybe another attack. His last one was a failure.” Said Tyler. I thought about this.

“Shall we keep moving? I’m wasting Ice.” Said Tyler.

“Oh!” I walked over to Chelsea, and tapped her cheek. She stirred.

“Where am I?” Asked Chelsea. I explained what had happened before briefly.

“Wait, Tyler Darkdust?” Asked Chelsea. Tyler smiled.

“You hang out with Michael Dreamcrafter!” Exclaimed Chelsea.

“Yes. Why take an interest in me? I am not a powerful wizard quite yet.” Said Michael.

“Yeah, but you’re the life wizard in this chosen group of yours. Also, the idea of life and death is genius.” Said Chelsea.

“I’m glad someone is actually admiring me.” Said Michael. The rest of the walk along the ice path was rather silent, other than occasional random annotations about our thoughts. Eventually, we looked up and saw the floating Wizard City.

“Oh boy… I’ll freeze the waterfall, and create some hand holds. Alright?” Tyler suggested. I nodded unsurely. He used the spell increasingly strong on the waterfall, freezing the water. We all made our way carefully up the frozen waterfall, helping each other to make sure that all of us kept safe. Finally, we could rest as we had reached land.

“Finally… we made it. You two should report to Headmaster Ambrose that you have returned. We have to deal with a rising issue in Olde Town.” Said Tyler.

“But I- Never mind. Sure. Maybe I’ll see you later, Tyler. You too, Michael, Amanda.” I said. Michael and Amanda said bye, and so did Tyler and we headed our separate ways for now.

I walked with Amanda and Tyler, my green cape flowing behind me. I turned around to look at Blaine and Chelsea as they left towards the headmaster’s house.

“Do you think Malistaire will go after those two again?” I asked Tyler.

“Oh, I know he will. Malistaire doesn’t like to lose, so he won’t rest until he has those two back.” Said Tyler.

“What’s the issue with Olde Town, Tyler?” Asked Amanda, quickening up to Tyler’s side.

“The Haunted Minions in Triton Avenue have been acting up drastically recently, and the soldiers are barely holding them at bay. Not many down there are wizards, so we’ll have to help them out.” Said Tyler. We hastened through the shopping district, looking at all the wizards bustling about to find what they needed. The shops were cluttered all around, the paths packed tight with the wizards and townsfolk. Eventually, we made it through the tunnel to Olde Town.

We walked in, to see many guards knocked out on the floor in front of the transition of Olde Town to Triton Avenue. Haunted minions stood around the bodies, thrashing their staffs about, and fending off the guards’ swords. Dark Sprites swarmed in the skies, blocking all sun.

“This is a mess.” I said.

“We should split up. Michael, why don’t you get somewhere high, and get down as many dark pixies as you can. Tyler and I will go in and clear out the haunted minions.” Amanda said. I nodded, and rushed towards a building. As I climbed to the first level of a building’s roof, a few Dark Sprites noticed me, and dove at me. I held out my wand, and sent a Life Ire blazing towards them. It blew into sparks on one pixie, causing them to spin backwards, and fall out of the sky. The other ones approached quickly, and I then drew the death symbol in the air. A grave appeared on the roof, and a Ghoul hopped out of it. It took a shovel in hand, and swatted the Dark Sprites out of the sky, and they hurled to the ground. The Ghoul then dumped his shovel load of life to me.

I rose slightly above the roof, the life entering through me, into my heart. I felt refreshed as my feet touched the roof again. The Ghoul hopped into his grave again, and the grave sunk into the roof.

I climbed even higher up the roof, and sent Imps blazing from my wand. They swarmed into the mix of Dark Sprites, and sent blasts of their music, knocking them down in clumps. I looked down to Tyler and Amanda. Amanda had a Fire Cat blasting the approaching Haunted Minions with bursts of flames, as Amanda sent small fire shots at the ones her cat missed. Tyler was whirling around with his wand in hand, shooting ice blasts at the minions, freezing them in their place to later be burnt by Amanda’s Fire Cat. Tyler then drew a bright ice symbol in the air, and the ground began to shake. Ice spikes shot out from the ground, and snow fell from the sky throughout all of Olde Town.

The snow built up in a pile by the ice spikes, and created a cave. The breath of something large was visible, coming from the cave. Suddenly, a huge Ice Wyvern shot from the cave. It twirled upwards into the air, and looked down upon the Haunted Minions. The guards ran back to a safe spot, right as the Ice Wyvern opened its mouth, to release a huge burst of freezing air, which overcame almost all of the haunted minions.

The remaining minions fled. Because their masters were frozen, many Dark Sprites burst into dark sparks, and the sparks rained from the air onto the floor. The remaining Sprites were knocked out of the air by my Imps. I called them to me, to lower me to the ground, and then dismissed them.

“Alright. That was pretty easy. You gonna release that Wyvern? It’s kinda… making me uncomfortable.” I said. Tyler looked at me.

“Really? Never mind… I’m going to stay here with my Wyvern to make sure everything is gonna stay okay. You go find those two Blaine and Chelsea. Something about those two is important, and they may be who Malistaire is sending everyone for.” Said Tyler. Amanda released her Fire Cat.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine here?” Asked Amanda. Tyler just gave a brief nod, as he heard moaning and footsteps in the distance.

“Hurry up and go!” Shouted Tyler. As Rotting Fodders charged into Olde town, as well as Scarlet Screamers. I began to run, as Tyler’s Ice Wyvern thrust down at the group, smashing a large bunch of them with his icy head.

I entered the headmaster’s dorm, worried for Amanda, Michael, and Tyler’s safety. As Chelsea and I entered, a greatly relieved look grew across Headmaster Ambrose’s face.

“I am glad to see you two are okay! I have learned something important about you two, that I must tell you about. I was worried that Malistaire would keep hold of your power. Now, I do know that Malistaire asked you some questions. Do you know what they were?” Said Ambrose.

“They didn’t ask me questions, actually. They took my memories, and then threw them back in me after getting what they wanted.” I said. Headmaster Ambrose seemed disturbed by this fact.

“That means that he has unlocked the power…” Said Ambrose. He noticed the confused and worried looks on our faces, and explained. “There is more than one prophecy. Tyler, Michael, and Amanda are the original prophesized ones to defeat Malistaire, but you… you are prophesized to assist in the fall of a completely new evil. A new magic, actually. This magic only few have ever even attempted in the past. It is fueled by an evil demon. The magic of possession, and psychological control.” Headmaster Ambrose gave us a moment to catch up to what he said, but then as we looked up, this cued him to continue.

“This magic can control others to do everything that the caster would like. This also includes control of the mind, and the victim’s thoughts. This magic was completely banned by every last one of the realms, and the leaders of each realm helped to seal this magic where no one could reach it, but it seems as though it is too late. For years, I was worried that Malistaire would unlock this magic, but as the chosen ones arrived, I lost those worries. I felt as though everything that I worried about would be fixed as the chosen ones came… but I was wrong to forget about these.”

“Recently Lady Oriel prophesized of two other chosen ones, and you match the descriptions. If you are wondering about what you need to do, that is to defeat the demon that fuels this magic. Astaroth, the king of Mind Bending magic.” Headmaster Ambrose finished, and I stood in silence, going over all that has been said in my head.

“Where is this Astaroth?” I asked. Ambrose shook his head.

“I do not know.”

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