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Pathfinders by Tara FairyPetal

Tara sat there, shaking. Her first intention was to get in contact with her sister. She had to make sure that Caitlin was alright, and, if she was alright, to warn her.

“Caitlin!? Caitlin, are you there!?” Tara whispered frantically to her.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even the “I`m busy!” signal.

“Caitlin!? Caitlin, are you there!?” the man said in a mocking voice. “Please, she’s not a baby. Scott will make sure she’s still alive. Wouldn’t make the boss happy if she weren’t. ”

He had his dark brown hair styled in a ruffled kind of way and was of average height, clothed in complete black. His worst features of all, though, were his cold dead eyes and sneering mouth.

Tara tilted her head back to look at him in a quite horrified manner, but winced and looked back down when she felt a bead of blood start to well up from the cut that she herself had made.

“I said, ‘nobody moves’! Can you hear girl? No one ever said you were deaf.”

Tara gulped as much as she could without cutting her neck again. She had figured that if that knife went far enough, she wouldn’t end up in the Commons as usual.

“No, you won’t. Now stop moving!”he snapped.

“How did you…” she trailed off, eyeing the knife.

“Oh, you haven’t guessed already? Shame. I was told that you were a straight A student that spent half her time in the library, studying the history of the spiral.” he replied.

Someone who could hear her thoughts (at least, that’s what she thought he was doing)? The gears turned in Tara’s head. She thought back to a book that she had recently read, titled “Oddities of the Spiral”. If this guy’s, ah, unusual case wasn’t odd, or at least rare, then she was a banana. Then it hit her.

“I am a straight A student and I do spend half of my time in the library,” she said through gritted teeth. “You’re an Alluray. A mind hearer.”

“Yes, ` Smart One’. Now shut up!”(he was starting to get irritated).

How could she escape if he could hear all of her possible ideas? No, that does not require an answer, Tara thought/spoke to him.

He evilly grinned down at her.

Then Tara remembered an entry in the book. As soon as she remembered, she put a song that had been stuck in her head to the top of her mind and recalled it:

If one should ever encounter an evil Alluray (All-OO-ray), for this is quite common presently, think of a thought more strongly than any other secret thoughts.

Yes, that was it. Now, for an escape plan…

How could she escape from his grasp, first thing first? Tara still had her wand, but not her deck, so only minor spells for her. Dropping a brick on his foot seemed like fun, but that might move his hand a little too far back. A noise would be safer. Oh yes, a noise. A loud noise at that. A crash would be the best type. Then his grip would hopefully loosen, and then she could duck out of his hold.

Tara glanced nervously up at the man, but he was only quietly humming the tune of the song with a far off look in his eyes.

Ok, now what to do if she did get out of his grasp…

Caitlin struggled in the whatever-had-pulled-her-back‘s hold, but it’s grip seemed stronger than steel.

“Let me go! Lemme go now!”

Caitlin had regained her ability to speak.

She twisted around to look at her captor, and her defiant look quavered a little. The man that the strong grip belonged to was at least seven feet tall, had bulging muscles all over and a head covered with short brown hair. Along with those features, he was covered in black, full length clothing.

The man did not speak, but tied up her hands.

“Hey! What the heck are you doing?” Caitlin exclaimed. She squirmed even more, but his grip did not prevail.

Catlin shouted, “Ok, it’s clear you aren’t letting go. At least tell me what’s going on!”

The man simply trickled a juice into Caitlin’s shouting mouth, and Caitlin grew limp in his arms. The man, whose name (as you might have guessed) was Scott, hefted her over his shoulder and teleported away.

Tara had devised a plan.

After she had escaped from Mark (the man), she would go into “The Room”. Now, let me explain “The Room”. Caitlin had played wall tag so much the magic used had created a secret room inside the house. Tara often used it as a place for pranks. Sometimes she filled it to the top with water (now that had been funny) or made it disappear when Caitlin tried to access it for rest. All you had to do was mutter “through the wall” when near a wall to get in. And that was exactly what Tara planed to do.

Tara nervously inched toward her wand (luckily she had a wand in her pocket at the time- as a magus a quest away from Moo Shu, she usually had a staff).

“Hey! What are you doing?” Mark yelled.

“Oh! Uh, I’m just… shifting! Yeah! I’m getting kinda stiff, you know.” Tara yelped back.

Mark snorted disbelievingly, but he made no objections.

Tara inched a bit more, then grasped her wand. She felt a little power surge through her. Now she could make the crash! Tara hesitated, though. What if his hand went back? It would be the end of her. She sighed. It was either take the chance or… Tara didn’t really know what, but she did not want to find out.

Taking a deep breath, Tara created a crash.

And, boy, was it a loud one! Plus, luck was on Tara’s side.

“Wha-!” Mark yelled, and his grip lessened. Quick as a viper, Tara ducked out of his arms and ran to the nearest wall.

“Through the wall!” Tara whispered urgently. Right before she was sucked through, she saw Mark running towards her, arms outstretched and a snarl on his face.

She arrived panting in the room. Fortunately, Tara had placed no spells there. Now what to do? she thought. She smiled grimly at her thought. Time to have a little fun…

Mark was in shock. For the first time in his career, someone had escaped him.

He had to find her, the brat. If someone found out, the boss would…. Mark paled, then quickly ran down the stairs to look for Tara.

Tara heard the quick steps of her captor coming towards the second level. That was another good thing about The Room. You could hear anything.

She took a deep breath and put her face slightly through the wall. It was on the second floor where she surfaced, where a picture was. Now she just had to stay still and hope Mark didn’t notice her head was on a Marleybone show dog’s shoulders.

Over to Tara’s right was a creaking sound. Mark appeared at the foot of the stairs to the second floor, looking like if his face got any redder, he would explode. Tara knew she had to get away. But with the knife no longer at her throat she could “have some fun”.

Tara aimed super carefully. Mark was creeping slowly around the room, which made it partially easy. Taking a deep breath, Tara summoned a brick.

On TV, swears are almost always cut out. Tara was not so fortunate. She had to sit there and endure the whole thing.

She resolved not to do something as painful next time.

Mark finally straightened from clutching his foot. “Where are you, you little brat?!”

He was facing the opposite wall. Tara decided to run for it. Silently she crept behind his back and down to the front hall. Unfortunately, Mark saw her out of the corner of his eye. He exclaimed and leapt towards her.

Tara pounded down the stairs. All she had to do was make it out the door. But arms wrapped around her waist and she struggled in dismay.

“No!” she cried. Tara had no other ideas. She would now have to go with him. Why? she thought. Why me?

Suddenly, her luck changed.

There was the popping sound of someone teleporting. Out of thin air a burly guy who looked a little like Mark appeared, holding a now conscious Caitlin, pushing Tara out of Mark’s grasp. The new person looked surprised and let go of Caitlin in confusion. Tara quickly grabbed her hand and ran out the door.

“NO!” Tara heard Mark shouting as she charmlocked the door. “YOU WHERE SUPPOSED TO CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU TELEPORTED, SCOTT!”

Tara felt relieved, then a rush of worry. She knew charmlocks could easily be reversed. She felt tears in her eyes as she realized what she had to do. She called all her furniture to her backpack.

Tara summoned all the ice magic she could, then dismissed it. A jet of flame burst out of her wand burning her house. Burning her refuge, burning the only way she could get away from Cookie. Caitlin realized what her sister was doing and joined in, tears of more sacredness then sadness cascading down her cheeks. Soon enough they had covered the whole front of the building.

They both heard shouts and swears from inside the building (mainly from Mark), then the pop of teleporting. “No!” Tara exclaimed. But it was too late. The dark wizards where gone.

Tara’s tears where now of anger. A creaking sound startled her. She quickly grabbed Caitlin’s hand and ran before the building could collapse on them. Near the world gate, Tara sat down and cried. She felt Caitlin doing the same beside her.

There was a shudder from beneath Tara. She wiped the tears off her face and ran to the world gate. She picked a random world and Caitlin ran through. Tara turned around and got a last glance of her Marleybone island. Then, too sad for tears, she went through the world gate right before the island shuddered one last time and, with the connection between house and wizard gone and no magic to support it, faded away.

Tara and Caitlin arrived in Merle Ambrose’s house. He was gazing intently into his crystal ball and looked up, startled, when two wizards arrived in his house at 2:00 AM. He saw scorch marks on their cheeks and the way Caitlin was holding up her exhausted sister and understood. He walked over to them and kneeled down. He did not wonder why they had ended up here instead of the world tree. He did not wonder what had happened or why. His suspicions had been confirmed.

Tara looked at him out of half closed eyes. She, however, was wondering these things, her sleepy mind an exhausted mess. “There, there,” Merle told her. “You’re safe now.”

The last thing Tara saw was his kind face lined with worry before she passed out from of exhaustion.

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