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The Tale of Nicole Thunderheart by Nicole Thunderheart

I got out of bed slowly, trying to make it seem like I was stretching, but we all knew I wasn’t. I was only trying to get away from the known fact I had to drag myself out of bed once again to go to school. “Nicole!” I heard my mothers voice boom up the stairs, “Get down here!”

“Just five more minutes!” I pleaded “Please?”

“No! And don’t make me come up there. . .”

“Fine. I’m coming.” I tromped down the blue, carpeted stairs and sat down at a table with my nine brothers and sisters.

“Nicole, Nicole!” my sister Ella cried when I came towards her. “ I got a gold star in class yesterday!” I had already known this so I didn’t reply.

Twelve seats surrounded the small table, all of us fighting to get a place. I stared deeply into my bowl of oatmeal- or was it cereal, I didn’t know. I shoved a spoonful of it into my mouth, cereal- with water instead of milk.

I raced out to the bus and hopped on before it left. I shuffled into an empty seat on the bus. Kids stared as I walked by. “Freak” They would say “Weirdo” they would chant. I was as cursed as cursed could be; My hair was the start of it. It was a dark blue color- something you don’t see everyday. But the worst part was what happened at times. Once I had been wishing for it to rain and it started raining in class. Once I had gotten mad at this girl and struck her with lightning. It was all too real.

The bus stopped at the school and I got off.

The school day drifted by.

I had gotten detention for the third time this week. I walked past a girl in the hallway sitting in front of the principals office, normally I wouldn’t do anything about it, but this girl stood out. She had the same dark blue hair as me. “What’d you do ?” I asked her.

“I giggled at a lightning bolt.” She replied harshly.

“Oh, that is something I could see myself doing.” I said.

“Get lost twerp.” She said.

“Fine.’’ I said walking off.

I started on my way home, avoiding bushes and fences as I made my way through town. I walked past an oddly dressed man in a blue, er, robe with stars on it and a tall staff. He started following me. I turned around. “ Are you Nicole?” He asked me.

“Um, yes.” I replied “ Nicole Schillsh.”

He laughed “ Your true name is Nicole Thunderheart. Now come with me and I’ll show you your true power.”

“Ok, I guess.” He took my hand and suddenly I felt my feet lifting off of the ground. I Felt my legs touch solid ground. I opened my eyes up, one by one. I saw the most amazing sight I had ever seen; Piles of books were all over bookshelves, but this wasn’t what surprised me, no, it was that they were constantly rearranging themselves. “Welcome to Wizard City, Nicole. I’m Headmaster Ambrose, The Headmaster of Ravenwood.” The man in the blue robes said.

“W-Wow” was all I could say.

“Here answer these questions truthfully” Headmaster Ambrose said handing me a large book marked “Book of Secrets”. I opened it, and answered the questions. A dark purple burst out of the book:


“ Hmm, figures.” I said staring at the word. I traced over the S followed by the rest of the word. Ok, well if I’m a wizard, doesn’t that mean my mom was lying? This whole time. Humph, should’ve known. Telling me I was her oldest daughter, her favorite too. Not anymore I’m not! Now I’m Nicole Thunderheart, novice wizard.

“ Now we’ll need to get you your robes…” Headmaster Ambrose said shuffling though papers. “Okay. So here you go, and off to Professor Balestrom you go.” He handed me robes, a wand, and a deck of spells.

“Goodbye, Headmaster Ambrose!” I said walking out the door.

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