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The Onyx Orb by Alia GriffinFlame

The bell rang and Malorn stood up. He and I where sitting on one of Bartleby's roots near the place where the death school used to be.

"So do you think you have Banshee down-packed?" He asked. I nodded.

"I'll see you Monday then, Alia." I stood up.

"See you." I turned around and ran in the direction of the life and myth schools. Students were pouring out of both, calling to friends and shouting spells. I zigzagged through the crowd, searching for a green clad figure. I spotted her by Blossom, reading a book.

"Autumn!" I called, waving. She looked up. By best friend, Autumn Spriteblossom ran over to me.

"Haunted Cave?" She asked.

"Of course!" We ran over to the barrier by the tunnel to the Commons. We had tied our horses,Shadow and Arrow,that morning. We climbed on and Autumn turned to me.

"Race you!" She said, and took off. I laughed and dug my heels into Arrow's side to get him moving.

Autumn and I have a weird friendship. She is probably the strictest life wizard I will ever know. Her mother, father and younger sister are all life wizards and the art of necromancy disgusts them. To me, life is only good for healing. But we're still best friends.

I could see Autumn up in front of me, near Headmaster Ambrose's tower. I urged Arrow on, but Autumn had vanished in a cloud of life symbols. I waved by staff and appeared next to her on the sidewalk next to Haunted Cave.

"Cheater." I murmured.

She smiled."You just wish you had won, Griffenflame." She ran into the cave.

I fallowed her, and in moments we both stood in Haunted Cave. I saw something glittering on the sidewalk. I hopped off Arrow and ran over to it. Autumn fallowed me. I picked up the thing and turned it over in my hands. It was a large, round, jet-black stone. I held it out to Autumn.

"Do you know what it is?"

"It's an onyx. Don't you recognize it?" She asked, her eyes widening. I scowled.

"It's the death school gem stone."

I looked down at it. The stone was glowing slightly, but I figured it was just the way the light hit it. I handed it to Autumn. She held it like it was something dead.

"It's heavy." She said, weighing it in her arms.

"Really? I didn't notice." I said looking at it. It looked oddly dim. Autumn handed it back to me.

"How much do you think it's worth?" I asked.

"At least 1,000. It's huge!" I put the stone in my pouch and Autumn and I ran into battle with a Rotting Fotter. The stone stone still weighted next to nothing in my pouch, and I still didn't know how much trouble it would cause me.

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