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The Petrifier by Autumn Dayheart

The Sacred Sorcery Series of Autumn Dayheart
Thats all the Golem Tower was,Barren.
My footsteps were the only sound besides the soft wind.
Everything was quiet,and nothing was there,
even the flowers were gone.

At the commons area,a bunch of scenery was black,
and childrens faces,didn't look to happy.

Just at the gate of Professor Ambrose's home,a large crowd stared at its center.
People in the crowd could barely speak,execpt for a small boy,who said he liked the cookies.
Wait,cookies?Oh dear.

I raced down the road,and pushed people aside to see what happend..The center of the crowd was horrible.Scary.Even tearful.
A tray of cookies was on the ground,some broken in half.
No,thats scary,but not what i'll tell you.
Their lay the body of my grandmother,Lydia Greyrose.

Ambrose's door quietly squeaked open.
Everyone had turned around to see the wise,but serious face of their headmaster.
"Now,What seems to be the problem children?"Ambrose said as he emerged from the blackness of his home.
Everyone had quietly stepped aside to show the devastation that happened..
"Oh my."Ambrose was certainly worried.

"Oh...Children!No need to worry,Lydia is only petrified,
A state where the body cannot move,but it seems like death."
Children and their parents whispered amongst eachother,While Ambrose dissmissed them.

Appearing from the shadows,I quietly step over to the Headmaster,who was looking for words to say.
"Autumn?"Ambrose whispered
"Your grandmother will be fine,but do a job for me and collect the Book of Secrets from my living room."
"Yes Headmaster."I replied..
Who could possibly hurt Grandma?I thought.
Quirty the cookie stealer?Nah.Kittens?No.

With the Book of Secrets clutched in my hands,
I dearly hoped Grandma would be fine.

The next morning I found myself in my dormroom,not remembering what had happened after I got the Book of Secrets,I decided to head down to Headmaster Ambrose's home before going off to life class.
"Good mor-"My eyes grew.

Ambrose's library was ransacked!
Walking through the library,A book caught my eye.
Plated in pure gold and out the ordinary,I read it aloud:
"Another one has been petrified,Leave this town Ambrose or more will be attacked."
Wait,another has been petrified?
Oh dear.

Walking to life class,I found the doors locked.
Seeing that I couldn't enter there,a small window perched up a little to high was open,I summoned a leprechaun to boost me up.
Nobody was inside,so I though class hasn't started yet and I came early,but I saw the hair of Moolinda just over the edge of her chair,seeing as she is in it.
Picking an apple out of my backpack I slowly crept to Moolinda turning her chair around,and dropped my apple.
Moolinda was the other one petrified.

Thereafter the classes are closed due to the teachers being scared of ending up petrified.
I guess I might check up on Headmaster Ambrose,seeing as I don't have anything else to do.
As soon as my foot touched the carpet of Ambrose's home,The chill of outside immedintly stopped.
Walking through the room,I found Ambrose quietly reading in a red leather chair.
"Hello?"I said to Ambrose.
"Any quests latley?"

" Oh,Autumn."Ambrose looked up.
"Have you got the Book of Secrets?I haven't heard from you all last night!"
Oh Jeebus.I forgot!

After My hands could reach it from the top shelf,I grabbed it and went for the door,but I saw blackness.

Worriedly,I teleported to my dorm room,just to set things straight.
Ok,I grabbed the book,and went to the door,I felt a bump on my head...
Aha!I must have been knocked out!Then,The Book of Secrets has been......Robbed!
Whoever had taken it obviously must have been the one who petrified Grandma and Moolinda!
But finding the book isn't going to be easy,if I don't know who petrified Grandma and Moolinda,then my chances are slim of finding it!

The midnight fairy came into my room.
She's like the sandman from Kroktopia,
only if your not asleep by midnight,then the fairy sprinkles dust in your eyes that make you fall asleep.
My dream was a vision though.
Or more of a flashback.

I could see myself walking through Ambrose's library,
Becoming shocked when many books were piled on the floor.
But I now know I was knocked out,because some man holding a gold book hit me-wait,GOLDEN??!
Suddenly,The man turns to me,the book clutched in his hands like an ultimate tool.
"Autumn,Their is two of you?"The man said.

"Prepare to meet the wizards in the sky"
Not really knowing what to do,I grabbed my wand and summoned thunder snake,leaving the man with one hitpoint left.
He escaped soon after,but only to the next room.

Suddenly Ambrose had walked in and saw me,on the floor and myself standing.
"What happened here?"He asked.

After explaining everything,Ambrose made the empty wall to the next room transparent,and then left to take my knocked out body to my room.
The burglar had taken the book of secrets,and covered it in gold paper,taking that but leaving the other as a decoy.
Leaving the house,the buglar dropped a small wooden tablet.
So I ran to pick it up.

Luckily it was the ID of the man,now I can call him "Thergus Umpire".
Sadly the picture of him was missing,So I don't know what Theugus looks like.
Though he must have came back,Because The next thing I knew one of Ambrose's bookshelfs fell on me.
Then I woke up instantly,with Thergus's ID in my hand.

I called,And HE showed up.
"Looking for a filty old man?"Malistaire said.
"Id rather you be looking for someone to attually DO something,hmmp."
"Now Malistaire,"Ambrose appeared.
"I told you,you arent welcome at this school!"

"Bah!You and your little student can be stuck in the LIFE magic then,while me and my minions will take ov-"
A burst of lighting blinded everyone for a few seconds.
Then Malistaire was petrified.

"So much for the idea Malistaire was the petrifier."
Ambrose sighed."Another victim."
"Wait Ambrose!I think I know who did it!"
I said,Ambrose turned around questionfully.

"Whooo?"Gamma said.
"Thergus Umpire."I said.
"He was the thief that ransacked your house Ambrose."
"But,Why would he petrify all of the people?"Ambrose replied.
"I don't know yet.But I will!"
And I left.

I was lying on my bed casting health fairy twice.
Suddenly the dorm door bust open,a flying flyer hit me on the head to read.
"Hear ye Hear ye!Town Treasury broke!All money stolen!Send help!"The crier said from the flyer.

"I've got it!"I said to myself.
"Thergus had petrified everyone who could see him stealing from the Treasury,And ransacking Ambrose's library as a coverup,then took the book of secrets as a way of making sure we never find him!I've got to find Ambrose!"

"Gamma!Gamma!"I shouted.
"Yes?"Gama said.
"Send Ambrose outside,I have to have a urgent descussion with him."I replied.
"Yes Autumn."Gamma said.
And Gamma flew off to find Ambrose.
This will be so exiting!

"What is it Autumn?"Ambrose said.
"Did you find out why Thergus had petrified everyone?"
"Yes I did."I said.

and I explained the flyer,treasury,everything.
"I better anounce that,oh and Autumn,I have a surprise for you."
Following Ambrose up one of his towers,I found a secret hospital room,where Grandma Lydia was lying,eating a cookie.

"Grandma!"I screamed.
A huge hug followed,also the happiness to see Moolinda too.
The nurses are still unsure as to unpetrify,or keep Malistaire a statue.

A grand celebration followed,while sending Thergus to a maximum security prison on earth,stating he robbed 20 banks.
And in a room,Moolinda told me I had a older sister named Shannon Ravenglen,a balance wizard.
We had much fun together,and opened up many presents too.

Even my grumpy neighbor up the dorm tower likes me now.
Life is at great pleasures.

Oh and,Malistaire had his powers stripped and sent to the Jail aswell.


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