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The New Wizard by Alexandra MistDreamer

Ravenwood. She looked up at the big sign in front of the entrance. The Ravenwood School taught The magic of Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Myth, Balance, and Death. She was Ice. She loved ice. Amber is only a level 1 at this point in time. The magic of Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Myth, Balance, and Death. She walked up to the headmaster Merle Ambrose. He said, “Go look around Amber!” Which she does.

Merle wasn’t just the headmaster of the school but he was also a protector of Wizard City. If I have not mentioned that but this is Wizard City and Amber is a Wizard. But just a beginner. Amber walked to the World Tree called Bartlebee and it smiled at her! She jumped. The Tree made a big heavy laugh.

“Scared you didn’t I?” It asked. “Sorry.” It said. “It’s okay. I am new if you haven’t noticed.” Amber said. “Well I am Bartlebee. I am the giver of life and guardian of the worlds along the Spiral.” It said. “Spiral?” Amber asked. “You have a lot to learn. The Spiral is the world on which we live in.” It said smiling. “I have a door right here.” It said looking down. “It leads to the different worlds that make up the spiral.” It said. “Then you must be very important.” Amber said. A tall skinny man named Mr. Lincoln walked up to Amber and told her that Merle wanted to see her. She walked to him. “Your dorm room is right across the path. Your classes are listed on a schedule. Make sure you go to ice first though since you are ice.” He said. Amber walked to the ice class and met Lydia Greyrose. Her teacher! She was kind of plump and joyous. She said, “Hello new student! I will see you at your first class tomorrow! The Ice School will train its student wizards to take high amounts of damage and survive. Ice Wizards have the highest natural health points and defenses which enable them to take large amounts of damage without dying. It is very hard to defeat them. A lot of their functional spells have to do with increasing their defenses and absorbing damage. They also have the ability to taunt enemies, which forces the enemy to focus attacks on them. This can come in handy when playing in a group.

” Amber then started to explore. Merle showed her all the worlds. There was:
Wizard City
Moo Shu

Amber was fascinated by each world. She loved a Wizard’s life already! She decided to start on her own. “Hi! You must be new! Nice to meet you! I am Claira Fae.” The girl with black hair said. Amber ran her fingers through her strawberry blond hair and smiled. Her green eyes sparkled. “I am Amber.” Amber replied. “Want to hang out?” Amber asked; hopeful to find a friend. “Sure! Wow. Your health and mana are down a lot! I can tell by your eyes that you need some mana! Lets go find some!” Claira said. “Mana?” Amber asked. “Mana is your magic. See. Your wand is very dim.” She said and Amber nodded. “Your mana decreases with each rank 1 and up spell that you cast. If a spell costs 3 pips in a duel, then you use 3 mana. Rank 0 spells don't cost any mana. If you fizzle a spell you still lose mana. If you flee from a duel, your mana also goes down to zero. When your mana goes down to zero, it is very difficult to cast spells and thus hard to win duels, therefore you need to get it recharged.” Claira said trying to explain. Amber listened and actually understood! She guessed that duels were when you fight with another wizard. She saw a little blue fuzzy thing floating around. “That’s a wisp of mana.” Claira said. She pushed Amber through it and Amber felt recharged and her wand shone bright. There was a red wisp too for health. Claira started talking again, “You will find little potions. These potions can carry around extra mana and health for you when you run around. Think of them as your back up health and mana supply. To fill up these flasks, you have to play mini-games when your mana globe is full or you can purchase them from Hilda Brewer in the Wizard City Fairegrounds.” Claira smiled. “Too fast?” Claira asked. “Nope.” Amber said. “Items you receive from quests and duels automatically go in to your Backpack. That’s that sack your wearing around your shoulders by the way. If you receive an item as a reward, and your backpack is full, the item will be put into your Bank. Some items can only be used when you’re a certain level though, Amber. Your Backpack also contains a section for all your Housing Items. Look for these icons at the top of your Backpack to switch between your regular items and your housing items. And don’t ask me how big stuff fits in but it fits from magic. Housing Islands do not fill up your backpack. If you buy an island the number of items in your backpack does not increase. Housing items are stored in your attic. Your Spell Deck is where all your Spell Cards are held. Spell cards are magic creatures that you use when dueling! That’s pretty much what everything is for. Spell cards can be bought or you can get them at school. Now I will tell you about dueling. To engage in a duel with a creature of the Spiral; simply walk in front of it. The duel circle will appear and you will be assigned to the first position, assuming you are alone. In most of Wizard City, the first world, there will be as many creatures in the fight as there are players. In Colossus Boulevard and all the other worlds after Wizard City, the number of creatures in each duel is equal to the number of players plus one. However, the maximum number of creatures is four. Minions do not count as players and will not affect the number of creatures. Diego the unicorn is the gatekeeper to the Player Versus Player. Wizard Arena in Unicorn Way. Players can challenge each other in either Practice or Ranked duels, with up to four Wizards per team. Un-Ranked practice duels, free for all Wizards, allow players to jump into an automatically formed duel or set up their own team and choose opponents. But this might sound like fun and games but its not! In Ranked duels, a robust matchmaking service matches players with similarly ranked Wizards, and the winners of each duel are awarded Arena Tickets, redeemable for unique loot. Ranked duels are free to Subscribers. Crowns players can also participate in Ranked duels for Crowns. At the end of each quarterly Wizard Arena season, a top Duel Master will be named. Dueling Sigils are the rings that every player stands inside in the dueling circle. Each sigil has a unique color. These colors are used to show who is targeting who. Players receive a PIP each turn of the duel. PIPs are represented by small white dots along the front inside arc of the sigil that the player is standing in. If the PIP is a Power PIP, it should be glowing brighter and yellow.

Power PIPs count as TWO PIPS towards spells in your main school of focus. Players are eligible to receive Power PIPs after level 10. You can increase your chance of receiving Power PIPS with certain clothing and jewelry. Some spells have a PIP requirement that is represented by an X. This means that the spell will be more powerful of you have more PIPs when you cast it. Also when you want to get around you can go ask Zeke and he can get you mounts like unicorns and stuff for rent or keep.” Claira finished off. “Thanks so much Claira! You’re a really big help! I would have never gotten along without you! Well I will see you later. Meet me here in five minutes while I go get a mount from that Zeke guy.” Amber said. “Just teleport. Use your wand and you can teleport to me from where ever I am! Make sure your in the same realm though! A realm is an identical or different world.” Claira said and Amber nodded as she left to get a mount. Then she saw Merle run up to her. “Amber, I saw Claira explain everything but directions. Your Compass will show you important landmarks in your area. Markers can be placed that will allow you to recall back to a marked location. The buttons for this are located around your Compass. Placing a mark will cost you a small amount of mana. Your Map is very important, and will show you where characters, creatures and important locations are in the area that you're currently located. You can also zoom out your map by pressing the little magnifying glass on the bottom left corner with your wand. This will show you an overview map of the entire world of the Spiral that you're currently located.” He said as he walked away. Amber rolled her eyes and walked up to Zeke. He seemed worried. “My mount just ran away! Will you go find him? Go on a quest for me!” He said. “A quest is just when Many citizens of the different worlds of the spiral need your help. So as you progress on your journey, make sure you interact with as many individuals as possible. They will offer you quests – sometimes complex and often dangerous tasks. But you will get an award. I will give you 56 coins.” He said. “How will I know where he is?” Amber asked. “Well I have an answer, and it's called Quest Tracker. To enable your Quest Tracker, simply open your Quest panel when you're not in a duel by pressing the Q key on your wand. Click on the Quest you'd like to work on and you will see it highlight yellow and an arrow will appear on the panel to indicate that you've marked that as your 'active' quest. In Grizzleheim, Marleybone and MooShu you will encounter Teleport devices. These devices, when used, transfer players from point to point on the map, but you must first discover both points before you can teleport between them.” He finished. Amber ran to look for the mount. After a while she found him and brought him back and got her award. She didn’t want a mount anymore so she went to her school. She needed to know more about cards. Lydia told her, “A spell card has many different pieces of information. The picture below shows some of the things you can understand about a spell just by looking at the card. In order to effectively duel opponents, you need to configure your deck. You can do this on the Spell Deck screen which is accessible by pushing ‘P’ on your wand. On the spell deck screen, you will find a list of all the cards that you own on the right, and a list of the cards that are in your deck on the left. The cards on the bottom left of the screen are cards that are put inside your deck based on your equipment. Your wand automatically places a number of minor bolt spells in your deck, and amulets will often times put a random spell card in your deck. If you have more than one deck, you can scroll through them by clicking the arrows around the deck title. To put a card inside your deck, simply click on it on the right side of the screen and it will show up in your deck contents. The red circles next to the card shows the max number of copies you can put inside the current deck. The yellow circles show the number of that card that you have already put into your deck. Make sure to include a lot of 0 pip cost spells in your deck, a variety of ranked damage spells, and always put in a healing spell if you have one. When you enter into a duel with another player or with a monster, your card deck will appear in the middle of the room. Treasure Cards are single-use spell cards which can be used to make you a much stronger wizard! In order to start using treasure cards in duels, you have to put them in your deck. To do this, open your Spell Deck screen by pushing ‘P’ on your wand. Once there, click the golden button with cards on it on the top right of the room. You can now scroll through your treasure cards and place them in your deck by simply clicking on them with your wand. Once clicked, they will appear on the left side of the room. Types of spell cards are damage, healing, health drain, sheilds, charms, global, manipulation, and enchantment cards. Now here, this is your school clothes. Go change and put your old clothes into you backpack in the ’Clothing Section’. You will meet people who sell clothes and equipment. You will have athames, rings, amulets, wands, pets, mounts, and decks in this section. Hope you understand. Now remember Amber, Level 1-5 is Novice ,Level 6-10 is Apprentice, Level 10-15 is Initiate, Level 15-20 is Journeyman, Level 20-30 is Adept. Level 30-40 is Magus, Level 40-49 is Master, Level 50 is Grandmaster. Here at school you are known as Thaumaturge which means ice. You also get badges for things you do. Make sure you get a lot of friends to hang out with! Get furniture for your dorm room plenty of times to make it feel comfortable, go shopping a lot and trade with friends, learn to craft, get a pet, and play mini-games. But when you get a higher level you get crowns which some stuff you have to buy with crowns! Okay? Now go have some fun! No more learning!” She said. Amber laughed. She was kind of tired of learning! She walked outside and screamed when she saw a tree covered in ice. “So you have met one of the trees.” Said Claira as she slowly appeared from teleporting. This is one of the trees. The Ice tree. It is a baby of Bartlebee. Cute huh?” Claira asked smiling. “Yah! I guess they are!” Amber said smiling sweetly. She had finally learned most of all that she need to know! Now for some adventure!

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