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Pathfinders (Introduction) by Tara Fairypetal

There wasn’t a glimmer of a star or moon in the mysterious night sky above that almost unknown world. Clouds were brewing in the sky above, but this storm was unusual. There was a clammy feeling to it, and it spoke more of death than storm. A blacked- cloaked figure stepped cautiously out of the dead woods that lined the world. A blood red lip-sticked mouth smiled from beneath the hood, seeing that all was quiet. Without a word the figure swept off, heading toward the center of that almost unknown world.

Soon the girl came upon a ruined city. Houses unknown to a common wizard were crumbling around her. She didn’t even bother looking, as if she’d already been here before.

She probably had.

In the very center of that city was a very forbidding looking palace. She slowly walked up the staircase. Even she, who had been up there many times before, still got chills. She heaved open the front entrance and was greeted by an enormous ballroom. She headed over to the side and pulled out a rod that had silvery swirling designs on a black background. The girl traced symbols of an ancient language on a beautiful marble pillar.

If someone had been there, they would have seen her turn to smoke, and that smoke get sucked into the pillar. But of course, no one was there.

She appeared kneeling towards a silver chair. “Walker of death, keeper of souls,” the girl said in a soft voice.”I kneel before you, and I greet you.”

“Yes, yes. I am not blind you know.” A hoarse voice grumbled from the chair. The person (or thing) in the chair spun around, got up, started pacing and replied, “You know, we really should make up a new greeting. But that’s not why I summoned you.” He was wearing a black cloak like hers, except his hood clearly showed his face. On it was a mask in the shape like the death symbol, a skull spewing teeth. He paused, gazing at her, as if she was a piece of garbage he didn’t know if he should throw out. “Have you heard the plans?” he questioned her.

“Yes, my lord, from the Teller,” she said. “When shall we start?”

The man paused in his pacing again, contemplating.”As soon as you know there isn’t anyone to stop us.”

The girl stood up, but still, you could only see her beautiful mouth. “I am sure, my lord,” she replied, but her voice was uncertain.

“Well! You get the materials from wherever you are keeping them. Then we shall go to the Great City and start as soon as we can!” The man sounded delighted, his voice dripping with pleasure. He grabbed a black staff with words from an ancient language on it and a grinning human skull on it. The man in black claddings twirled it above his head and, with a flash, that almost unknown world was silent and uninhabited once more.

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