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Novice by Jacob Watershade

When I enrolled for Ravenwood, I became a death wizard. I didnt have a problem with it. I was introduced to Malorn Ashthorn. I found the Death School in complete ruin. He gave me a wand and some cards. He just told me to go train.

"I recomend Unicorn Way." He said. "There have been alot of problems over there. Who knows. You might even be the one to save us all."

"Great. More pressure. Thats all it is to me!" I said walking away.

So I went to Unicorn Way and helped as many people as I could. I fought, I traveled, and even defeated a couple of times. But I managd my way up a few levels. I decided that Myth would be my secondary master.

It turned out I did save Unicorn Way. With a little help from Penny Dreadful and my pet storm beetle Lord Kobe..

"I knew you were the one!" Merle Ambrose, the headmaster, told me. He introduced me to three other wizards. A storm, myth and life. The Storm Wizard was a girl. Her name was Emily Bloodwright. I had heard of the Bloodwrights. Not a good family. The father was a life wizard and the mother was a storm. The Myth Wizard was almost exactly like me. His name was Jared Iceblade. He had brown hair like mine.. Curly and scruffy. The Iceblades were actually family freinds of ours. I guess they never told us they had a son. The father was a Myth wizard and so was the mother. That was common. Except for me. My mom was a pyro and my dad was a balance wizard. It was the same with the life wizard. She was a girl.(duh) Her name was Haley Heartscyth. Strange name for a life wizard right?

Anyway, Merle told us that he knew that we were the ones that would defeat the evil masters.

"Sorry to interupt, but." Emily spoke up for the first time. "How are four Novices supposed to kill six masters." She asked

"She brings up a good point." Said Jared. "How are we supposed to do something like that?"

"I'll train all of you personally." Merle said.

"We are gonna be trained by the master of Magic?!?!?" Haley exclamed.

"Yes child." Merle said. "Lets get started."

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