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The Tale of Nicholas StormGlade by Nicholas StormGlade

I, Nicholas Stormglade, was an everyday 10 year old human you see walking on Earth until one day that changed my entire life, and it almost hurt when it happened. One day I was climbing a tree like I always do. I thought, "Life is considerably boring when you think about it compared to a wizard like Harry Potter's." Suddenly, up in my favorite tree, some invisible force shoved me off a branch. I was pretty high up and my first and only thought was "DEATH." As you probably would have done, I covered my eyes.

However, when I landed, I got a faceful of sand. "Show, I nesher shought deash wash shandy." I said with my face in the sand. About 50 yards away, I saw an incredibly large room. And a giant. And a talking owl. They seemed to think I was asleep. "If this wizard is destined be the savior of the spiral he has to be awake to do it," the old person said. "Hey, shoo up dere," I said with my tongue covered in sand. "Oh, are you awake?" "If I'm talking, yesh. Shay how about ashking if I’m alright?" "Well are you alright? My name is Professor Ambrose and this is Gamma," the old man said gesturing toward the owl. "Whoo are you?" Gamma asked. "Shouldn't you know if you brought me here? If you really wanna know, it's Nicholas Stormglade. Do you getting me out of this gas hole. There's nothing to air it out," I yelled. The owl didn't care about my situation and said, "Perhaps we should consult the Book of Secrets to find his school?" "Or, maybe think about getting me out of here. It stinks. Clean it out sometimes." Old man Ambrose exclaimed, "But there's no need. Look at the glass. It is clear that he is a balance wizard." Again I yelled, "I don't care about scales!" Ambrose said, "Let us show him his teacher." "I hate school!" "You'll like this one" "What do we use 'magic'?" "Yes. You do." "OMG, you're joking right?" "No."

Suddenly, a large sandstorm engulfed me and I appeared in a small room. "Wow. Interesting. He wasn't joking about this magic business." "Nope." I whirled around to see a boy dressed in robes. "Would you mind telling me where I am, how I got here, and who you are?" "Well you're in Ravenwood in Wizard City. I don't know how you got here, but my name is Nicholas Wildthorn. FYI Headmaster Ambrose said that since you have no parents, like me, you can live with me. When you were in Headmaster's house-" "That's where I was. Finally, some answers." "- did they say anything about Fire, Ice, Balance-" "Yes. I don't see how it's important." "OK they said you were Balance. I'm fire. Anyway, nice to meet you. I'll be back after I finish quests. Make yourself at home." And that was the beginning of a long friendship.

You wouldn’t know how surprised I had been on that day if you weren’t told by me. Believe me, I thought I was dreaming the whole time. I at least hoped that Nicholas Wildthorn was real. The next day when I woke up, I learned that all of it was real. What was most exciting was the explanation I got the next day. I learned that in Ravenwood, there were seven schools of magic: Myth, Death, Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, and Balance. Myth, Death and Life were spiritual types of magic. The rest (except Balance) were called the Elements. Balance was a thing on its own. It drew in power from everything else. But to the good stuff. I learned some spells from my teacher. He gave me a wand, spellbook, and a “Spell card”. “Hey, teacher, I'm not into trading cards that much, but how will this help me much?” Prof. Wethersfield answered, “Spell cards activate our magic. Without them, we’re powerless. Apart from energy spells like Crush and Life Ire. The back of the Spell has a symbol you must trace in the air. Afterwards, you take the part of the creature (such as a feather) and thrust it through the symbol.” I was given a quest afterwards. Defeat Lost Souls. Life was normal (for a wizard) afterwards.

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