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The Travels of Olivia Bluesinger by Olivia BlueSinger

I was just making some toaster waffles for breakfast when a strange thing happened. A portal opened up in front of me, just like that! I heard distant voices from the other side. "Look, Gamma, the spell is working! We have found another," said an old-sounding voice. Another, more high-pitched voice responded with an owlish "Whooooo?"

"She is the daughter of the mage Wolf Bluesinger. I haven't found out her first name," As the old man said this, I began to worry. They knew my name! Well, at least my father's.

"Yooou don't meeean... Wooolf of Tritooonia?" I swear, all those held-out vowels made this person sound like an owl. I peered into the portal and saw a very old bearded man, conversing with... Oh my gosh, he was talking to an owl. And it was talking back. "Ahh, the wizard looks in at last. Do come in, er... My apologies, what is your name?

"I- I'm Olivia, uh... sir...s?" I stammered as I tried to figure out how to address the owl, apparently called Gamma.

"Meeerle, are you sure she's ready? It seeeems her faaaather hasn't... you knoooow..." Gamma's voice dropped low here, "toooold her."

"I can handle whatever it is you throw at me... but, uh, what exactly am I doing here?" I wish I'd sounded braver. The old man, Merle, explained a lot of stuff about wizards, spells, and other worlds. I was confused easily. Then, Gamma told me to answer a few multiple choice questions to know where to put me. "Although it's quite obvious, but just to be sure," whispered Merle to Gamma.

I decided not to ask what was going on, but I did answer some questions. At the end, Gamma said, "Ahhh yes, Stoooorm, as we thought. We will take you to training now. Hold on to that breakfast of yours!" The owl laughed in a strange way.

Suddenly, I was being warped through space, with millions of images rushing past every second. It was hard not to panic, but I managed. Just as abruptly as the travel started, it stopped. I felt dizzy as Gamma helped me out of the portal. "I'm not even going to ask how that just happened. But I am going to ask, Does my dad have any idea where I am?!" There came the panic I'd been avoiding so well.

"Yes, he'll figure it out soon enough. He once trained here--" Merle was cut off by a loud boom. "Malistaire. So we meet again." Okay, I know I'm new to wizardry, but I swear I'd heard that name before. "Follow me inside, Olivia. I will train you the best way... When you need to learn. I'll take Malistaire, you get his Draconians. Don't worry, I'll guide you."

I stepped into the tall tower in front of me behind Merle and wondered what to do. I stepped up to two robed figures. They were bright orange and dragonish in appearance. I was pulled into a circular battle area by some strange force, like gravity. A few cards appeared in front of me. I tapped the one titled "Troll", and it disappeared. A force in my mind told me to trace an eye inside of a triangle. Merle looked over and said, "Strange first spell for a Storm," then returned to his battle. I wondered if Storm and this other spell's school were at war or something.

Then, the Draconians cast their spells. It hurt a little, and a crystal ball filled with red liquid lost some of its contents. Merle gave me a healing spell to try out. I saw an old man, probably Malistaire, (as he was battling Merle) mutter under his breath. Then, he shouted at his Draconians. "You fools! You've let the young whelp heal! Defeat the whelp, or perish now!" I didn't chance even looking at him, for fear of his power.

After I had defeated the Draconians, Merle led me out and told me to see some teachers. He also gave me a necklace that he said would buzz if anyone wanted to talk to me. Almost immediately, a dog, (I swear it was a dog), buzzed in. His face showed up on the necklace's big, round charm. After listening to what he had to say, I went to see the teachers. He had written down their names in a journal he had given me. It had tabs for everything I would ever need, practically.

I went to see the teachers. First, a dog. Yes, another dog. He was standing on two legs, dressed nicely, wore a monocle, and spoke with an English accent. Then came a cow (What's with all the talking animals? I thought.) who sounded like she came from Asia. Next was a teacher who made me want to scream. The school was decorated like the Troll card, so that made sense. But This Drake guy made it obvious why Storms HATE Myth. There were a few other schools, including one that had fallen and was taught by a student, and then the school of Storm. It was taught by a peppy and optimistic frog with a booming voice for someone who was waist-height. Very much Drake's opposite. I liked him a lot. He taught me a spell called Thundersnake, and said that I could pick a Thundersnake to be summoned when I picked the card. "Can I name him?" I asked, somewhat stupidly. He responded with a hearty laugh and a, "Sure, I get that a lot. Name as you wish." I looked over at a small snake, small as a baby compared to the rest of his twelve-to-thirteen-foot long companions. "I will call you Zapslither," I told the little fella confidently.

I was surprised he didn't shock me, and when my teacher, Professor Balestrom, saw me, he said,"Storm blood in you, Olivia, that's why you haven't been electrocuted. Only a true Storm student can say that. You really are Wolf's daughter."

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