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The Oni’s Revenge by Mitchell

Mitchell is back at Wizard City, being celebrated by his fellow wizards for defeating the Oni. He is tired, wanting to just sit in his dorm on his bed and SLEEP. But, just as he touches the bed, a strange figure appears through the window. Mitchell doesn’t notice it until he hears a scream. It appeared to be Simon Firemane, having been scared silly by the figure. Suddenly, the dorm explodes, but Mitchell is unharmed. The strange figure just looks at Mitchell with a horrifying glare. He appeared to be a… PIG?! The pig said, "My master… dead… all because… of… YOU!!!!!!" The enraged pork chop then makes his sword black, then throws it at Mitchell. Mitchell ducks, saving his life. He looked on his name tag and saw his name was Goodabeddon (notice how close that is to armageddon). He also saw that he was Death. "Aw, dang." The pig then flourishes with his blade. Mitchell knows this move, so he ducks about four times. The pig is now more than enraged, he is downright ANGRY!!!!!! The pig just screams, then flourishes again. One of the slashes manages to cut Mitchell’s arm. The pig then disappears without a trace. Mitchell takes this as revenge indefinitely. Caleb Nightheart, his in-game brother, helps him up. "You okay?" he asks. "I’m fine" Mitchell replies. End

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