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New Guys in Town by Alexander Dawnblade

“Only real wizards can train in Ravenwood!” sneered local bully Tom Parrotwing.

Alexander Dawnsword or Alex as his friends,…well friend called him.

Alex was an eleven year old boy who lived in the small village of Drin In a country near Marleybone. He was teased most every day by Tom because of his weak performances in the small magic school they had in Drin.

His father was Renald Collins Dawnsword one of the greatest wizards of all time. He had studied Divination or Storm Magic at Ravenwood for almost eleven years. He learned much from Headmaster Ambrose and Professor Baelstrom. As a child Renald had been into myths from all over the world and the Spiral!

So with his curiousity in Myths he decided to study the workings of Myth Magic or Conjuring for almost three years.

Alex lived in his fathers shadow. For even the simplest spells at the Magic School of Drin have frustrated him time and time again. Yet his father still signed him up for Ravenwood.

For this is why Tom has been teasing Alex for almost five weeks. Alex wasn’t too thrilled about going to Ravenwood. He couldn’t even summon a squirrel let alone a Lightning Snake.

Alex and his friend Joshua Skywraith or Josh as everyone called him, had both been signed up to go to Ravenwood.

But Josh actually summoned a Fire Cat during class! It burned everyone’s homework which made the kids happy but the teacher had given him a week of detention.

Josh was the best in the class and Alex was the worst but despite that they still were friends. They had stood by each other forever even when kids wondered why Josh Skywraith was hanging out with Alex Dawnsword.

Alex went home and went to bed for tomorrow him and Josh were going to Ravenwood.

Turns out that it started raining torrentially during the night and the trip to Ravenwood was postponed for a couple of days. Alex was glad because then he had some spare time to study.

He went to his father’s secret library and studied the books of minor wizard spells. He studied all day from summoning beetles to casting spells that let him levitate in the air.

He was surprised how well he was doing. He was doing work that would have been given an average score if he was in school.

Finally after days of studying the trip to Ravenwood was arranged. The sky ship they got on was big and luxurious. It was the fanciest thing both of them had ever seen in their life.

After a long trip eating Jumping Beans and Forever-Suck Lollipops They finally arrived in Ravenwood.

They journeyed to Headmaster Ambrose’s living quarters and filled out the paperwork. Then they were guided to their dormitories.

Josh’s and Alex’s parents had combined their money to get a two floor deluxe dorm for both of them.

Alex and Josh did some last minute studying and Josh helped Alex summon three Fire Cats!

The next morning they went to the breakfast hall and horked down a big pile of eggs, bacon, and toast.

Then Gamma the owl came in to the breakfast hall.

“All first time students report to Ravenwood immediately.” He cooed.

Josh and Alex jumped out and ran out of the breakfast hall towards Ravenwood.

When they got there almost twenty other students were already waiting in a line beneath the Grandfather Tree, Bartelby.

“Joshua Skywraith,” called Ambrose. Joshua went up to the Headmaster. “Oh, you must be the young wizard protégé from Drin that I have heard so much about,” “Yessir that is me,” Josh answered grinning.

“Well just step before Bartelby and he will determine your wizard class,” Ambrose replied. So Josh paced toward the giant tree.

“Hmmmmmm……. I sense great power in you…… and a will to prove yourself to your great family…….,” the old tree muttered. “I will place you in………………Necromancy, the School of Death!”

Josh bowed then went to his seat.

“Menzel Bluecrow!” bellowed Ambrose. Then a small boy barely reaching the three and a half foot mark walked up to the large tree.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmm………this one is challenging, I can sense a force of compassion but also fear,” explained the tree. “I’m going to have to put him into……………………Thaumaturgy, the School of Ice!” And then Menzel walked down back to his seat.

“Alexander Dawnsword!” yelled Ambrose. Alex walked up to Ambrose. “Ahh you are the son of Renald aren’t you,” he said and Alex nodded. “So I’m expecting Divination just like your father?” “Yes,” said Alex.

Alex stepped up to the great tree.

“There is much sensibility in this one, and a lot of talent, and much potential, he expects to fall within his father’s shadow……………… but he couldn’t be farther from the truth. I definitely know what school to put you in………………………………….Sorcery, the School of Balance!”

Just then everyone was appalled. Just then Alex was happy.

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