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The Necromancer's Matter (part 2) by Destiny SeaGem

When Destiny Seagem heard the words slip out of Mr. Lincoln, she laughed. Hard.

"Good joke, Mr. Lincoln!" She stood straight. "Okay, spill. Admit that I'm destined to be the greatest pyromancer of all time, and you were kidding all along."

Mr. Lincoln used one of his feathered hands to cover his face in exaggeration. "Miss Seagem, I'm not joking or anything. It clearly stats on these papers that your test results have landed in the Death school."

"Well, maybe you misstallied." Destiny said. She could get this resolved within a matter of minutes.

"The Book of Secrets can't 'Misstally'" Mr. Lincoln said. "If it's even a word." Destiny heard him mutter under his breath.

"Well, there has to be some kind of mistake!" Destiny insisted. Then she yanked the papers out of his feathers, and studied them. Mr. Lincoln was right: the results clearly showed Death.

Mr. Lincoln was growing impatient. "Miss Seagem, if you would kindly move along, I have other wizards to attend to!" Mr. Lincoln was clearly getting annoyed by Destiny's presence.

"I'm going to report this to the headmaster!" Shouted Destiny. Before Mr. Lincoln could stop Destiny and punish her with a lecture on you can't just lurch to the headmaster like that without permission, well, she did, carrying the papers for her school with her.

"Headmaster, headmaster!" Shouted Destiny when she barged in the house, where a red haired and mustached man was leaning against his wife, looking down at something, until Destiny rudely interrupted.

"Destiny?" Asked the headmaster. "What are you doing?"

Destiny didn't know why he was too mad, until he saw Headmaster Ambrose's wife, Amber (A pyromancer too), holding a small bundle of blankets like a priceless artifact.

"What can be so important that," The headmaster continued. "You have to interrupt when my wife gets home from the hospital along with our baby boy?"

"Well, I knew you were going to have a baby soon," Destiny said. "But now?" She backed off a few steps. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to intrude."

"Well, you can't take back a break-in," Reasoned the headmaster. "What's your dialemma now?"

Destiny explained how she needed to become a pyromancer, but had been placed in the wrong school. "Please, headmaster, I'll give anything, anything at all, to become a pyromancer!" Destiny pleaded. "Do you want gold, community service, better behavior?" She was getting on her hands and knees now. "Just switch my school!"

"Destiny, no matter what you offer, the school you're placed in is the school you're placed in." Replied Headmaster Ambrose. Amber was still cuddling her baby. "But, along with your primary school, which is for you, Death, you also choose an elective course." He advised.

"So, this means I can still attend the school of fire?" Destiny asked. This, by chance, could be a little glimmer of hope for her future as a pyromancer!

"You'll be a necromancer, but you'll be able to attend fire school and become a pyromancer, too. So the fact you have been placed in the Death school just opens up another opprutunity." Headmaster Ambrose said.

"Here, I think I might know something that would cheer you up from your plight." Amber spoke for the first time. If voices were edible, hers would be sweet flavored, like honey. "You'll be the first in the public to see him."

Destiny took her offer and walked up to the little boy. In the mass of blankets, he was fidgeting, balling up his little hands, and strands of blonde hair on his head, eyes as blue as the sky completing the mix.

"Awe, he's so cute!" Destiny complemented. "What's his name?"

"I was thinking on the name Merle." Said Amber.

"Merle?" Destiny said. "Isn't that kind of old fashioned?"

"Well, me and my husband think it's a good name." Amber said. "Oh well, if it's Merle you want," Destiny said. "It's what I want."

"Why don't you go see the teacher of Death, Professer Lucyia Drake, for your clothes and book?" Headmaster Ambrose suggested.

"Sure, I might as well get the fact I'm in a different school over with." Destiny said. Destiny went out of the headmaster's house and headed off to Ravenwood. She looked up at Bartleby and remembered when her cousin, Esmee Lionblood, had said hi to him.

Oh Esmee, Destiny thought. How would she be able to explain the fact she was Death to Esmee, to Sophie, to her family. It seemed impossible that they would accept it. And what about Ryan? What would he think?

Ryan Stormcaster was an initiate diviner who had been rebelling against a bully in Ravenwood, Vladimir Thorn, a necromancer that- A necromancer. Jason's words rung in her ears. "And if anyone messes with him, like you just did, he always swears to get revenge, and he always does. And you're lucky if the revenge is getting embarrassed in a classroom. For what you just did, pushed him in front of the whole of Ravenwood, that's got to be bad." Now that Destiny was a necromancer, it would be a whole lot easier for Vladimir Thorn to get back at her. For what she did, it seemed like it was going to be bad, incredibly bad. Vladimir was a necromancer, a magus at the least. And when Destiny saw that he had been giving Ryan a wedgie in front of Ravenwood, Destiny had spoke up in his and pushed him in front of a huge crowd. He had screamed at her, shrieked at her in turn, and teleported somewhere not even his two friends, Jason Stormflame and Chris Soulhunter, could possibly name. Jason had warned her after Vladimir had teleported away that he wasn't a guy to be messed with. Chris had said nothing, and didn't seem like the talkative type. Destiny didn't know much about Vladimir. She hadn't even heard of him until she met him. But as little as she knew, she had picked up a hint from a conversation from Ryan after the incident. That little shove had been the spark of a possible rebellion everyone had been waiting for, and the flames had a chance of spreading. The message had been clear:

Vladimir now wanted revenge more then ever before.

When Destiny found the Death school residing in between the Myth and Fire schools, she was a bit nervous. Necromancers were rude and offensive, forcing you to quake with fear, and their personality was one of the reasons Destiny was so afraid of the school. And now she had been placed on it. She would stand out like a unicorn in a flock of dragons, because, basically, that's what she was. She wondered what the professor would be like as she hesitantly entered the death school.

Destiny saw the professer for the first time. Lucyia Drake had a rectangular face shape, long black hair behind her head, and other two thirds on each of her shoulders, wearing black robes embedded with intricate designs of dragons and death insignias and a red trim. Bangs were covering her right half of her face, also serving as a shroud to her almond colored and shaped right eye. She was consulting with a male death student who looked strangely familier with black hair and pale skin.

"Worthy to become a master, huh?" Professor Drake asked while the student nodded. "If you are indeed worthy, you will have to master every single death spell you have learned so far completely, win at least fifty duels against other necromancers and cast ten perfect wraith spells before you get too far ahead."

"I knew you would say something like that," Flashed the other student. "That's why I planned ahead of time. I have already mastered every death spell I have learned so far and I get perfect results every time. I can preform now or later, whichever you'd prefer."

Wow, the death student is sure to charm the professor, thought Destiny. But she still knew the voice from somewhere.

"How about the duels?" Destiny knew the student was sure flashing a smile at the professor, as if it were a necromancy charm itself.

"Unlike other necromancers, dueling isn't homework or a burden you give in my opinion," Said the necromancer. "I see it as a pastime, a hobby, a profound and interesting way of spell-to-spell combat and express competition. In the past month, I have won a thirty-four duel streak and I have the tickets to prove it." He got thirty-four arena tickets out of a pouch to prove his point, and handed them to the professor.

"You're doing alright, for a magus." The professor tried not to show any signs of impression. "But the question still remains, will you be able to cast wraith?"

"Don't worry, professor, it shall be done, you'll see." Said the necromancer.

"I expect it so." Said Lucyia. "Now cast wraith ten times and win those sixteen more duels." The student simply nodded his head and turned away. Then Destiny realized where that face had been from.

Before Vladimir could see her (Hopefully), Destiny ran to the nearest desk and slipped under it, crouching as Vladimir exited the death school. If he had seen her, he didn't show any sign of it, except for a mutter, "That's it, that's it."

A long silence passed before the death teacher barked, "I know you're here, don't think I'm dumb!" Hesistantly Destiny emerged from under the desk to face the death professor.

"Destiny Seagem, eh?" She asked. "You're the only novice I haven't seen today."

"Yeah, that's me," Destiny said, unsure of what to say or do.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Cried Professor Drake. "Stop staring at me and get over here!"

Destiny climbed the steps to greet the harsh professor. She spotted a pile of novice clothes and a brown book with an onyx at the center. Destiny guessed those were meant to be for her, and picked them up.

"I've noticed you don't have a wand." Said the professor. That was the nicest thing she's said to me so far, Destiny thought.

"A wand?" Destiny stammered in the sentence. "I never recived one, ma'am."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Snorted Professor Drake. "Mr. Lincoln hands you one after he tells you your school." That's when Destiny remembered that the student before her had gotten a wand after Mr. Lincoln announced he had been placed in balance. Destiny had been so caught up in trying to convince him that she was meant to be a pyromancer, that she never gave him the chance to recive her wand.

Before the professor could say anything, Destiny dashed off with the clothes and book and rushed to Golem Court. Perhaps the wands and Mr. Lincoln are still there, Destiny thought, although it was unlikely. But good luck had overcome this time, because, sure enough, he was still registering a few more kids.

"Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Lincoln!" Destiny called out. Never had she been happy to see his feathery face. Mr. Lincoln turned around to face her. "Oh, what is it this time?" He asked. "Come to give me a little begging to convince the headmaster to place you in fire?"

"No, I already did that." Destiny said as if it were no big deal. "I just came here for my wand."

"I did notice that you never picked it up," Said Mr. Lincoln. As he was talking, Destiny noticed seven separate stacks of wands, each containing novice wands from each school. A plan began to formulate in Destiny's mind as she was approaching closer and closer to them.

"You can have it on one condition," Said the big white bird.

"And what that might be?" Asked Destiny as she inched over to him. "That you return the papers regarding your school to me."

"And why would you need them? The headmaster has it."

"How about I go get them, then? Then after you can have your wand." Said Mr. Lincoln. Destiny was right under his beak now, which was making him both suspisious and nausious.

"It's like you said earlier today," Destiny countered. "You have other students to attend to!"

In a flash, Destiny dived under Mr. Lincoln's beak, aiming for the wands. Mr. Lincoln was rubbing his beak, which seemed to have a little bruise.

"What are you, hey, where are you going?" He yelled. As Mr. Lincoln was talking, Destiny didn't miss her chance to get up and retrive a novice fire wand, and run to the exit of Golem Court. Mr. Lincoln started to go after her, but Destiny simply shouted, "Nope, you have other students to attend to!" And with that, she rushed out of Golem Court, headed to Ravenwood.

The plan had been simple; retrive the novice fire wand, and show it to her as hope to convince Mistress Flamea that she had been placed in fire and would be able to avoid death school and Vladimir.

She barged in the fire school, seeing Mistress Flamea and her long red hair reaching all the way down to her back. Destiny gave a bow, gripping the fire wand tightly. She couldn't mess this up, her future depended on it. Fire being a secondary school wasn't enough.

"Mistress Flamea, I am a new novice and ready to learn the act of fire!" She exclaimed in a loud, cheerful voice.

"Really?" Asked the professor. "I don't recall you being in my list of new novices."

"Sure, I was placed in death," Said Destiny. "But I politely consulted the headmaster and agreed to place me here instead."

"The headmaster can't do such an act," Recalled the professor. "What's the story behind the wand?"

"I just told you," Flashed Destiny. She hoped she would make as good as an impression as Vladimir had with Professor Drake. "I politely consulted the headmaster and he agreed to change my school, and gave me the wand as proof."

"I mean it, Destiny, what's the story?"

"But it's only true!"

"No, it's not! Don't you dare lie to me, Destiny Seagem! No one has ever switched schools!"

Destiny sighed. There was no way out of this. "I ambushed Mr. Lincoln," Destiny said. "Because he wouldn't give me the death wand."

"I know how that feels," Commented Professor Flamea. "I wanted to get placed in the Life school when I was your age. But the book placed me in Fire, and it turns out, Fire was my calling all along. It was just the better path."

"But being self-absorvant, ignorant, and aggressive isn't my calling!"

"I don't know, Destiny." Mistress Flamea said. "You just did show a trait of a necromancer." "Don't be ridiculous!" Said Destiny. "How was I just now like a necromancer?"

"You just displayed the cunning of one," Said Mistress Flamea. "By attempting to steal a fire wand to get yourself in fire is cunning."

Destiny hadn't even thought of that. She had acted like a necromancer all day, come to think of it. She recalled the events that had gone over the day. Boasting she'd be in Fire. Pushing Vladimir. Trying to get the surprise out of Esmee by making offers that would only be benificial to her. Attempting to switch schools. Breaking in the headmaster's house. Ambushing Mr. Lincoln for the fire wand. And just now, lying about it and risking expellation.

"I do have a few novice death wands I've kept in storage." She went to her office and pulled out a death wand from her desk drawers. "I'll give it to you if you'll give me the fire wand," Mistress Flamea said. "Don't bother trying to keep it, it'll know you're a necromancer and won't allow you to cast fire spells properly."

Destiny handed over the fire wand, and as promised, she gave her the death wand. "Don't forget, you can take fire as an elective," Mistress Flamea said.

"I guess there's no other way," Destiny said.

"Speaking of fire classes," Said Mistress Flamea. "I need you to borrow a book from the library. It's called Tales of the Spiral, and it should have a story about fire. You'll need to understand it to become a true pyromancer, elective or not."

"Okay," Destiny said. "I'll go do it now." And she went out of the fire school. First I better change out of these clothes, Destiny thought and headed to her house to change.

"Why are you wearing clothes of a necromancer?" Asked Destiny's mom, Cassandra Rubytail, who was a conjurer.

"Don't ask," Muttered Destiny. "I need to go to the library." Now that her fire robes were off, Destiny's black hair was put up in a ponytail, and it went along well with her green eyes.

Destiny scrolled along the title of the various books in the library, until she finally found the book Mistress Flamea had asked her to borrow, Tales of the Spiral, and then accidently bumped into someone. She had light blue hair and brown skin, wearing purple and yellow robes, and a blue hat that curved at the top and went down in the middle. She was holding a staff with a five pointed star at the top. Another diviner. There was someone with her, a boy wearing blue and white robes holding a blue wand. A thatuamerge.

"Oh, sorry," She said. "I was just looking for a book."

"What is it?" Asked Destiny. "Storm Spells for the Journeyman," Said the girl.

"Diviner, huh?" Destiny said. "You remind me of another diviner I know."

"Who?" Asked the girl. "His name's Ryan Stormcaster."

"He's my brother!"



"What's your name?"

"Natalie Goldenflame,"

"Who's that guy over there?"

The boy spoke up. "Chris Mythflame," He said. Destiny laughed. Natalie and Chris stared. "You're a thatuamerge, and you know, myth." "Never mind that, do you know where the book is?" "Oh, I think I did see it earlier, up there," Said Destiny.

"Thanks," Natalie said, and went to retrieve it. Chris was staring at her, and Destiny knew what he would ask. "Don't ask," She said, but turned out to be usless because Chris already said, "Necromancer, huh?" She nodded. "Didn't want too,"

Natalie got the book. "Got it!" She turned to Destiny. "We need to leave now, okay?"

"Sure," Destiny said. "Tell Ryan I said hi."

Natalie nodded one last time before she and Chris left, and shortly Destiny did too.

Destiny flopped on her bed and got to work on the book, but instead of going to the tale Mistress Flamea instructed her to go to, one tale caught her attention, "The First Wizards" it said. Destiny began reading.

After the war between the giants, dragons and titans, the first Wizards were born.

In a third of a spiral, a tornado was erupting. Then the hot and cold winds parted and returned to its source.

The blizzard the cold air was coming from then gave its creation: a short, blue haired girl who was creative and funny. The blizzard called her Ice, and Ice picked up a rod with a snowflake on top. This was the first Ice wand.

The hot air returned to the flames, which was put out. And from the ashes come another redheaded girl who was intelligent and powerful. The flames called her Fire. A firecat came to Fire, and delivered her what was the first Fire wand.

In another third of the spiral, a mighty storm was brewing, lightning flashing and wind traveling at a fast speed.

The wind was the winds of creativity, and out of the air came a blonde boy who was creative and sometimes dwelled in his own world. The wind called him Myth, and in Myth's hand came the first myth wand.

Out of the lightning came a strong and powerful and purple haired boy, and the lightning called him Storm, and made him a staff of lightning.

In the last third of the spiral, was a field, one half bare, the other thriving.

In the thriving part, out of the grass came a brown-haired girl who was compassionate and caring. The land called her Life. And out of the ground rose a stick, which was the first life wand.

On the other side arose a boy who was aggressive and would do anything for his needs. The field called him Death, and gave him a staff that arose out of the ground.

Eventually these wizards all met, and then all fought for complete control of the magic, even Life. Then out of a large bang came out a boy with auburn hair who sought nothing but peace.

"Who are you?" Questioned Myth.

"I am Balance," The boy said. "The spiral has sent me to maintain order and stop the fight."

The other wizards were angry at this, but Balance managed to sooth them, but it was too late. Out of their anger and hate and quest for power had risen up a huge monster of molten lava who sought nothing but control of the spiral.

Combining all of their strength into one huge blast, they defeated the monster, and later founded Ravenwood.

What they didn't know was in place of the monster, instead of remains of molten rock and lava, was a boy. And now they fight with him, to hopefully maintain order and peace in the spiral.

Good story, Destiny thought when she closed the book.

3 Months Later

Eventually Destiny became in initiate, having experience in death and fire, and one day, Jason came up to her.

"Vladimir challenges you to a duel," He said. "Three on three. He say's you're the fiftieth he needs to become a master."

Destiny gulped at this. Even though she was an initiate, how was she supposed to beat someone to soon become a master? There was only one person she could explain this to.

"At least it's three on three," Said Ryan.

"Yeah, but he'll have Jason and Chris on his side!" Destiny said. "How will I be able to beat him?"

Natalie then spoke up. "You need to choose two others," She said. "Take me and Chris with you, we can fight effectivly."

"Thanks," Destiny said. You're the fiftieth he needs, Jason had said. Vladimir was going to battle her as the final one.

Over the next few weeks, Ryan, Natalie and Chris trained her for the duel, and when the time came, Natalie, Chris, and Destiny headed out into the arena. Almost everyone in Ravenwood showed up, and as predicted, in front of the trio stood Vladimir, Jason and Chris.

Vladimir started off the fight by casting a vampire, and Destiny defended herself by casting banshee. The two Chris's were fighting, and Natalie was taking on Jason, who casted a Meteor Strike. Both sides kept casting spell after spell, trying to bring the other team down, but the opposing team, Destiny's or not, managed to counter. The battle was getting intense after Natalie cast Kraken, but Jason defended himself with a simple Sunbird. Chris had cast an evil snowman, hurting the other Chris, who managed to surprise everyone by casting Unicorn. "Oh yeah, did I mention Chris is a secondary school is life?" Vladimir said as he casted a Vampire.

No! Destiny thought. That was the ultimate stratagy, Chris would just be able to use Unicorn and heal everyone when they needed it.

I guess its time for a change of plans! Destiny thought.

Destiny cast a Banshee, but this time aimed it at Chris, who at the same time, the other Chris had casted ice wyvern at him, and seeing where the others were getting at, Natalie cast another Kraken at Chris.

They had defeated Chris.

"Bring it on now!" Challenged Destiny to Vladimir.

Vladimir grinned. "Believe me, I will." Then he cast a Skeletal Pirate, and Destiny attacked Jason with a Meteor Strike treasure card. Jason was out.

Vladimir could barely contain it. "Nooooooooooo!" He shrieked, and with that, Krakens, ghouls, and fire elves all rose out of the ground, and began attacking everyone in the arena, even the spectators. "Now everyone shall feel the wrath of Vladimir Thorn!" Screams were rung through the arena, and soon almost the whole ring had been evacuated except for those dueling. They were going to lose. Then a ray of blue light came out from the walls, and so did another red ray. Then across the room, a purple and yellow. And horizontally from the right, a green ray, and the other direction a black one. The rays then were all forming together as one blast, brown, and it was aimed directly at Vladimir, who then, before the blast could hit him, fled and teleported. The blast then hit the wall of the arena, then the building was crumpling to the ground, bricks smashing to bits.

And in the middle of it all, Destiny fainted.

Destiny awoke in a bed with white sheets. The hospital. And standing before her were four visitors, Ryan, Natalie, and surprisingly, Jason and Chris.

"What're you doing here?" Destiny asked Jason and Chris.

"I think you've shown enough potential that you can join us in the fight against him." Ryan said.

"Against who?" Destiny asked.

"I think you know," Natalie said.

"Against Vladimir?" Destiny shook her head. "I already was."

"Maybe, but not for the reason you think." Destiny heard Chris speak up for the first time ever.

"Well, finally the bird comes out of the nest." Muttered Destiny.

"Have you read the tale, the First Wizards?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"The story's true," Ryan said. "The boy at the end, Vladimir is his descendant."


"It's true," Said Natalie. "Ryan and I, we're the descendants of Storm."

"And I'm the descendant of fire, and Chris is the descendant of Myth." "So, that means what?"

"We're all united, trying to fight against him. We haven't found the descendants of ice, life, death or balance. We need all on our side if we hope to fight Vladimir."

"He's looking for them too?"

"Yes, to convert as many on his side as possible." Said Natalie. "The more he converts, the more he has a chance of ruling the spiral."

"Would you like to join the fight?" Ryan offered.

"We'll be leaving to Krokotopia shortly, so take it or leave it."

"What'll I tell my family?"

"Say you got an offer to go to Dragonspyre Academy," Jason said. "They'll believe it."

Destiny pondered this for a moment, and then replied, "Fine, I'll go."

"Then off to Krokotopia it is!" Said Natalie.

And so began the fight against Vladimir Thorn.

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